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phirl, mistletoe, sarahgirl, scarlet

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phirl, mistletoe, sarahgirl, scarlet

Phirl, We will be on the Newport Belle B and B July 3 and 4 if you'll be in area, let me know.

Ken Myron

Mistletoe, How would you rate the Mt Hood loop through washington and oregon for a one day adventure compared to any other one day adventure in the side trip out of Portland

catagory. Is this better done in two days, one day or doesn't make a diference.

What are your favorite two restraunts in Portland?

I know most of the attractions sort of stuff as I have been to Portland for 5 day before. But what woulld you say is the one not to missed thing to see or do just in case i missed it. We love fun stuff, nature, adventure and off the wall one of a kind activities.

Someone said that fishing off a jet boat in the river is a lot of fun. ????

When you said that you would go back portland through tilamook rather than astoria--does this hold true even if I am "in" Astoria to begin trip back.


As for astoria vs ecola-- well, all I know that I'll have up to a total of 3 days 2 night before I must be in portland.

I must be burnt out on planing.

Because I will have done plenty of spa, wine, and beach activies- neither astoria or more time in ecola or cannon seem that appealing. L and C is cool but I rather swim with whales.

Perhaps an overnight river funyack/raft whitewater raft trip. or some other deep nature adventure. Any thoughts.

Has anyone been to Mt st. Helens?


Your the best,

When in San diego, let me know

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1. Re: phirl, mistletoe, sarahgirl, scarlet

Hi Ken,

mistletoe and phirl are the experts when it comes to outdoors and nature things here, I am a newbie so I know more about the city stuff.

And that would include a few restaurants lol.

Hard to say which are my favorites..there are so many..what is your taste?


Go to NW21st, you can choose between Tuscan Grill and Serratto, or Cafe Mingo.


Piazza Italia- in the Pearl

Not so casual-

Giorgios- In the Pearl

And then there is:

Carlyle -wonderful..

Fenouil-French-ish and posh and elegant and I like it :)

Pho Van - Vietnamese-wonderful, lunch or dinner

Typhoon-Thai on SW Broadway

So many places, so little time :)

There is a Jet Boat ride on the river around the city , that is a sort of thrill, with everyone getting splashed but I don't think they fish off of that one.

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2. Re: phirl, mistletoe, sarahgirl, scarlet

Well from portland my top suggested priorities are Oreg Coast, Columbia Gorge and Mt St Helens.

Mt St Helens well above Ecola in my view. very unique place for anyone with interest in geology. You can see it unfolding there, new lakes, new river channels mountina with much of it in the river channels. Perhaps more fascinating for me since I knew it before and after.

However I equally enjoy the active volcano on island of Hawaii.

As far as being there ,several times, I worked on developing area for visitors after blast. though many others a lot more involved.

Portland, Oregon
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3. Re: phirl, mistletoe, sarahgirl, scarlet

If you're thinking about driving up the Columbia River gorge, then looping around Mt. Hood back into Portland, one day is fine unless you want to do some hiking along the way. And you will be tempted. Personally, I would rate this as 2nd best day-trip from Portland after a trip to the coast (which you'll have done already). St. Helens would be good too, but it's pretty much purely sightseeing.

Since you mention it, you can take white-water rafting day trips on the Deschutes River. Certainly fun, and an interesting scenery contrast to the rainy side of the Cascades. Have to get up early though. I've never fished from a jetboat, but I sure there are people around who do.

In the off-the-wall category, how about stopping at the largest Sitka Spruce in the country (world(?))? It's on Hwy 26 just a few miles from the junction with 101 at the coast, and in my book, right up there with the largest ball of string in the world. No? Didn't think so, lol.

As for other Portland suggestions, except for Powell's Bookstore, I'm not sure what makes this town unique. You could have a nature experience in Forest Park.... Mtngrl, are there any zip-lines up there? Or a back to nature experience at Sauvie's Island! How about walking across all the bridges in town? Obviously I'm striking out, so let me get back to you on this.

I see Scarlett's covered the restaurants. Some of my favorites are on her list, but don't ask me which, lol.

Oh, and my comment about returning to Portland via Tillamook vs. Astoria was simply a statement that we like the scenery on that route better. OR-6 along the Wilson River is a pretty drive.

Portland, Oregon
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4. Re: phirl, mistletoe, sarahgirl, scarlet

If you are already in Astoria and heading back to Portland, my personal choice would be to head back in on either Hwy. 30 or Hwy 26.

If you want a longer drive, go to Tillamook and come back on Hwy 6. Hwy 6 or 26 are pretty much the same, scenery-wise. I have only done Hwy 30 once or twice. I am a horrid car traveler, so the fastest way back for me is the best ;-)

I have two new favorites to add to my restaurant list....the Leaky Roof on SW Jefferson and Siam Society (Thai food) on NE Alberta. I also adore Sweet Basil, for Thai, on NE Broadway. It can feel a bt clostophobic though as the tables are very close together and it is in an older, small home. The food is great, though.

Phrl is your best bet for adventure advice. Adventure for me is anything that does not include the "great outdoors" LOL!

Buenos Aires...
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5. Re: phirl, mistletoe, sarahgirl, scarlet

I agree that phirl is a good , very good source of information here, but let's not forget mistletoe, who lives near the coast and has lived here for a very long time..

I, personally, don't understand why mistletoe is not the TA Cannon Beach expert, he sure knows a lot more than some people. ( not meaning you phirl! :)

I mean, even I have been on the beach in Cannon Beach and I have only lived here for 6 months!

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6. Re: phirl, mistletoe, sarahgirl, scarlet

Here's a one-day itinerary for you:

Go out the Washington side of the gorge (so you're on the river side of the cliffs), over Cape Horn (wow), climb Beacon Rock (the world's second largest basalt monolith), stop in White Salmon for some fun Class 4 White Water Rafting and wine tasting at Wind River Cellars afterward, Hike up Three Corner Rock for a 360 degree view of five snowpeaks, watch the windsurfers and kiteboarders on the river in Stevenson, hit the Carson Hot Springs for a mineral bath, do some nice Class-5 white water rafting on the Wind River, have Sunday brunch at Skamania Lodge, go caving at Dead Horse Cave (Masochist Maze is an aptly named part of the cave), see the Ice Caves at Mt. Adams, then head over the Bridge of the Gods to Oregon.

Once on the Oregon side, head back I-84 until you get to the Old Columbia River Highway, stop and fight the crowds to see 620 foot Multnomah Falls, Latourell Falls, Horsetail Falls, Ponytail Falls, Bridal Veil, and so many more beautiful waterfalls, hike up the short 2 mile trail to the lookout at Angels Rest, maybe the best view of any trail in the Gorge, or the grueling switchbacks of Mt. Defiance (the highest peak in the gorge) then back down to Crown Point lookout for photos and over to downtown Troutdale for some quaint little places. Shop at the outlet stores then head back to Portland.

Sound like a good day? I just threw out whatever came to mind - you can pick and choose as you see fit. A day of outdoor fun, beautiful scenery, and a little taste of the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area. Could be your overnighter too.

Mt. St. Helens is very cool if you were here before the eruption and/or are fascinated by Geology - less cool if neither is true. Extremely cool, though, to hike up to the top, and lie sunbathing on the rim overlooking the crater and the mud-filled remnants of once-pristine Spirit Lake in the warm July sun. Don't know if they're letting people go up again yet or not. It's been fussy lately.

Willamette Jet Boat Excursions is a fun ride downtown - we enjoyed it. No fishing, but a great way to cool off in the hot summer.

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7. Re: phirl, mistletoe, sarahgirl, scarlet

PDXWineux - I forgot to second your vote for the always-overlooked Sweet Basil Thai Cuisine. Best Thai food I've had in town so far. Sure was a surprise - I was nervous going in.

Kenmyron - if you're burned out on the coast by the time you get to Cannon Beach, hit Tillamook and cut back to Portland through Forest Grove, pick up a couple of nice vineyards on the way back, and call it good. The scenery ends after Cannon Beach and neither Seaside or Astoria will add much to the other towns or parks you've hit along the way. Now, you could go crabbing at Astoria, or go up to Ocean Shores for amazing oystering, Long Beach for Razor Clamming, etc. but that's about it.

Better to spend the time and extra day to take the drive out Hwy 26 over Mt. Hood to Bend instead - hit the Kahneetah casino if you want, admire the plateaus and canyons, get bored for an hour or so, then stop at Smith Rock for the best rock climbing in the Pacific Northwest, hit Bend for the best Mountain Biking in the NW, fishing at some of the great Cascade Lakes, and put around in town and check out the happenings around Drake Park and eat breakfast at the Cascade Bakery. Come back over Santiam pass along the Clackamas River and Mt. Jefferson (head over to beautiful Olallie Lake (if it's not burnt up) for rowboating in the shadow of the mountain) and up through Wine Country back to Portland. You can hike up Middle or South Sister along the way too - 10,000 foot peaks both. Amazing views.

Portland, Oregon
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8. Re: phirl, mistletoe, sarahgirl, scarlet

The Leaky Roof was THE hang-out years ago for a bunch of guys who worked across the street at KGW, my father-in-law included. To hear it named as one of your current favorites, Kathy, shows that the owners are adaptive, if nothing else. I've been for lunch a few times in the last year - and liked it - but never for dinner. What's the dinner menu like? And to keep this on track for Ken, would you suggest it for his anniversary trip?

Portland, Oregon
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9. Re: phirl, mistletoe, sarahgirl, scarlet

<<I, personally, don't understand why mistletoe is not the TA Cannon Beach expert, he sure knows a lot more than some people. ( not meaning you phirl! :)

I mean, even I have been on the beach in Cannon Beach and I have only lived here for 6 months!>>

Well, good for you...newbies tend to check things out. As I said, I do not like the great outdoors, so walking on the beach bores me. But I am glad that you enjoy it.

Now, can we please be nice when we disagree on beach or no beach?

Portland, Oregon
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10. Re: phirl, mistletoe, sarahgirl, scarlet

<<To hear it named as one of your current favorites, Kathy, shows that the owners are adaptive, if nothing else>>

Actually, there are new owners. They bought the place last fall, so I have no clue what it was like before. Shamus and Christine are the new owners and she is the chef.

I have not been there for dinner yet, although we are in the process of setting up a series of wine dinners there.

Had lunch there today with a California winery owner. Had the Tempura Shrimp and it was very tasty. The winery owner had a really great looking "Village soup" and my business partner had a grilled sandwich with ham, guyere (please excuse my mis-spelling) and thinly sliced apple. It looked great.

The wine list is also improving, if I do say so myself, as many of the wines come from my company ;-)

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