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"The Club" at Chula Vista

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Chicago, Il
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"The Club" at Chula Vista

Hi friends,

Anyone heard of "The Club at Chula Vista"? Some new marketing of a timeshare /vacation club /points thing? Looks like discounts on all things at the resort.

Has anyone done the pitch? They say 60 minutes & bring the kids. I don't know if we'll make it 5 minutes with our two little ones!

Any info or experience or costs appreciated.



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121. Re: "The Club" at Chula Vista

Hi, Tony P, I am having a similar situation where Derek the guy who signed us up said "Don't worry, five years of payments seems like a long time, but its ok, if you ever can't afford it, you can put your payments on hold, or cancel the membership...all you have to do is call your agent on your paperwork and she will take care of all of it for you" So I called my agent, who then said that my account is not handled through the club, its handled through monterey financial, so I would have to talk to some random person who doesn't know anything about me or my contract. She also said that he should never have said that to me that I could put the payments on hold or cancel the membership because it is not true and its a binding contract. When we were going over the contract, it said "one time nonrefundable payment" of 5490. Derek said, "obviously because you're not making a one time payment, that doesn't apply and you can hold or cancel at any time, you will just lose the benefits for 20 years which are so great!" So I believed him, only to find the same thing as you, the deals aren't that great, nothing is included, the hotels look like dumps! I have been paying for a year because I just got married and haven't had time to look at anything. So I'm probably really screwed, but could you help me to maybe cance from this point on? Could I get the address you sent the letter to? I would appreciate it very much! I am recently married, recently purchased our first home, and pregnant also, I spent the morning on the floor crying because of this and I need some help!


Jenna P


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122. Re: "The Club" at Chula Vista

Go to one of Tony's posts, click on his name, and look on the left part of the screen for the icon to send him a personal message.

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123. Re: "The Club" at Chula Vista

Thanks for the very detailed info regarding 'the Club". Actually me and my husband did buy into this in August. Since then I've been fishing around trying to set up a week vacation for me and my husband to enjoy for our birthday next year. During our presentation we were brought over to the big screen where they were able to show us how we could utilize their "hot deals". I told him that i was strongly interested in Jamaica:) But to say i search the sites given to me and i didn't even see Jamaica as an option. I really wish that we could have taken our time with this because between both places The club and Trading places, both seemed to be super confused. Also i left a message on their voice mail letting them know that Jamaica wasn't even featured on any of the sites:( Guess we are stuck!!!

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124. Re: "The Club" at Chula Vista

Hi can you please share that same info with me regarding cancelling as well. I 'm wondering is it entirely too late for us taken that we enrolled in August of 2012.

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125. Re: "The Club" at Chula Vista

Charmaine none of us are experts here on this topic. This is a travel and vacation website, NOT a legal one. However if you read through all the previous posts you may find some information that may help you.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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126. Re: "The Club" at Chula Vista

Unfortunately, buyer's remorse five months later is rarely a reason to cancel such a travel program/package.

3rd Chaise to the...
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127. Re: "The Club" at Chula Vista

I'm not sure if it's buyer's remorse if 5 months later is the first time you try to use it ad find out it's not what you thought it was. Misrepresentation (or fraud) is always an out -- if you can prove they said you could use this in Jamaica and you can't, you might have a case. But you will need proof in writing, and there probably is one of those "this program may change at anytime without notice" clauses in the fine print.

Just remember, you CAN get out of ANY contract -- you just need to be ready to pay the penalty to do that.

NOTE: Elveric is not an attorney but he does watch The People's Court and Judge Judy religiously.

Chicago, Illinois
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128. Re: "The Club" at Chula Vista

Tony please help us we made the same mistake on 12/24/2012.. We don't don't have the money. And we was push to buy this..

Lake Delton...
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129. Re: "The Club" at Chula Vista

I want to clarify some things. I used to work at a timeshare resort in the Dells and I am also very familiar with the product at the Club at Chula Vista. I also own a timeshare. So let's just say, I am a vacation club/timeshare expert. I was never a salesperson, I did the legal contracts.

Myth #1. This is a timeshare. This is not a timeshare at all. There is a small annual fee if you want the ability to go to various resorts. There is no maintenance fee. When you select a resort to go to, you pay their nominal fee to stay there. For instance, if you choose Orlando and there is a $500 fee, then you pay that. The reason I say this is nominal is because for a night in a 2 bedroom with kitchen and living space, you would probably pay at least $250 per night. This $500+ is for the whole week. By having a kitchen, you save money on some meals where you would have had to have eaten out.

Myth #2. You have to trade a specific week from Chula to exchange for somewhere else. Not at all. What clubs offer you the benefit of doing is using up an exchange company's unused inventory. There is no trade but you only have the rights to what someone else doesn't want. That being said, with planning, there is usually enough inventory to get where you want and when you want it. You just need to have some flexibility. Saying you want to stay at ABC Resort on July 5, 2013 in Orlando, FL may not work, especially when you wait until June to book. You have to look for a 4 star in Orlando and suburbs "around" that time and probably months in advance. Trust me, I have been successful 100% of the time with this approach.

Myth #3. You have a cancellation period. There is no cancellation period for a product like this. In fact their contract reads that you understand the terms and can not cancel. There IS a cancellation period for real estate. This is not real estate, you do not own anything. You have a huge discount program at your disposal and depending on how you use it, it could benefit you greatly.

Truth #1. There is a gigantic benefit if you like Chula Vista. With this package, you get discounts to the resort - major discounts so use them. I hate to say it but many benefits are offered with the understanding that most people will only take advantage of them slightly. That being said, you have every right to use them to their full extent.

One major benefit to this is the fact that you do not "own" anything. For instance, my father has a great timeshare that we vacationed with for years but he can not simply get rid of it or stop paying maintenance fees. It is still a steal of a deal and his maintenance is low but he is pretty old and can't use it anymore. He would love to just give it away but it is difficult. With this product at Chula Vista, when you are done using it, you are not obligated to it. And in fact, they would love for you to stop calling them and asking for huge discounts to their resort and amenities. Also, since the Club is only roughly 3 years old, I am sure when some of their memberships start to expire, they will offer a renewal for much less than what the original package cost. I don't know this for sure but because I know how this works, that is what makes sense to me.

I am no advocate of Chula nor am I against them. I am simply knowledgeable about this stuff. I work in a completely different industry now but think that when people invest in a plan to take vacations, that is phenomenal. As a contract person for a few years, I watched many kids' and parents' lives change after starting to vacation. You just have to find the right place that works for you and the right product for you.

If you have any questions, please ask me. I love to help and will give you the truth that you may or may not hear from the sales person. Unfortunately there are some "interesting" ones out there.

Fond du Lac...
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130. Re: "The Club" at Chula Vista

Nice write up. We always go to CV for the "Great Escape" weekend. Can't beat it. We did the Club "Schmoosze" once... now we avoid that desk like the plague. On our Even years we go CV...

We bought a timeshare at Glacier for 0, just transferred deed and they paid the fees. 154k points odd years. We are always looking for an EVEN. But... what we pay in ODD more than makes up when we take up rooms in PRIME season. I figure we pay 1/3 or so of what others would pay. And it's fun at Glacier/Wilderness.

So, these are not all bad. Just gotta pick and choose your spots...

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