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JFK to Brooklyn by train & a bed to hire!

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Melbourne, Australia
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JFK to Brooklyn by train & a bed to hire!


I need to find out how to get a train from JFK airport to Kosciusko Street 'M' as we are staying a few blocks away from this station. I believe it would cost about US$45 in a cab and as I have to return to collect my son in the afternoon and back again, I was hoping the train would be much cheaper. Can anyone advise on how I go about getting to and from the airport to this station and roughly the cost involved?

Also, as we are now having an extra person stay in our rented accommodation and there isn't enough beds supplied, we are hoping we could 'hire' a single mattress for 5 nights that we could use in the apartment for our stay. Is there a place located in Brooklyn that I could contact re this arrangement - we would have to have it delivered and picked up. (An air mattress is out of the question as the person requiring it has back problems). Thank you to anyone that can help with either question. Much appreciated. Anne

Silver Spring...
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1. Re: JFK to Brooklyn by train & a bed to hire!

What is 'M'?

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2. Re: JFK to Brooklyn by train & a bed to hire!

The J stops at Kosciusko Street not the M. Use www.hopstop.com for the best public transport options. Be prepared to spend a fair amount of time I think.

DON'T "hire" a mattress. You never know what may be lurking - bedbugs? - inside.

There are full height air mattresses available - go for one of those

Saint Louis...
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3. Re: JFK to Brooklyn by train & a bed to hire!

It's not a complicated trip. Take the AirTrain to Jamaica and then the J train to Kosciusko Street. The J is a slow train, but you'd need to get it eventually so you might as well just get on it in Jamaica and not have to make an additional change of trains.

You'll hear from plenty of others about the likely illegality and possible scams involved in trying to rent a short term apartment.

New York City
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4. Re: JFK to Brooklyn by train & a bed to hire!

You are kidding, right? You not only rented an apartment illegally, but you rented it in that nasty, dangerous neighborhood? Is there anything about this recipe for complete disaster that is supposed to make a scrap of sense?

1) Apartment rentals in New York City in buildings which contain more than three units -- and all of them in this neighborhood do -- are illegal for periods of less than 30 days. Thus, since this is an illegal contract (assuming the apartment even exists -- although considering what a lousy neighborhood this is, it probably does), it is not enforceable if anything goes wrong.

2) While much of New York City is safe, all of it is not. There are some truly dangerous neighborhoods -- and you have picked a winner in that category. To give you an example of what I am talking about, during the last nine years there have been 13 homicides just within two blocks of the Kosciuszko Street station. (Here is a link to the interactive homicide map of the New York Times... projects.nytimes.com/crime/homicides/map )

The stretch of DeKalb Aveue one block away has a history of being a notoriously violent drug-dealing location. This is NOT any sort of place for foreign tourist to stay.

3) It is irrelevant whether the train is cheaper than a cab or not, because there are no -- zip, zero, zilch - taxicabs to be found in this neighborhood, or indeed within miles of it. Besides the fact that taxicabs generally do not cruise for fares outside of Manhattan, few cab drivers will willingly pick up passengers in this neighborhood because they are afraid of getting robbed and murdered. Even if you find a cab in Manhattan or at the airport, I would expect a real argument with the driver when he finds out where it is you are planning to go.

Scrap this ghastly plan before it is too late, and stay somewhere legal, safe and sensible instead!!!!!!!!!

Melbourne, Australia
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5. Re: JFK to Brooklyn by train & a bed to hire!

Hi, thank you for your quick response. We have checked out that website and it looks pretty easy (we hope!).

Unfortunately we got a frightening response from 'GreenWhiteBlu" (see reply No 4 if you can) and now we are unsure how safe the area is that we are staying in! We have booked the apartment through 'airbnb' and are staying on Greene street, Brooklyn.

Should we cancel and book a hotel in Manhattan instead? Any urgent advice would be very much appreciated. Cheers. Anne

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6. Re: JFK to Brooklyn by train & a bed to hire!


I don't think GreenWhiteBlu was trying to frighten you. From reading his posts over the last few weeks he comes acorss as incredibly sensible and only wants to give out the best advice to make sure we all have a safe holiday. Sometimes we tourists need to be told when we have made a dumb choice and I for one am never offended when someone puts that in slightly stronger terms. If you put in the search engine apartments for rent you will see that there has been lots of discussion over the years regarding it being illegal. If I was you I would cancel this booking and look for somewhere else to stay. We have booked ourselves into the Nu Hotel in Brooklyn for 10 days over Christmas and it was a lot cheaper than other hotels in Manhattan for the same star rating. Good luck. Laura

Melbourne, Australia
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7. Re: JFK to Brooklyn by train & a bed to hire!

Thank you but we have paid in full and will only get 50% back and we can't afford to lose that much, let alone 50%. We've just got fingers crossed all goes well. I guess if you too have booked in Brooklyn (even though it's a hotel), hopefully the area is ok. In all cities you have to be careful and we don't plan on going out at night.

Is it really true though that we won't be able to get a cab to drive us from the airport to our address in Brooklyn?

Thanks again - appreciate your time and advice.

Brooklyn, NY
Destination Expert
for New York City
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8. Re: JFK to Brooklyn by train & a bed to hire!

Brooklyn is not an "area," it's the size of a very large city. The Nu Hotel is in a very safe neighborhood. That has no bearing on where you're planning to stay.

A taxi is legally required to take you anywhere within the five boroughs of New York City.

I do not recommend that you go through with this plan. I suggest that you try to get your money back by threatening to report these people to the city for renting out an apartment illegally. Others have had luck with that approach in the past. Can you tell us the address? I can try to find you some proof.

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9. Re: JFK to Brooklyn by train & a bed to hire!


Please listen to what the experts are telling you. I know losing 50% is a lot BUT I would rather lose 50% than have a horrible holiday or worse. What makes Tripadvisor work so well as the people who are giving us advice live in the places we are going to visit. If a local was telling me that where I had booked to take my family on holiday to was dangerous and I should not go there I would listen to them. At the end of the day though you are an adult and the decision has to be yours people can only give you advice.

Melbourne, Australia
posts: 23
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10. Re: JFK to Brooklyn by train & a bed to hire!

The address is 929 Greene Avenue, Brooklyn. I booked it through the 'airbnb' website and I have just written tothis website to check out that it's ok.

If it is ok. we are 4 adults over 50yrs old so hopefully it will be safety in numbers?

Appreciate all your concern - let's hope I get some positive feedback re this booking as I don't think I can afford to pay for another 6 nights at this late stage.