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Why are hotels so expensive?

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London, Canada
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Why are hotels so expensive?

I have been checking out Hotwire and other sites and see prices around $200 per night (July 31 to Aug 8). Is this normal? Can I anticipate better deals if I wait longer?

Any suggestions?

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11. Re: Why are hotels so expensive?

sorry, i wasnt trying to be snarky.

it was just meant to be a generic comment that sometimes alternatives to hotels are worth it.

i certainly cant afford to stay two weeks in the pacific nw at hotels etc at $200 a night... even $100 a night.

i can do it if i pay $12-25 a night.

and its not just camping in a tent. a yert or container like this can be $50 a night. much cheaper, not as fancy, but also a neat experience. i am staying in the container at tolt-macdonald soon (hoping its as great of an experience as it is made out to be).


its a lot cheaper than a hotel, and gets you out of town (if you like that sort of thing and have transportation).

my point was more that you can stay places a lot cheaper, its just a matter of the type of accommodations you are interested in. if your budget doesnt allow for hotel stay, but you are willing and able, a campground can be a great way to go - for me, i would rather camp or stay in a yert than in a hotel downtown. maybe thats just me :-)

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12. Re: Why are hotels so expensive?

cmr....the OP left the PNW on August 8th. 3 weeks ago.

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13. Re: Why are hotels so expensive?

Problem is you are suggesting alternatives for an area you know nothing about. Recommending yurts in Carnation makes very little sense for someone who is trying to visit Seattle given the distance and traffic.

Vancouver, Canada
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14. Re: Why are hotels so expensive?

That and I can't recall anyone coming on this Forum and saying "I am looking for accomodations in Seattle and my budget is $12.00 a night."

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15. Re: Why are hotels so expensive?

quote from the original question: "any suggestions?"

i made a suggestion. look at other options.

camping, air bnb, etc.

maybe they are planning to wander out of town for a night or two, and staying out of town for those nights may save them some money.

this concept applies anywhere you go.

hotels arent the only game in town.

it was a harmless suggestion, it may or may not work for them. thats up to them to decide. but thanks for taking time out of your day to give me hell for providing a suggestion for them to consider when they asked for suggestions.

ill just shut up now.

Poulsbo, Washington
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for Olympic National Park
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16. Re: Why are hotels so expensive?

No one is giving you hell. It just does not help the visitor or any of us advisors when people who do not live here or even worse have never been here before giving impractical advise. Example yurts in a terrible location in relation to Seattle. I have been camping in the NW for over 35 years. So trust me I know the practicalities. Give those of us who give advise on a daily basis for years on TA that we have a pretty good idea of what people are looking for when they post. By the way I see you posted on Cedar Point. I was born in Sandusky, but I do not give advise on Ohio given I have not lived there in a while.

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Vancouver, Canada
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17. Re: Why are hotels so expensive?


No one is giving you "hell."

But giving advice on a location that you have never visited just doesn't serve visitors well.

And suggesting a yurt in a completely different and remote location to the destination that the OP wants to stay in doesn't serve anyone. Particularly when the OP states that they are interested in a hotel in Seattle.

As the OP is travelling from a small city in Southern Ontario, it's highly unlikely that they are going to be carrying camping equipment. If they were, they would asked "Where can I camp around Seattle?"

And giving this advice weeks after the OP has left Seattle again doesn't serve anyone.

If, after you visit the area and learn something about it and someone asks at a future date on the Forum about yurts in Carnation your advice would then be relevant and useful.

Edited: 6:21 pm, August 31, 2013
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18. Re: Why are hotels so expensive?

Yes I noticed....Last year I reserved room for the same month as this year. Last year I paid 129.00/night at The Paramount and 139.00/night at Best Western Pioneer Square. This year, The Paramount and Roosevelt have stayed around 200/212 night. What the heck?? I eventually found Red Lion around 130 which is a steal compared to the prices theyve been offering. Was checking in every day watching prices.

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19. Re: Why are hotels so expensive?

just got back to Ohio from the PacNW yesterday.

stayed at the radisson by the airport for $80 on friday. total, including taxes. was a nice place, and close to public transit. easy to get downtown for $5 on lite rail (i took it from airport to downtown to get my rental car - which was $700 cheaper than renting at airport).

also stayed in renton on thursday for $102, including taxes.

hotwire.com for both. one was booked 3 months out, one 36 hours out.

and i stayed at tolt-macdonald in their container. under 40 minutes to downtown for $50 a night.

both solutions are a lot better than paying $200 a night.

my point was to broaden your options - if you dont like the rate downtown, stay somewhere else.

if you want to stay downtown in any big city, open your wallet. thats life, especially in a city with a high cost of living.

i spent 16 nights in 3 states and BC - not counting the 2 i stayed in hotels, my total cost for housing was just over $350 for 14 nights.

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20. Re: Why are hotels so expensive?

You need to add the cost of the rental car and public transportation into your figures. If you have to rent a car to get to your cheaper lodgings, it's only fair to consider that part of the budget. Because someone staying downtown would not have that expense.

While I think some of the creative solutions you mention are interesting, most visitors when they ask us about a downtown Seattle hotel, they don't mean they want to go camping, stay in a container, or a yurt an hour outside the city.