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5 Days in NOLA for a non bar going couple? ;)

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5 Days in NOLA for a non bar going couple? ;)

Hi there,

Thank you forum for your advice so far... :)

Looks like we'll be visiting in March before it starts getting real hot, and at first we were going to just go for a couple of days, but after playing around with airfares, we might as well stay through the weekend and fly back on a Monday. That means we'll be there for 5 days! Yay! :)

So I'm curious... what what are YOUR favorite "non NOLA party time" things to do especially during the day?

I already have doing a swamp tour and visiting the WWII museums in mind, as well as people watching, and eating lot of yummy food. We'll also enjoy the street musicians, (although we probably wouldn't go out of the way to go to a Jazz or Rock club.)

Will we find enough to do staying there for 5 days? (I'm kinda thinking so! LOL)

THANKS!!! :)

New Orleans...
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1. Re: 5 Days in NOLA for a non bar going couple? ;)

Where are you staying? Will you be in town on a Wednesday afternoon?

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2. Re: 5 Days in NOLA for a non bar going couple? ;)

Don't know yet... that was my next question! (Actually just posted) :)

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3. Re: 5 Days in NOLA for a non bar going couple? ;)

Aquarium is wonderful, also the french Market can take a few hours. Also we enjoyed just taking street car to the end of the line and back to see beautiful homes in the Garden District.

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4. Re: 5 Days in NOLA for a non bar going couple? ;)

Wednesday afternoon?

Okay, yes, it looks like we'll be there on a Wednesday... ?

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5. Re: 5 Days in NOLA for a non bar going couple? ;)

Here are SOME of the "must dos" in the French Quarter alone:

-Visit Jackson Square and peruse the offerings of the artists and craftsmen there.

-Stop often and listen to the street musicians and observe the street performers.  BE SURE TO TIP THEM IF YOU LIKE THEIR PERFORMANCE. ( For that reason, be sure to bring a bunch of dollar bills, and fives too.)

-Go into the beautiful old St Louis Cathedral at Jackson Square. Again, BE SURE TO LEAVE AN OFFERING to show your appreciation.

-Visit the French Market to peruse the Flea Market and the Farmer's Market and the associated restaurants and shops.

-Take a buggy ride from Jackson Square around the Quarter to get narrated history lesson.

-Eat a beignet at Cafe Du Monde.

-Eat a po'boy sandwich or some crawfish or alligator on a stick.

-Drink a Hurricane in the courtyard at Pat O'Briens.

-Take a walk along the Mississippi River levee.

- Take a cruise down the river on the Riverboat Natchez.

-Take a FREE ride on the Algiers Ferry to get a great view of the Quarter from the river.

-Peruse the art galleries on Royal Street.

-The World War Two Museum

-At nite, either watch or participate in the spirit of bacchanalia on Bourbon Street.

-As an alternative at nite, walk over to Frenchman Street to the jazz clubs.

-EAT, EAT, EAT, EAT, EAT, EAT at many of the dozens of superb dining establishments in the Quarter.

-SHOP, SHOP, SHOP, SHOP, SHOP, SHOP in everything from "touristy" shops to high-end places.

-DRINK, DRINK, DRINK, DRINK, DRINK if that is your wont.  Lots of places and lots of different drinks.

-Take a ride on fhe streetcars, which opens up an entire new set of activities OUTSIDE of the FQ!

-If you are active, take a bike tour or a kayak tour on St John Bayou.

-Take a tour to visit local plantations or swamps or a "Katrina tour" to understand the devastation and recovery from that terrible event.

And this list has only touched on SOME of the highlights.  Others will, I'm sure, add to this list.  Be sure to ask more questions as you firm up your itinerary.

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6. Re: 5 Days in NOLA for a non bar going couple? ;)

Here is a suggested itinerary.  Feel free to modify it as you do more research.

Day 1:  Basically spend the entire day perusing the French Quarter.  You will find plenty to do there.  (See my previous list of FQ activities.)

Day 2:  Take the St Charles streetcar to Carrollton Street where there are a number of dining choices.  On the way back, get off at Washington Street and take a self-guided tour of the beautiful Garden District houses:  http://www.frommers.com/destinations/neworleans/0020020034.html

Or you can pay for a more in-depth guided tour.  You can also visit antique stores on Magazine Street.

Day 3:  Take a Canal Street streetcar either to the cemeteries or to City Park (two different and separate routes).  There are many dining choices along and near the Canal Street line.

Day 4:  Take a tour:  Katrina tour to see and understand the devastion and recovery of that event;  a swamp tour; or a plantation tour.

 If you are active, consider a bike tour or a kayak tour on St John Bayou.

Day 5:  Whatever you missed the first four days.

Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez

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7. Re: 5 Days in NOLA for a non bar going couple? ;)

Vera, what happens on Wednesday afternoon? Don't leave us hanging. LOL I will also be there on a Wednesday afternoon.

Birmingham, AL
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8. Re: 5 Days in NOLA for a non bar going couple? ;)

I'm not sure if you mean your opposed to going into bars or just that you don't drink alcohol. If it's the latter, there are a lot of unique bars with great history in the French Quarter and beyond that I'd suggest you visit. I drink, but my SO doesn't and there wasn't a single bar that had a problem with him drinking something non-alcoholic. Near the WWII Museum is the Confederate Museum and the Odgen Museum of Southern Art (which is a Smithsonian Museum) The Odgen has an after hours concert every Thursday night at 6pm. Admission $10

There's also City Park, which is beautiful in and of itself, but the Museum of Modern Art-MOMA (kind of a misnomer because all the art there isn't modern) the Besthoff Sculpture Garden as well as the Botanical Gardens. MOMA is free on Wednesdays and the Sculpture Garden is free, although you'll have to pay for a printed guide if you want one.

There are many historical buildings and homes that offer tours within the French Quarter, some self guided, some docent guided. You can dine at the finest restaurants or get some amazing food for cheap at several small convenience store/deli establishments.

Frenchmen Street just outside the French Quarter offers great food and music at about 10 clubs within a few blocks.

I've been to New Orleans many times and I NEVER run out of things to do. I run out of time.

Birmingham, AL
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9. Re: 5 Days in NOLA for a non bar going couple? ;)

ACGambler- they have concerts at Lafayette Square on Wednesday afternoons. I believe they're on hiatus now, but I'm sure they'll start up again by May. Here's a link with a lineup: http://wednesdayatthesquare.com/

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10. Re: 5 Days in NOLA for a non bar going couple? ;)

Hey Soulcat!

Nothing against bars and those that love them! ;)

We just have different interests as a rule.

Maybe it's because I work in a busy restaurant, and hubby works in tech support, but we generally don't look for "action" on our down time.

Example... last fall we were in Lake Tahoe at a B&B, and spent most of our time in the common room working on a jigsaw puzzle with a cup of tea!

We're also usually into road trips blasting soundtracks like Braveheart, Lord of the Rings or something John Williams, often with our cruiser bikes thrown in the back in case we find a nice paved path that look pretty! We've gone to Las Vegas, but we don't gamble, and about 2 days is all we can stand unless we're there for the annual Star Trek convention, and we do seem to have a tolerance for crowds when it comes to Comicon in San Diego! :) Yup, we're NERDS! LOL!

Funny story about the hooch... I'm a teetotaler and hubby's a cheap date. Not long after we were married, we went to a BBQ restaurant, and I suggested to hubs he might enjoy a beer with those ribs. So he orders a Bud, and as we're giving the server our credit card I notice the only beer he actually drank was what was in the NECK OF THE BOTTLE! Okay, I might not be a drinker, but for heavens sake that was UNACCEPTABLE! LOL! After pointing and laughing at him, he drank about half the bottle. Fortunately, we do have a few friends that introduced him to better brews and he can now officially drink 2 bottles of beer... in a whole evening... he still gives me the keys to the car though!

Cheers! :)