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Foods Native to Boston and Must Eats

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Portland, Oregon
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Foods Native to Boston and Must Eats

At the risk of sounding completely ignorant (since everyone outside of Boston thinks this way, right? :D) - are these things truly native Boston foods? Are they worth trying and where is the best place find them:

Boston Cream Pie

Boston Baked Beans

New England Clam Chowder

Anything I should try while I'm there that I wouldn't get (proper quality) anywhere else? Aside from fresh seafood, of course. I'm looking forward to oysters galore!

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81. Re: Foods Native to Boston and Must Eats

I haven't heard the word Zarex in at least 30 years.

I can't imagine using it in a mixed drink or on ice cream, though IDK maybe?

To me, it was liquid Kool-Aid. Meant to be mixed with water. Then you have a sugary, fruity tasting drink w/no nutritional value. Like a Coke w/o the carbonation.

Boston, MA
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82. Re: Foods Native to Boston and Must Eats

Agree with Kevin. Zarex was a beverage that I was served as a kid but I have not had it since. My kids have nevere drank it.

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83. Re: Foods Native to Boston and Must Eats

I didn't realize that Zarex was a regional food or that it even still existed. I too have not heard it referenced in decades. Skip it.

I've eaten more Vegemite than I've had fluffernutter but I can't imagine eating them together. I'd rather eat sardine ice cream ( which come to think it would be kind of like fiske pudding, the Norwegian treat).

Canberra, Australia
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84. Re: Foods Native to Boston and Must Eats

Ok Zarex (but in moderation and in the privacy and safety of my room).

More importantly, soft shell crab sandwich, lobster roll and oyster sliders? Where can I get them? Quincy Market looks like a good option (although not exactly convenient to my hotel) where I can possibly get them all AND a souvenir hoody for my partner. We have a dog named Quincy so the one present will prove I was thinking of them both and not just away having a good time without her/them - I might keep quiet about the food to preserve that perception.

Fluffernutter sandwiches? Do they sell those retail anywhere/everywhere? Do you just go into a sandwich shop and ask for one (quietly, under your breath, hoping no one hears, quickly shove it up under your jumper and hurry out avoiding eye contact) or is it something that you have to make yourself at home? I'm prepared to try one, in fact, feel compelled to try one after reading all the commentary but I'm not prepared to buy a loaf of bread, a jar of peanut butter and a (can?) of marshmallow whip so that I can try one crazy sandwich. What if I don't like it? Worse, what if I do?

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85. Re: Foods Native to Boston and Must Eats

Zarex, sometimes known as bug juice, can still be found! www.zarexusa.com/where-to-purchase.html

Fluffernutter sandwich was in the news in spring as proposed 'state' sandwich. Don't know the outcome of that. I know I have seen it on a menu somewhere, but I'll be darned if I could recall which restaurant.

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86. Re: Foods Native to Boston and Must Eats

Zarex tasted gross even when we were kids. Blech. Our neighborhood was Kool-Aid or those (sad) little plastic "juice" containers with the foil top. Definitely skip the zarex.

For state sandwich there are so many better choices: lobster / clam roll come to mind. (Are those sandwiches?) A North Shore Roast Beaf.... Dorchester Vietnamese sandwich.. loads of delicious sandwiches to be had

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87. Re: Foods Native to Boston and Must Eats

I've never seen a fluffenuffer sandwich on a menu, though I've seen peanut butter and jelly on kids menus so maybe....

Since you've stirred up such controversy, you must buy a jar of marshmellow at any supermarket. If you try a fluffenutter sandwich, you'll probably love it! Either make one here or bring it home and make one at home. Invite all your friends!!! Great w/peanut butter, good with jelly, vegemite - probably not.

Once you graduate from marshmellow, we'll get you hooked on smores!!!

Albany, NY
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88. Re: Foods Native to Boston and Must Eats

It is amazing how good a fluffernutter still is after all these years. Incidentally, a serving of Fluff has half the sugar of grape jelly ( and none of the HFCS), so it is the healthy choice!!!

Edited: 9:49 am, July 28, 2014
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