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moving to san antonio, looking for best school district and...

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moving to san antonio, looking for best school district and...

Hello, my husband is relocating to San Antonio Texas. I've lived all my life in California and feel a little uneasy about moving out of state. Can anyone give me advise on school districts and best place or city to buy a new home? Thanks

san antonio, tx
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1. Re: moving to san antonio, looking for best school district and...


I moved here almost seven years ago. I too was uneasy because I was divorced raising a teen age son. The first thing I did was call the Chambers or Commerce and they told me to say North. I then asked what side of town was the best they said North Central, NW then NE. I actually built a home in NW San Antonio because they have a very good school district but you need to know where to live. There are always traps regardless of where you move. I also have a neighbor who use to live in California and they love it here b/c of the square footage. If you guys decide to buy a home let me caution you to think twice on KB homes because there have been a lot of stories where people have problems. San Antonio is like a whole lot of small cities in one big city. My son graduated and did very well. Texas has some achievement test that all students must take prior to graduation and he passed it the first time. I made it a point to live in neighborhoods where he would receive the best public education and it has paid off. Remember stay North. You could also check the San Antonio News Express Classified and it should give you an idea of where the nicer homes are located . I hope this helps.

God Bless,


Long Beach/Kahului
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2. Re: moving to san antonio, looking for best school district and...

I'm a Californian/Hawaiian who lived in San Antonio for 4 years and absolutely loved it. The only thing that would have made it better would have been a close beach and less humidity. The people I met in Texas were some of the best! As a Californian, I think you'll be very happy with how much house you can get for your money. I was shocked at how inexpensive houses were compared to California.

As a teacher, I can tell you that they have some good schools in San Antonio. Especially if you stay on the North side of town. I lived in the Northeast district and was impressed with the facilities there. I didn't teach in San Antonio, but I do have several friends who are teachers there and they have good programs. The class sizes are good and they focus well on standards. When you find an area that you are interested in, ask at the school or the district to see their test scores/ school report card.

San Antonio, Texas
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3. Re: moving to san antonio, looking for best school district and...

My wife and I live in the Stone Oak area in north SA, and I've heard many people bestoy high praises for Reagan High School and Bush Middle School. As the names might imply, this is a very conservative part of town....in fact SA in general is a very conservative area. Have you considered Austin? Or is that an option?

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4. Re: moving to san antonio, looking for best school district and...

Hi.. I moved from San Diego,CA to San Antonio 2 years ago..I hope the job is worth it, because it does not compare with Cali..I moved because of the housing situation..I was not going to pay 350K plus to live on top of my neighbors!!The best areas now are North Central to NW(East of I-10)towards or past 1604..They just recently opened a Nordstrom and Neimman-Marcus in this area..The rule of thumb here,is the more your taxes,the better schools..Your best bet for a school is Reagan, or a private school..As A Californian,you would be twice as happy in Austin..Not as much culture shock,and much classier...

San Antonio, Texas
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5. Re: moving to san antonio, looking for best school district and...

during the dot com boom of the late 90's, Austin became a mecca for Californians, and that still holds true today. The previous post is correct in that you'll be a lot happier there than in San Antonio....especially if you've lived in CA all of your life.

San Antonio, TX
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6. Re: moving to san antonio, looking for best school district and...

Well I think 1Life has some very strong opinions, some of which I would disagree with. Texas in general and San Antonio in particular is going to be more “conservative” than California. There is a different culture here, steeped in a God-fearing self reliance work ethic that’s the attraction for most of us. That said, we are a diverse community with large enough populations so that most anyone can find a place to fit in.

Austin is much more liberal than many other parts of Texas - I might argue that makes it less classier. If the shopping experience available defines the quality of living, then I guess the areas mentioned are “better” than other areas., I tend to look at other attributes such as small town sense of community, sense of history and civic pride. Reagan is a large, new school serving urban flight communities; I personally prefer the established Alamo Heights community and feel It’s schools comparable to the best schools in town.

I urge you to make a list of ALL of the reasons for leaving and ALL of the amenities you’re looking for and then compare communities. In short get details! It may be that Austin “fits” you better regardless of whether I think it’s classy or not.

Roswell, New Mexico
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7. Re: moving to san antonio, looking for best school district and...

As far as Austin v. San Antonio goes, I'd just have to say that Austin is fast losing it's charms as outsiders move in. We don't mind 'em, we just wish there weren't so damned many of them. Got back 2 days ago from Austin, and I'd like to blow up all the new highways, and send back all the yuppies.

As for the school situation, I'll just copy at post my previous response to a similar question:

Lots of changes occuring in TX education. Even the schools with good property tax bases are hurting as they have had to send money to the poorer districts (who says we don't have socialists in Texas...). Good info on test scores,etc... can be found at www.greatschools.net. As always, take all parent comments with a grain of salt. Don't rely solely on state test scores as these are 'minimum standards' tests. This means that the kids are one evolutionary rung up from the oragutan. Look for AP pass rates and Int'l Baccalaureate programs in the high schools

Also google the words "texas" "fuller" and "teacher quality index," You'll see where the experience teachers want to teach. As a rule, the higher the score, the better the schools.

Be sure to search the Texas forum for more on education. There are lots of posts on this topic over the last 6 months or so.

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8. Re: moving to san antonio, looking for best school district and...

Did not try to offend anyone..By classier,I mean quality of life..Things like Bike Lanes..I do not feel comfortable riding my bike here..Zilker Park vs. Brackenridge..Have you been to our parks lately?..Brack,Olmos and Mcallister have a lot of overt gay activity going on..Is this where you want to take your family??

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