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Who loves cats?

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Brooklyn, New York
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Who loves cats?

I'm gonna go see this asap:


...performing cats at the Tribeca Performing Arts Center, Chambers Street, tix $49.50 but there seems to be a problem buying online.

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21. Re: Who loves cats?


Where are you going to draw the line on unsubstantiated allegations?

Would you not see "March of the Penguins" if I suggested without any real evidence for doing so, that the penguins in this documentary had been cruelly treated?

Could I stop you from seeing "Winged Migration" if I voiced similar concerns--concerns not originating from fact, but speculation?

How about a performance of "Oliver" or "Annie" if I suggested, again, without any real facts, that some of the rights of the children in the cast had been compromised?

To me there are two equally dangerous predispostions: the inability to see evil anywhere and the tendency to see it everywhere.

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22. Re: Who loves cats?

As a reply to the question "Who loves cats?" I have to say that I am more of a DOG person myself.

IMHO cats are ok.

But dogs are better!

Brooklyn, New York
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23. Re: Who loves cats?

i dunno wingman, i emailed PETA to see what they know about the Moscow Cats Theatre, might never get a reply tho.

Maidstone, United...
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24. Re: Who loves cats?

Clearly, the jury is still out on whether the Moscow Cats are abused during training or not. As I said right from the start, I'm UNconvinced. Sometimes it's better that we assume people to be guilty rather than innocent - particularly when the "victim" can't speak for themselves.

What I am convinced of is the pointlessness of going to see cats degraded in this manner in the name of entertainment. Furthermore, any journalist who writes about it with the headline "Puss 'n' Hoots" is beneath contempt.

RNnyusa and Diva78 - I applaud the stance that each of you has taken.

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25. Re: Who loves cats?

'Cats are the most astonishing animals I have ever known," Kuklachev says. "It's impossible to force them to do anything. Each has its own personality, and you must work with that." The idea of starting a cat theater came to him many years ago, when he saw a hungry little kitten doing somersaults and walking on its hind legs.

"I took this kitten to be my first partner on the stage," he says. "His name was Romashka, and he worked with me for 22 years." The number of cats grew over the years. Kuklachev picks them up on the street, or sometimes receives them as gifts from people. He has several exotic cats, including one from Japan, three from England, and a completely bald Sphynx cat that was given to him by someone from Argentina.

Kuklachev and his family spend most of their time with the cats. "I only go home to sleep for a few hours," he says. "Someone should be with them all the time."

Age doesn't really matter. Kuklachev's eldest artist nicknamed Sokol turned 25 recently.

--Where the stars purr

Fred Weir and Yasha Ryzhak

Christian Science Monitor

"The Kuklachev method involves starting the training at an early age, and raising the kittens in a homelike setting. Trainers work with the kittens twice a day, every day, and sometimes even the mother cat gets involved. Whatever happens, trainers cannot make the cats do anything - love and encouragement are what persuades them to perform these tricks.

What does this story have to do with human psychology? Many difficult-to-treat mental illnesses, such as autism, schizophrenia, clinical depression, and bipolar disorder, for example, are aggravated by environmental factors such as lack of love and nurturing at home, stressful circumstances at work or school, no encouragement for whatever progress the patient makes, and too much emphasis on coercive measures. Perhaps the approach that works for the Kuklachevs can also assist psychiatrists, cognitive therapists, and their human clients."

--Colorado Psyche

Kuklachevk quickly adds, you really can't MAKE the cats do anything -- they do it through love, through encouraging traits and affinities that are already there, and through the occasional tidbit offered to make it all worthwhile to the kitty.

"Our cats never have any hurt from people," Dmitri went on. "If someone tried to push them to do something, they'd never come on stage at all."

Georgie Ann Geyer


Brooklyn, New York
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26. Re: Who loves cats?

From "A world apart - life for cats in Russia"

(Mike Morse, YOUR CAT Magazine, August 1998)

"Cats have a special place in the Russian household. Moving to a new house, it was customary to let the cat in first to ensure a happy and prosperous life." "For centuries, shop owners had cats as pets, not only to eliminate mice but as a sigh of prosperity. The fatter the cat, the more prosperous the business of the master in the eyes of its neighbours."

According to Russian folklore, a cat in the home is a sign of great luck.

Cats in Moscow have an unusual ally in the Moscow Cat Museum. IT has a permanent display of art inspired by felines. Museum director Andrei Abramov is a cat lover who believes the exhibition can teach Russians more about animal welfare.

He said: "To this end we have worked out several programmes for children, such as an annual picture contest among children, 'My Cat'. Children send drawings and pictures from all over Russia and we have festivals and shows.

Andrei is also calling on the government to launch a Russian version of the RSPCA. It would be a fitting way to continue Russia's traditional tolerance of cats.