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Mobile signal

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Mobile signal


We're off next week to Kuramathi Village and can't wait! has anyone got any information about mobile phones and if there is a signal, I'd hate to not be able to let family know what a fabtastic time we're having!!

We've booked beach bungalows with the outside showers anyone got any info??

We've also chose to transfer by seaplane and I've read that we may be hanging around how long may we be hanging for???

Looking forward to replies.



Liverpool GB.
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1. Re: Mobile signal

Depends on your flight in but after the long journey its good to strech your legs and have a few beers and watch the world go by, have been lucky and only waited for 10 / 20 mins others have waited 4 hours, also have a small bag you can take out of your case with hat sun glasses , sun lotion just in case your bags come behind you.

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2. Re: Mobile signal

why you need to ring / text home im not sure - switch it off

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3. Re: Mobile signal

Hi Jax

We got a signal in 2000 and 2004 so I'm sure you will be able to use your phone. I seem to remember that it worked out at about £3 a minute when we got our O2 bill in the UK. Only used it once to make sure the kids were ok back home then it is locked in the safe for 2 weeks.

Beach bungalows are great. Don't try to find out too much it spoils the surprise when you get there. You will love it.

We are flying out from Manchester with First Choice next Tuesday 18th for 2 weeks and have also booked the seaplane. Might see you there.

Runcorn, United...
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4. Re: Mobile signal

How sad....in paradise and want to use mobile phones.

If i'm on that beach in April and a mobile phone goes off...I promise I will stick it where the sun don't shine!

Brighton, United...
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5. Re: Mobile signal

Hi Jaxr,

Sad people post on here and i'm sure the above post has taken a mobile on holiday at some stage, I take mine everywhere and have been travelling to the Maldives for 11 years, I might not use it but it is handy to have in case of emergency, I'm sure the above would be glad of one if they got hit by a Tsunami???? ;-)

All phones work on any island, so dont worry.



Dos cerveza, por...
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6. Re: Mobile signal

I always take a mobile. Doesn't mean it's switched on all the time & it's cheaper than using resort direct dialling if you do need to call home..........

Edinburgh, United...
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7. Re: Mobile signal


I use Orange and did not get a signal.

Seaplane waiting times vary - could be 5 minutes or 2 hours, depending on how many people travel where. When we arrived with charter airline, we filled up a whole plane just for Komandoo and it left very promptly.

previusly we arrived with Emirates and were only one of 2 couples o go to Vakaru and waited a coupel of hours (but got nearly empty plane).

Either way, you get transferred in air conditioned minibus to seaplane terminal which is a large breezy, shaded cafe, where you will recieve a welcome letter and a free bottle of water (can also order snacks / otehr drinks of course), then while away time watching seaplanes take off and land - rather a pleasant place to hang around as airports go!

Warrington, United...
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8. Re: Mobile signal

i have to agree with glynevo

there is nothing more anoying that a mobile goin off on the beach..... ... its your holiday..... kick of those shoes, relax, unwind and forget about home for a week or two!

London, United...
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9. Re: Mobile signal

It's a shame that on someone's first forum post that people have to jump in and be cruel. If you read it - it says that s/he just wants to call her family. I alway use my mobile once on holiday to let my mum know I am safe and to check my cat in the cattery.

Don't worry it's done from the privacy of my room so I don't end up getting it shoved where the sun doesn't shine!

Runcorn, United...
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10. Re: Mobile signal

Hi Emu...yes you are right I have (shamefully taken a mobile on my travels---admitedley turned off in the room...maybe checked once or twice) but if a Tsunami strikes....

I'm sure you would be better off with a rubber ring or lilo as mobiles don't float! lol...sorry!

If I have upset anybody I'm sorry, but most of us have been on holiday trying to forget our day to day grind & some pillock on the beach has let their phone go off.

Hope you all have brill unspoilt hols.

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