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1st visit to NYC May so much to see/do advice needed plz ...

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1st visit to NYC May so much to see/do advice needed plz ...


am new to this and have been reading this forum for weeks now and it has been very helpful but there is still so much I need to know in order to plan out a flexible itinerary!

So would really appreciate some help!

Should I get metrocards for the week for subway and bus use or pay as we go?

Am here with hubby for five nights arriving in NY on the 22nd May staying at the Casablanca should arrive at Times Square approx 3pm leave on memorial Monday so my first question to help plan my days is what time should I aim to leave by taxi to JFK we fly home at 7.30pm ? Will it be busier on Memorial day?

Have one full day already planned could you please check it out to see if its doable and also help me group my other must do things into the following days!

Day 1 arrive at hotel approx 3pm checkin dump bags freshun up head over to central park maybe eat at the Boathouse should I book? then TOTR for sunset if not too tired then times Square

Day 2 1st full day

Centuray 21 then St Pauls then 911 am I right I need to book this?

then on toBattery Park, Staten Island ferry

then water taxi or subway which would you recommend fasest/easiest to Brooklyn Heights and promenade which order to do them are they within walkin distance?

then walk back over bridge, subway back to hotel get ready to watch a show either Jersey boys Wicked or Annie should I book or try for tickets at the TTKS booth? maybe eat at the view should I book or can you recommend some place else for pre show meal and save the view for anther day/eve?

Our other must dos to put in some sort of order for the remaining 4 days are Grand central station ESB (from the ground) TOTR if not done on first day Macy's,Bloomingdales

Ralph Lauren any bargin hunting stores for big and tall men sizes?

River cafe if its open and back over the bridge at night and some maybes to squeeze in somewhere if poss are Delmonicos, maybe a second show on Saturday/Sunday matinee, Carniege Deli,Soho, Grenwich village and history museum oh and the library think thats enough for now! all advice welcome! thanks :)

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1. Re: 1st visit to NYC May so much to see/do advice needed plz ...

Yes, if you're here for 5 days, get unlimited 7-day Metrocards.

Is your flight home international or domestic? If International, you want to be at the airport by 4:30, so leave no later than 3:30. I would consider taking the train instead of a taxi. Traffic tends to be bad at the end of a holiday weekend. Yes, the airport will likely be crowded.

Yes, you should book the Boathouse.

Don't go to Century 21 first, you'll be carrying your bags all day. Yes, you need to book the 9/11 Memorial. Take the subway to Brooklyn Heights. The Promenade is IN Brooklyn Heights, so my definition they are within walking distance of each other. Order doesn't really matter.

You won't find any Wicked tickets at the TKTS booth, or at a discount anywhere. You do not have time to go to a TKTS booth, so book in advance. There are often discounts available for shows (but not Wicked) on the LEFT HAND SIDE of www.broadwaybox.com, or at www.playbill.com. You don't really have a ton of time for a pre-show meal, if you want to have a nice sit-down meal before the show you have to cut some other stuff out of this day's itinerary, or else grab a slice of pizza on the way to the theater and save the nice dinner for another night. I would not eat at The View.

For the rest of your itinerary, group things you want to see by location (maps.google.com is good for this) and plan based on that. Note, there is no "History Museum," unless you mean the Historical Society, which is very interesting. There is, however, a Natural History Museum, which is a science museum, and which is great.

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2. Re: 1st visit to NYC May so much to see/do advice needed plz ...

regarding transportation, definely get metro car for the week, since u will use subway a lot to move around the city.

there is a lot of traffic during rush our, if u have to fly 7:30 pm, national u have to get to airport 2 hours before , international 3 hours before , which will be right during rush our, memorial day is better in terms of traffic, since there are less cars on the road,

regarding what u are going to do, reserve if u are definely sure u are going to do it that day, i used to go crazy with doing as much as can, but now i have a more laid back approach, and do things as the days passes.

to brooklyn it is faster to take subway

do the staten island ferry to go to staten island, nice views.

tcks booth is not always predictable as to what shows they will have available for that day, if u don't mind choosing among what is available that day in the list, stand in line, if u have to watch a particular show, u will have to pay the premium and buy ahead.

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3. Re: 1st visit to NYC May so much to see/do advice needed plz ...

Flying back with virgin to London heathrow!

What about snacks or dirinks at the view? just for the view? so you think I am trying to cram too much in one day? what about if we grab something to eat at Katz deli on the back from Brooklyn?

Yes the natural History museum is the one I mean...thanks for your response!

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4. Re: 1st visit to NYC May so much to see/do advice needed plz ...

For Big & Tall shopping, check the sale racks at Rochester Big & Tall. They usually have quite a few shirts that are deeply discounted, including higher end brands such as Tommy Bahama. Their own store brand is also very high quality.

Rochester is located at 53rd and 6th. This is also the location of the "famous" Halal food carts: …seriouseats.com/2012/10/best-halal-cart-53r… so think about having a meal then.

Another option for B&T discount shopping is Marshalls. This is a general discounter of various brand name clothes (including women's). Not all locations have B&T, but the Manhattan location at 19th and 6th does.

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5. Re: 1st visit to NYC May so much to see/do advice needed plz ...


Thanks will check out those stores! do either of them stock Ralph Lauren do you know!

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6. Re: 1st visit to NYC May so much to see/do advice needed plz ...

If you don't care what shows you want to watch, then TKTS booth is the way to go for discount tickets. But if you want specific shows for specific nights then you will definitely have to book, especially for a show as popular as WICKED, there is little to no chance you will be able to find day of tickets.

Memorial Day is a big travel day so plan on being at the airport early due to road traffic as well as long lines at the airport.

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7. Re: 1st visit to NYC May so much to see/do advice needed plz ...

Hi Lovetoholiday...I have to say I was tired just reading your plans for 'Day 2'..

And I wouldn't try to eat at Katz's Deli that day..you're adding another area (the Lower East Side - which is worth a visit in its own right).

The View is not great food and expensive....but the revolving view is pretty amazing.

Regulars here recommend eating in Hell's Kitchen when going to the theatre. It's right next door to the theatre district. Here's a thread with their recommendations:


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8. Re: 1st visit to NYC May so much to see/do advice needed plz ...


Thanks all will take a look at day 2 maybe do Brooklyn on a separate day!

Just want to try and do as much as possible why Im there!

Will also take a look at hells Kitchen and find a place there to eat and leave the View just for the view and drinks!

Am now thinking to move Brooklyn to another day and do Century 21 after the Ferry then could I go to Katz after that and maybe wander round that area before heading back to hotel is it within walking distance or far by subway

thanks again all!

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9. Re: 1st visit to NYC May so much to see/do advice needed plz ...

Are you using a map? You're going to need one. Katz's is not a quick bite, and it's not particularly convenient from the Financial District.

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10. Re: 1st visit to NYC May so much to see/do advice needed plz ...

I have a couple of maps but to be honest am really struggling with sorting out what to do in order and area.......when should I visit Katz whats near that I can do on the same day?

Also is there somewhere you would recommend to eat in the financial district?