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WLK Trip Report - Part 3

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WLK Trip Report - Part 3

DAY 3 – Saturday Dec 1st

Two hours of sleep, shower and we meet again in the lobby. All of us – no one was giving up and I love my friends for it. We wanted to try something new for breakfast, so we went to Something Else Café. I don’t remember how I found out about it. They are located in the Exchange Alley and have outside seating. We had basic breakfast and everything was spot on. The distinction from other great places – their biscuits. They are the biggest ones I ever got in this town. They were understaffed, but the waitresses never gave up and managed to make it a pleasant experience, I gave them credit for it and a good tip.

After breakfast we went looking for all our favorite street musicians. For some reason, except Smoking Time Jazz Club we never found any of our favorites or any new outstanding ones. No sight of Doreen and Tuba Skinny was in Austin according to their Facebook page. But! We ran into a kids’ marching band in the middle of the FQ. They were incredible and we followed them past Armstrong park into Treme, where some of the weaker people in our group got overwhelmed by the sights and wanted to turn back. Lunch Time!!! This time I told everyone that no matter how long of a line, but we are getting into ACME. We walked up there and there was no line. We really let loose in there. For many people it was their first time trying the grilled oysters and I was jealous because I wish I could experience that first grilled oyster again. We had several pitchers of Abita, which is a great deal at $12 apiece. I don’t know if it’s new or we just weren’t aware of it before, but that was good. Needed to walk it off, ended up on the river at the wooden steps by St Ann. Talked to the gutter punks that were sunbathing there, gave them the rest of our beers. Feeling too full, stopped on Canal for a cup of PJ’s coffee. If you haven’t tried it, do it next time - I think it’s better than community coffee and most certainly better than Starbucks.

Back to hotel for a quick nap and then off to dinner at Stella! I have been drumming up that place to everyone for two years since I went there and unfortunately have to stop now. They have really let their excellence get to their head. First thing we discovered when we got to the restaurant is that there was no more a la carte menu. The website is updated now, but it didn’t say it when I was making reservations. Ok, I guess we will order 4-course. The service was often way too attentive and a bit snobby. While our sommelier was very funny and friendly, he NEVER stopped upselling to an already expensive meal. The food was great, but not as good as two years ago, I could judge by the 5-way duck. The duck “soup” was WAY too salty (too much soy sauce?) and the desserts were unimpressive. When I looked into the kitchen, everyone looked suspiciously too young to work there. Maybe I’m being too harsh on them, but my first meal at Stella! Was the best meal I ever had and this one never came to being a second or third. What did come however, was a bill that was 50% LARGER than last time for the same amount of dishes. That kind of spoiled the mood for the next hour or so. Luckily there’s nothing that a few whiskeys and hurricanes couldn’t fix.

My friends all love going to Old Opera House to hang out and listen to the cover songs so I obliged. The mood has improved drastically. We then caught a cab back to Hi Ho lounge for a burlesque show. This was another “community” version of burlesque, so we left during the intermission. On the bright side, we must have saved at least $50 a piece by getting loaded on NOLAs traditional drink – yep, you guessed it, Jameson & PBR! Went to Frenchmen street, listened to brass band at Maison (can’t remember who) and decided since it was 2:00AM it was time for our last stop. That stop is Barely Legal on Bourbon. We always liked this place at the end of the night to sort of wind down in soft chairs and calmer environment. This place has now undergone further improvements. It’s remodeled and they have a seemed to have “upgraded” in staff – everyone, from the dancers to floor managers. One girl has organized an impromptu training session where she invited our wives on stage and gave them a two minute lesson of pole dancing. We were entertained and the girl made a ton of money. The manager was sweating as our girls nearly fell off trying to get on and off the stage. Left around 4:00AM. For some reason the upper blocks of Bourbon didn’t seem as seedy this time.

Toronto, Canada
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1. Re: WLK Trip Report - Part 3

I have never been to Stella! although we always stay ay the Hotel Provincial. I am definitely not that classy and can never find anything on the menu I would ever try eating. Sorry to hear that you weren't as impressed as you were the first time. Hopefully you stopped in the Ice House Bar for a Bloody Mary cuz they are excellent there! If you didn't there's always next time! 4 AM! Dang...you know how to keep going!

Tucson, Arizona
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2. Re: WLK Trip Report - Part 3

I appreciate when someone else adheres to my motto "There is NO sleeping in NO!"

Sorry to hear about Stella. Almost made it there a few years ago. Now off the list.

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3. Re: WLK Trip Report - Part 3

@Deny: Hmm, never heard of Ice House, but I'll put it on the list.

@Gumbo: Boy, did it catch up with me last night. Barely managed to put the kids to bed, make their school lunches. And slept from 9:00PM to 9:AM. Was late to work, but everyone was cool about it.

Rancho Santa...
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4. Re: WLK Trip Report - Part 3

What an amazing report! Dang, YOU had a helluva trip! Loved reading every bit of it.

Point Pleasant, NJ
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5. Re: WLK Trip Report - Part 3

I'm taking notes on your trip report for my first NO trip in April. It sounds like I am going to need to work on my stamina if I'm going to keep up in this city! LOL

Thanks for sharing your trip reports - I can't wait to see what happens next!

Tucson, Arizona
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6. Re: WLK Trip Report - Part 3

@ Wunder, sleeping at home is fine, and especially going in to work late.....the PERFECT plan, I applaud you, a man after my own heart......

No sleeping in NO!

Will try to pick up yer slack on Thurs.

Jameson ¡Sí!, not so sure about PBR, gave that up years ago..... and haven't looked back. :~)

Edited: 11:54 pm, December 04, 2012
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7. Re: WLK Trip Report - Part 3

another fine diary of really living it up in new orleans..stella has the rep as a five star but its not my cup of tea...reports make me feel sad about not getting in during christmas season but living thru reports.

Toronto, Ontario...
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8. Re: WLK Trip Report - Part 3

wow...you really are an "energizer bunny"...I'm not even sure the Flok could keep up with you! LOL! Sorry to hear about Stella. It sucks to have a GREAT experience and then be disappointed on a return trip. I really hope you're gonna post pics of your wives on the poles...unless they've threatened to kill you if you do! LOL!

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9. Re: WLK Trip Report - Part 3

Haha, they don't allow photography in those places, otherwise we would have. On the other hand, don't want to chance having kids find those photos years down the line :)

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10. Re: WLK Trip Report - Part 3

Love your trip reports and we also ate at The Something Else cafe for breakfast on two of the mornings we were there. Best breakfast we had the entire time.