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Honeymoon December 2012

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Honeymoon December 2012

We've just booked our honeymoon to Kuramathi for December 2012. We can't wait, already excited for our experience - the photos you guys are putting on here are amazing and we only hope ours look as good.

What do we have to look forward to whilst there? How are you treated as a honeymoon couple?



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1. Re: Honeymoon December 2012

Kuramathi is lovely, I am sure you will have a wonderful time and your pics will also be just as good.

Re honeymoon, anything special added will normally be visible on your booking,,ie wine in your room or a free meal or something, sometimes resorts do special incentives for honeymooners, but as said, you would normally have seen this at the time of booking,

All guests are treated wonderfully, so there is no concerns, you just get on with it as you please, but do remember about half the guests are usually honeymooners in any given island, so am not sure they are treated any different to other guests, don't let this concern you though, everyone is treated well.

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2. Re: Honeymoon December 2012

like froggy says ... a honeymoon couple is the norm in the maldives, not any sort of exciting exception. kuramathi is also a large island with a lot of guests and a bit mass markety , which makes the service less personal and individual than on a small island with less than 50 rooms. however .. all guests are treated exceptionally well , no matter what occasion brings you there. you will have a wonderful time.

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3. Re: Honeymoon December 2012

While we were there we saw people having special honeymoon meals with decorated tables etc.

You will be treated wonderfully, regardless of honeymoon or not. I disagree with Spammie about it not really being a personal service - yes it's a large island, but we found the service to be very personal. Our waiter in our allocated restaurant knew our names and drinks orders within a day of getting there, the bar staff knew our favourite drinks within a couple of days, and even at the l la carte restaurants which we rotated between, the staff always recognised us and chatted to us. I have no idea how they do it - I'm terrible for remembering names and faces! We also went to Kandholhu (only 20 rooms) for 2 days, and didn't find the service to be any less personal than there.

I'm very jealous. I loved Kuramathi, and wish I was still there. Have an amazing time!

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4. Re: Honeymoon December 2012

Agreed with Coldilox!

Maldives treats all their guests with charisma not just what they booked or when they booked or whom they booked with..Lot of people in Tripadvisor seem to post their reviews desperately & aggressively..I assume it doesn't count how many posts or what kind of posts you post...''It was really helpful'' thats what counts!!!

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5. Re: Honeymoon December 2012

Lauren - are you trying to alienate yourself from this t/a maldives community?

Altho as you say generally the service in the maldives is very hospitable.

Has been in the islands I have visited.

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6. Re: Honeymoon December 2012

CassieFrance I am surprised why would you say that? Lauren didnt posted anything unnecessary or unhelpful..the related topic seems to be very interesting..are you guys willing to help people in Tripadvisor or just see & compare yourselves with each other?

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7. Re: Honeymoon December 2012

Hello Cassiefrance,

Alienate myself? and why exactly would that be? what are you trying to accomplish? One should not post good about Maldives in Maldives forum page or what? I am so very surprised the way you Post your comments...I have been to many of the islands in Maldives & i do have both good & bad experience that doesn't mean everything is bad in Maldives or everything is really good..what are the island you have been...try sharing some experiences...

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8. Re: Honeymoon December 2012

Lauren and paul - I meant no offense and just asked a question,

paul possibly I was replying in the style of this reply taken from another thread....

"You do know what i am talking about..if one has no high budget (limited budget) how can a person willing to help can just say "you can do lot better"??? Isn't that offending?"

Are you guys sharing a computer ??

please do not answer me that was a rhetorical question....


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9. Re: Honeymoon December 2012

Cassie - I don't know whoever paul is.

Now regarding you off the topic called 'thread' no one's threatening you..infact you did that to me..what exactly did you meant by "Lauren - are you trying to alienate yourself from this t/a maldives community?"

Think twice before you post something like that. Who are you to say i want to get Alienated from the Maldives community page? what exactly you meant? Isn't that Offense?? 0r what do you say an Offense is??

See the related topic of the poster first & post your comments..i don't think i posted something off the topic.


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10. Re: Honeymoon December 2012

Lauren your post was VERY off topic by suggesting that other posters are desperate and aggressive.

Please, by all means add your experiences to a thread but don't make it your mission to discredit the other advice and suggest other posters are offending people when that clearly is not the case.

You also don't seem to be fully understand what is being written in the posts and are not reading them in the correct context.

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