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Monday, October 22nd, 2012 – Day 4

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Toronto, Ontario...
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Monday, October 22nd, 2012 – Day 4

Another 5 am start on the balcony with ccolor—and now she was infected as well! Around 7 am, Den and I took off, and we walked around the Quarter, stopping at Café Du Monde for au lait and beignets before heading over to the Mississippi for some gorgeous sunrise shots, then over to Jackson Square where we strolled and sat and strolled and just enjoyed being in NOLA. Then we headed back to the balcony where we all met up (us, Soulcat and ccolor) to decide where to eat lunch.

We opted for Red Gravy, so off we went to 125 Camp Street! When we got there, they were open, but in between breakfast and lunch, so they were not taking any orders. I love Red Gravy and Verablue to bits and pieces, but I just found that rather strange. It seemed like a stressful morning there, so we opted to not add to it by sitting there waiting, so we headed back to our end of the Quarter for lunch. We stopped by Mojo Lounge, which was open and the tables were out, but they said the counter wasn’t open. ???? So we went over to Fiorellas, which also had tables out, and almost grilled the poor server as to whether or not they’d actually serve us food! She was a sweetheart, and guaranteed us they were ready, so we ordered fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and mac and cheese. The chicken was as amazing as always! I know a lot of people don’t like Fiorella’s, but their fried chicken ROCKS!!!! The mashed potatoes and gravy were great (we were ALL sick, so we were all sampling!) but the mac and cheese was not Fiorella’s usual “to die for” mac and cheese. The cheese was grated on top, instead of mixed in creamy. Still good…but I hope that isn’t the regular way now. If so, I’ll just eat the mashed potatoes and gravy! I’m easy!!! They had martinis for 2 bucks each, so I ordered 4 Cosmos (or whatever the hell they were—vodka and cranberry) None of us finished them (maybe a sip or 2 max) coz they were about 90% vodka and 10% cranberry! Not that we don’t all love our booze…it was just a little too much vodka!

After a brief pit stop on the balcony, we headed back to Pats where we met up with Hoodlumdandy (he’s so cute and we all think he looks 20 years younger than he is!) Skimmy, and Melissa. The 7 of us sat and drank and laughed and talked some more. Then we headed back to the balcony for a while before dinner at Irene’s, with Margie from the Provincial. Ccolor was now feeling the effects of the superbug and bowed out of dinner, so it was just Margie, Soulcat, Den and me. When Margie got off work, we headed over to Irene’s about 5:30, and they seated and served us immediately (we were all rather surprised to see a line up at 5:30 on Monday, but we shouldn’t have been, coz it’s THAT good!) Soulcat and Den had the lasagna (not on the menu, but one of the “House Specials” of the night) Margie had the Veal Marsala, and I FINALLY got the Chicken Rosemarino I had nearly mugged my cousin for back in May 2011!!!

It was a phenomenal as I remembered it to be from my taste of it! We all drank Baileys and had an incredibly wonderful, relaxing supper by candlelight. I would recommend Irene’s to ANYONE, ANYTIME!!!

After dinner, we bid farewell to Margie in the parking lot and headed back to the balcony, where we bid farewell to ccolor who was leaving at 6:30 the next morning. By now, I think I was being re-infected by all those poor people I had infected earlier, so after a few more drinks with Soulcat, Den and I headed in where I HEAVILY remedicated and we ended up watching the 3rd and final Presidential Debate (the only time we turned the tv on our whole stay!) The drugs and alcohol were kicking in, so I saw most of it before deciding it was time to take another hot LUSH bath and go to bed.

Kansas City
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1. Re: Monday, October 22nd, 2012 – Day 4

Sounds like a fun day.

regarding Red Gravy, I have to say, I totally understand the need to change over from breakfast to lunch, that is why she does the Brunch menu on weekends so a changeover isn't needed. Vera is committed to the highest quality and she has to have some control of the process.

Destination Expert
for New Orleans
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2. Re: Monday, October 22nd, 2012 – Day 4

Quitt talking about such great food...all I had today was a small bowl of grits...drooling over the shrimp and andouille Verablue does at Red Gravy.

Toronto, Canada
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3. Re: Monday, October 22nd, 2012 – Day 4

The sun does rise a bit later in October so we didn't have to rush down to the river that fast this time. It was a gorgeous sunrise too!

It was a fun day and at least we got in some walking back and forth so you can't beat that either! And there is no way I can knock the fried chicken at Fiorella's! We had that twice this trip (once on the balcony too). Irene's was wonderful! Loved the lasaga and I finally got a whole piece of cheese cake (cuz we usually split everything). Even though we didn't get to eat at Red Gravy that day we did go back and have breakfast...so it's all good!

The balcony sitting at the end was the perfect cap to the evening though! Nothing like ending you day like that!

Toronto, Ontario...
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4. Re: Monday, October 22nd, 2012 – Day 4

Sorry, Cajun! :) But you can't talk about NOLA without talking about great food! :)

Verablue, in regards to KCK's comment, I hope you never doubt the fact that I believe you are committed to the highest quality, and your food PROVES you are! I just found it strange that the doors stay open so people can walk in and are told they won't be served....you'd be better off shutting and locking the doors with a sign that says "We re-open at 11:30 for lunch--Please come back!" and you KNOW we always will come back--coz we love you AND your food!!!!

Long Beach...
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5. Re: Monday, October 22nd, 2012 – Day 4

Again, another great day Herm!

I know some people have knocked Fiorella's on here before, but I do have to say that when we ate there in May, their mashed potatoes and gravy were some of the best that I have ever eaten in my life!

Moncton, Canada
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6. Re: Monday, October 22nd, 2012 – Day 4

Glad to see you gals were still able to enjoy yourselves even though you were sick.

As for Fiorella's, they are going on the "to eat" list and I'm giving them a try.

Toronto, Ontario...
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7. Re: Monday, October 22nd, 2012 – Day 4

you'll LOVE it, porelly! Fried Chicken to die for!!! As for toughing it through...we ARE Canadian!!! :)

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8. Re: Monday, October 22nd, 2012 – Day 4

Hey guys, I just wanted to say it was great meeting up with you on Sunday and Monday. The rest of the trip was related to the conference, although I did have a chance to sneak out and go to Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop for a little bit. I can't get over how nice and welcoming everyone was - it was definitely a highlight of the trip meeting everyone in the group. As far as looking 20 years younger, well, that's only because I'm incredibly immature. :)

The great part is I don't have to go through my usual withdrawls - only 25 days until my big birthday trip back down. Can't wait.

Hope to meet up with you all again someday!

Toronto, Ontario...
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9. Re: Monday, October 22nd, 2012 – Day 4

hoodlum, it was fantastic meeting you as well! So glad you had the chance to join us for a couple of our get togethers! You're now a Floker, too! We will most likely not get a return trip until October next year, but we HOPE you can join us for that as well! You really DO look 20 years younger than you are! :) Hopefully, you'll have an amazing time on your birthday!

Toronto, Canada
posts: 10,118
reviews: 61
10. Re: Monday, October 22nd, 2012 – Day 4

Hoodlum--It was an absolute pleasure meeting you too! We did have a great group of people once again! I find most TA people really nice and friendly! Glad you had a chance to join us and got to sneak off from your conference for a bit! Hopefully we will get a chance to enjoy a drink together again in the future!

Hope you have a wonderful and fun birthday with no conference to get in the way this time! Very happy birthday wishes to you!!!!!