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Motorcycle Day Trips Around Pipestem

Eustis, FL
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Motorcycle Day Trips Around Pipestem

We plan on coming up that way to do some motorcycle riding. We have the ability to schedule mid-Sept to end-Sept. Will we be there with a gazillion other tourists & want the scoop on riding weather that time of year & some great routes to ride. Also, if we RV it, any recommendations on the best places to stay?


Satsuma, Alabama
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1. Re: Motorcycle Day Trips Around Pipestem

Hi Chuck, first thing, say hi to my Uncle when you see him next time. He lived just a little ways behind the Ford dealership off 441 in Eutis on Belmont Ave. Small world isn't it.

Now then, a little more info please. Are you going to a rally (ex bmw rider). Going to ride or pull bike up. Are you baseing out of pipestem or want to just see all you can see? Do you like covered bridges? Yea, I know, twisty turny road, who dosen't. Crafts? Fairs or festivals? Caves? Waterfalls? Anything I forgot let us know so we can get ya'll riding on some good roads.


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2. Re: Motorcycle Day Trips Around Pipestem

Check out Midland Trail/Route 60. It's a motorcyclist's dream come true.

Eustis, FL
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3. Re: Motorcycle Day Trips Around Pipestem

Looking to base out of the pipestream area. I will trailer the bike & be staying in a campground. We normaly find a KOA or the like with a cabin. Am debating using an RV this time for flexability. Might push the time to early Oct. No matter what, my wife & I have 2 weeks to ride once there. Yes to almost all--we want to see as much as we can see, yes, we love covered bridges, not so much fairs, etc. Thnaks for the help.

Tatterd, We would be more than happy to pass on a word to your uncle.Sure glad it is a small world.


Satsuma, Alabama
posts: 186
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4. Re: Motorcycle Day Trips Around Pipestem

Ok chuck, This first ride according to mapquest is about 4 hours long and 180 miles.

Ride # 1: Leaving pipestem take Rt 20 south to I-77 and procede

to I-81 south to Marion. In Marion there is an OLD train station that they still use. After you will go through Hungry Mother State Park which is VERY nice and has a campground/lake pinice area, worth a stop and have a bite to eat. There you will catch Rt 16 north to Tazewell. This rode will take you over three mountain ranges and is beautiful. At Tazewell you will take Rt 19 right to Bluefield and then get on Rt 52 north towards to Pinnacle Rock state park. leaving there backtrack about 3/4 mile and get on Rt 20 back to Pipestem.

I have driven Most of this route and it was a dream and I would have loved to been on a bike, it was middle of Oct and color was good.

Ride # 2: There is a quick way and more scenic way, first QUICK way leaving pipestem take Rt 20 south to I-77 north. This is a toll road. Stay on I-77 north until Exit # 48 and take rt 19 north to Fayetteville.

NOW SENIC way: leaving Pipestem take Rt 20 south and after going through Athens, you will see about a couple of mile i will say, GARDNER ROAD. Turn right and you will come to I-77. The road continues on and changes names to County Rd 7, on my map here. This road will take you to Rt 19. If you stay on this road through Beckley it will take you to Fayetteville. Either Route you take is up to you, second one will add, guessing now, 1 1/2 hours extra. Procede on Rt 19 across the New River Bridge and after crossing bridge take the first right to Bridge welcome center. Take a walk to view the bridge from side of gorge. If you want there is a road to BOTTOM of river (been there done that) and is worth the side trip. ASK FOR DIRECTION AT WELCOME CENTER. If you DO, you will go DOWN the hill to the river and on to the other side and up the hill and it will take you BACK to Rt 19 on the other side of the bridge. If you do then turn LEFT and go back across the bridge like you did the first time and then continue on until you come to HICO where you will take Rt 60. From there you will follow the signs to Babcock State Park turning left. Which is off Rt 60 on Rt 41. When you leave there get back on Rt 41 and turn left when you leave the park. It will take you back to Rt 60 and turn Right. Stay on Rt 60 untill you come to RT 20. If you turn Right on Rt 20 it will take you BACK to Pipestem. I do NOT know how long this trip will take or how far, but I would GUESS not over 175 and 4 hours

I will follow with more trip, but another question. What is max distance/time you want to go. Lot of others places but several more miles and time also.

Satsuma, Alabama
posts: 186
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5. Re: Motorcycle Day Trips Around Pipestem

Trip # 3: Taking Rt 20 south and head towards Princeton. Arriving there look for Rt 104 and turn left, it will take you to Rt 460, turn left toward Rich Creek. You will see Rt 219 , turn left there and head north. Along this road you will pass, on the left can;t miss it, Indian creek covered bridge. Then continue on you will go through Union wv. Slow down and look around nice place and watch for the OLD house on the left, plus cemetary headed out of town on the left. On up the road a peace you will come to Organ Cave. Nice place to see. Leaving there take rt 63 to Caldwell and catch Rt 60 left/west going to lewisburg. Old town with lots of antiques/type shops and others stores. Nice place to look around. (NOW there is another caves ((Lost World Caverns)) north of lewisburg that is probably a longer trip than organ, so you may want to see it instead of Organ. Ask around for a brochere and direction to get to there) Staying on Rt 60 west through lewisburg several miles on the left and before you go UNDER I-64, is BUNGERS MILL rd/cr 40 (county rd =cr ). Turn left here and then left on Muddy Creek Mtn Rd/cr 40. You will be passing/going through Herns Mill Covered Bridge. a few miles down the road turn Right to Old Ashbury rd/cr 33. Stay on that road and you will come out to Rt 12 and turn left/south. You will come to Alderson down the road a ways. When you come into town the road will make a right hand bend and come to Rt 3. Stay headed stright on Rt 3, DON'T TURN LEFT and go over the river, continue stright through town and the river will be ON THE LEFT. As you travel this road, you will pass, WV State prison for Women and I think the temporary home of Martha Stewart, not sure but maybe. Anyway, moving right along, as you continue on Rt 3 you will come to town of Bellepoint. It lookslike Rt 3 turn right, but a bridge goes straight across the river TO Rt 20. Take Rt 20 left/south and you go back to Pipestem. Mapquest say time is 3 hours, not stopping of course, and 135 miles. I have seen all of the above except Herns Mill bridge and enjoyed the road.

There are MANY more roads in the southern part of the state but not to many more BIG things like caves/bridges etc. There are shows about the hatfield/McCoys listed on this forum on another question. Click on some of them and see what other people are saying too.

There are a number of places NORTH and NORTHWEST of lewisburg that would make for Long trips. It might behove you to relocate to a place more in the center of the state, like Holly River State park and the like. Anyway I will list a few more, later. jim

Barnesville, Georgia
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6. Re: Motorcycle Day Trips Around Pipestem

why is the park called Pipestem? Just curious.

Satsuma, Alabama
posts: 186
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7. Re: Motorcycle Day Trips Around Pipestem

I am not sure, but I would guess because the town of Pipestem is the closest town to Pipestem Resort SP. Just my two cents.

Wild, Wonderful...
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8. Re: Motorcycle Day Trips Around Pipestem

heck out the Elkhorn Inn & Theatre in Landgraff, WV. They have a "Biker B&B Special" with a great ride thru WV, with stays and dinners & breakfasts at two Inns: the Elkhorn Inn & Gillum House in Shinnston, WV Speed Channel did a "2-Wheel Tuesday" program about them, with the AMA cycle racer Chris Carr. Their website is www.elkhorninnwv.com. Have a balst- so. WV is great!

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9. Re: Motorcycle Day Trips Around Pipestem

I read somewhere that the Indians used the stem of some vegetation in the areas as a pipe-stem, hence the name...

Fayetteville WV
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10. Re: Motorcycle Day Trips Around Pipestem

The name comes from a plant that Indians used to make pipestems. Awesome park with 4000 acres 2 golf courses, pool, great cabins and in every direction great roads for motorcycles.

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