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A few general questions i have...

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A few general questions i have...

ok im debating on going to a play on a friday night, or a sunday afternoon show. ive been to an afternoon show before, and it was already pretty crowded but i didnt know if it would be any better if i chose to go the night show. i just dont wanta wait in a forever line. ill be getting my tickets online.

Second question, im debating on a hand full of resteraunts and i need some advice on them. Please let me know if i'm wasting my time, or if i definately need to go.

(Joe Allen, Ellen's Stardust Diner, Johns Pizza on Bleeker st, Merchants NY, Mimi's Pizza on lex, Jekyll & Hyde, & SouthWestNY downtown).

Far as these places go, i'd also like to know whether which would be better for lunch, or supper.

Third thing is, the 40/40 club... is it worth going to really? i hear all this talk about how cool it is, but is it really worth going to? Would a 24yo white guy looks stupid walking in there?? lol. I know last year i made the mistake in walking into Cheetahs and i'll never do that again! haha

4th thing..the "West Village". is there anything cool to do there besides Eat?? I dunno, bar, anything interesting? Any cool shops??

Last thing. I hear all this talk about how i need to go to "St. Regis for Tea". So i figured i'm gonna go. I know this may sound funny, but only tea i drink here down south is good ol' sweet tea! Now, i'm guessing the tea they're talking about is hot tea? and what kinda should i order, because from what it looks like they have SEveral to choose from!

I really apreciate any info


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1. Re: A few general questions i have...

Definitely go to John's on Bleecker Street. Lunch time would be best--that's when we always go. I hear dinner can get crowded. Since I can't get decent pizza where I live, pizza in NYC is always a must-do.

Glasgow, Scotland
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2. Re: A few general questions i have...

Hi! You mentioned in a previous post about Slate. This features in an episode in series 4 of S*x and the City. If someone you knew owned the DVDs you could take a look. It looks kinda cool. Caroline :-)

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3. Re: A few general questions i have...

Try dallas BBQ in times square,

never before have i had so quick service

It was like queing for mcdonalds lol the food is

great aswell and very good price. Whats the name

of the resturant in times square behind the ticket place

with the car comming out the window?

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4. Re: A few general questions i have...

Don't bother with Jekyll & Hyde - poor service and cold food was my experience, entertainment corny and noisy! Walk on by is my advise.

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5. Re: A few general questions i have...

All shows are going to be crowded. If you're buying tickets online, not sure what difference it makes. Matinees tend to get more kids (depending on the show) and more older people. I think you should decide which you'd rather do. Matinee prices are often cheaper but I could argue you could find lots of other things to do on a Sunday afternoon.

As for the restaurants, in general, I'd say none are must do and some are better to be missed. What sort of food do you like? Joe Allen's is very good basic American food and you can see celebs there sometimes, especially after the shows are finished at night. Is it must do? No. I say that only so you and others reading this won't be disappointed. It gets mentioned so often and then people go and ask what's the big deal. It's just a good, reasonably priced place near the theaters with good ambiance. Dark wood, pubby feeling, red checker table cloths in the dining room area I think (there are also tables in the front bar area). They've also got their act together as far as getting people to the theater on time or accomodating you after the theater. If you call for a reservation for after theater, they ask you which show you're going to and they know when you'll be there.

Ellen's Stardust is a theme rest. with singing wait staff. It's a real tourist place and people with kids go there. Same for Jekyll & Hyde-theme place for tourists and kids... although I understand they have a good selection of beers. For you? I'd give them both a miss but if you want to try one, take your choice.

John's Pizzeria has very good pizza (pies only-no slices). I'd go if you're in the area. I personally wouldn't make it a special destination. It's less crowded at lunch I think. They also have a place on west 44th st. that's in a converted church. I know some say the pizza's not as good. Not sure I agree but I'm not an afficienado. Merchant's is a bar scene singles mingles place. The food ain't great. Now Mimi's pizza on Lexington is a blast from the past for me. I'd forgotten about it and haven't been in years. I think there are too many other good pizza places now to make it a special stop. What made you mention it? Where'd you hear about it?

I haven't been to SouthWest in ages. Good view (and good if you're in the area). Food nothing special.

Here's what NY Magazine says about 40/40


Their search engine is good. Look in the "dating nightlife" section for ideas.

Lots of cool shopping, bars etc. in the west village. Remember the trendy meatpacking district is on the edge of the west village. Actually, some would say it's part of the west village. Here's a page with info and more links from NY Mag


Hogs & Heifers is a popular "chick place." Also be warned there are some popular gay bars in the west village.

I can't imagine why you'd consider having tea at the St. Regis or anywhere else. It just doesn't sound like it'd be your thing. Forget it unless you're trying to please a girlfriend etc..

And PLEASE don't go to Dallas BBQ. It's the pits, pun intended. Virgil's is much much better.

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6. Re: A few general questions i have...

thanks for all the info. yea ive actually ate at dallas bbq, it was ok but i had better. i also hear the one in TS shut down?? thats pretty cool about slate being in SATC. my finace' loves the show, so ill have her check it out. far as food goes, im more italian and american than anything else. the reason i chose jekly & hyde was not the theme, but moreless i thought the menu looked prety good. far as mimi's, i saw where a couple people said it in a thread awhile back. so do you think me and my finance', being we are in our mid 20's, would be bette roff going to the friday night or saturday night showing versus the sunday afternoon??

far as the st. regis, i had saw it on tv on the E channel one night. it talked about a lot fo celebs went there, and out of the 12,13 times of me being in NYC i have yet to run into anybody special. (my luck, lol). so i just thought it would be cool, but yea it doesnt really sound like my cup of tea. yea and like the west village, ive only ate there. i just never found the vibe to be that great in it, only in the east village and soho in that area. thanks for all the comments and info. every little bit is helping my make the best itinerary for my trip here in a few short months!!


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7. Re: A few general questions i have...

Yes, happily, Dallas BBQ closed its Times Square place.

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8. Re: A few general questions i have...

ok heres a few more questions i have. Whats a good american resteraunt i can eat at around Rockefeller that would be less than $10-15 per person thats pretty good, lets say for lunch????

Same goes for around 34th & 35th. im staying inbetween 5th&6th on 35th, so i'm trying to find a pretty good place to eat that isnt WAY to expensive.

3rd thing, i need some help organizing my nights. heres what i have planned to do. Broadway play, i wanta go to Slate, Carolines comedy club, Now, out of Friday, Sat & Sun, what should i do each of those days?? I was thinking going to the play fri, and after the play going to slate. then doing the comedy club sat night, and find something to do sunday night.

thanks for any help & opinions!


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9. Re: A few general questions i have...

The evening shows make for a full day. Nice dinner, maybe at the Grammercy Tavern at around 5 PM then walk or cab on over to the show. The tea thing is probably best at the Plaza. It's expensive, but all about the tradition. You can have whatever tea you like, a few nice fussy sandwiches and a small dessert. I'd order English Breakfast Tea with cream and sugar. This treat can also be well enjoyed before an evening show.

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10. Re: A few general questions i have...

For $10-15 you're talking about a coffee shop/deli etc. There's a Burger Heaven on 49th off Madison that's IMO very good. (20 East 49th Street)

You might find something in the basement in Rockefeller Center in their food court.

Saks Fifth Ave. which is directly across from Rock. Ctr has a rest. with decent food, some of which would be within that budget (sandwiches, saladse etc.) They have a counter and tables. The problem is long lines, especially around Xmas.