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Best Deer Valley green run after Wide West for "Never Ever"

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Dallas, Texas
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Best Deer Valley green run after Wide West for "Never Ever"

We are preliminarily planning a ski vacation for spring break next year. We have heard excellent thing about Deer Valley. We are looking at the Black Diamond Lodge, since it seems to be the most convenient of all the places to the bunny hill (Wide West). This forum seems to strongly recommend these units.

It will be me, my wife, and our 4 kids. My wife and I are adavanced beginners. We have skiied 10 days in our lives. We can ski comfortably on all greens and some blues.

Our kids have never skiied before. They will be 11, 7, 6, and 4 (almost 5). We plan on putting them in private lessons. We plan on hiring 2 instructor for 4 kids. My wife feels like they will have more fun learning together with their siblings. We are not sure if we want all day lessons or just AM lessons? We think they might be worn out after an AM of lessons?

If some of them want to ski with me in the afternoon, what greens runs would you recommend. I have read that Ontario is the easiest green run after Wide West? I read that one should wait to take Bandana (steep parts) or Success (steep ending) until they are more advanced?


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Newport Beach, CA
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1. Re: Best Deer Valley green run after Wide West for "Never Ever"

My best suggestion is to ask your children's instructors at the end of their lesson. They will tell you where they've skied and where they suggest that you take them. If you ski Ontario, it is mid-mountain, so you will likely end up skiing a bit more to get back down to Snow Park. It's doable downloading on the Silver Lake Express chairlift, but I'll bet that your children will be able to ski Success down to Silver Lake. Rather than finish on the relatively steep part, look for Rosebud, which is on skiers right after Little Kate (a blue run). Rosebud is less steep than the bottom of Success. My children loved Bandana when they were young. I think that if you go right onto Lucky Jack, it will be less steep than staying on Bandana all the way to the end. Both runs will put you at the Ruby chair, which will give you another go at Ontario. I hope that you have a great time and find your whole family skiing confidently by the end of the trip.

Also, Black Diamond is a great choice for your family!

Salt Lake City, Utah
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for Utah
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2. Re: Best Deer Valley green run after Wide West for "Never Ever"

Ontario is probably the next place to go. Maybe take Trump down from Ontario as well. It is a hike to get from silver lake express to the Quincy Express lift, but it's good practice for skating. I think the Mountaineer lift has some easier trails too. As mentioned, consult with the instructor for suitable terrain and terrain that you could manage the kids without much worry or thought.

San Antonio, Texas
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for San Antonio
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3. Re: Best Deer Valley green run after Wide West for "Never Ever"

The group lesson at DV are very good and are by age group. The younger ones take more breaks.

The easy blues are on Flagstaff except Hidden Treasure.

Dallas, Texas
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4. Re: Best Deer Valley green run after Wide West for "Never Ever"

2goldens, Shake801, and wesheltonj thank you for the feedback. Great advice.

I will take the rosebud run instead of finishing the ending of success. Good advice. I am happy you like the Black Diamond Lodge. Ski vacations are already a struggle especially with 4 young kids. I want my wife and kids to have as a convenient and stress-free trip as possible. I think the Black Diamond Lodge would help in that regard.

The trump run does sound like a run to take.

What would be easiest way for my kids to get to the Mountaineer lift from my lodge?

Also wesheltonj, since you are from Texas like myself, how are the crowds at Deer Valley during Texas's spring break? During my search I am purposely avoiding all the New Mexico and most of the Colorado ski resorts during Texas's spring break because of the crowds.

San Antonio, Texas
Destination Expert
for San Antonio
posts: 1,859
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5. Re: Best Deer Valley green run after Wide West for "Never Ever"

It will not be bad at DV. PCMR would be another story. DV is ski only and most spring breakers are knuckle draggers ( yes that a generalization) and therefore they are at PCMR or the canyons, or the beach. Just to let you know New Mexico is not bad for crowds (angel fire excluded) it's just evey ski hill has slow lifts which causes back up. I am deciding this year for spring break NM or DV. It looked like NM was going to have a great year with big early snow, but it's stop snowing there and utah is picking good snow, most likely back to DV.

I have skied DV 14 times in the last 16 years all at different months. I prefer the first week of January after New Years as the town is not very crowded, but spring break not bad, just be prepaired to ski junk in the afternoons. Whistler would have better conditions it's just tuff to get there from SAT. DFW would not be as bad.

Black diamond does have a great location right next to the ski school. If that what you want to spend, have at it. But you can save a lots of money by staying in town and taking the bus or driving. DV has free overnight ski storage and boot storage too so it's not a great problem lugging equipment around.

If you have any other questions just ask. By the way, I don't stay in Silver Lake, the road to there can be very bad if you are not used to driving in snow and ice, one time was enough for me.

Dallas, Texas
posts: 8
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6. Re: Best Deer Valley green run after Wide West for "Never Ever"


Thank you for all of the information. Excellent.

It is great to hear that Deer Valley won't be crowded during our spring break. I hear horror stories about Breckenridge, Vail, Angel Fire, etc.

The Black Diamond Lodge will be the most I have ever spent on lodging in my life. I just think taking shuttle/driving will be too much for 4 small kids. I would not mind, but the wife is already leery (hassle) about a ski vacation with young kids. I want to make things as convenient and easy for them as possible.

Whistler sounds like a interesting option for the future. We have settled on Deer Valley for this trip, but just curious where would you recommend in New Mexico for Texas spring break for possible future trips?

Long Island, NY
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7. Re: Best Deer Valley green run after Wide West for "Never Ever"

Taught my kids to ski at Deer Valley when they were 4 and 5. They are 12 and 1 and can ski almost anything. I have only favorable things to say about their ski school. My kids never had a problem with all day ski school. I thought they would, but they did not. So one suggestion might be to start with the private half day, and then book a day of ski school for later in the week. You can cancel up to 48 hours in advance if you think its not what you want. This is much cheaper (remember ski school provides lift tickets and lunch, private lessons do not) and your kids will be placed in groups based on their own abilities. I am not knocking the private lesson, but they add up!

Black Diamond condos are really nice. And probably about a mile or less from downtown Park City. Flat ride, not dangerous. Also they maintain roads there well.

Some other notes:

-Not sure if Black diamond has a shuttle, they probably do but if not cabs are in abundance in Park City.

-the ski lodge right near your condo serves breakfast and lunch and I am sure you can get things to go. Great food: carving stations, panninis, organic salad bar, etc...They also serve dinner several nights a week, but it is pricey. It is a fabulous seafood buffet.

Jupiter Bowl, the local bowling alley is amazing! Great activity for after skiing or on day off. They serve food and have a game room. Best bowling alley I have ever been to. My kids beg to go there when we visit.

- several supermarkets in PC, but if you want there are grocery services that you can order food from in advance and they will have food waiting in your condo.

- Last time I went to Deer Valley, my daughter and I went to a shop called The Paint Mixer. It was a painting lesson, we made a nice acrylic painintg on canvas. They serve wine too! It was a nice outing. My friend was there too with younger kids who also enjoyed it. We went at 4PM after skiing. Made apptmt online in advance.

I have been in two Black Diamond condos, they are beautiful units. They should have washer /dryer so dont over pack! Every restaurant is casual, even the high end ones.

- I usually make dinner reservations in advance. Here's a link parkcitymagazine.com/Park-City-Magazine/…

Many are on opentable.

Dallas, Texas
posts: 8
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8. Re: Best Deer Valley green run after Wide West for "Never Ever"


Thank you for your feedback. Excellent advice.

I am glad your kids had a wonderful time at the ski school. We are not set on private lessons. My wife just thinks they would like to learn with their siblings. We may try one day of ski school and one day of private, then let them decide on subsequent days. The ski school is one of the reasons why we chose Deer Valley. The others being less crowds, direct flights to DFW, close to the airport, abundance of green runs, lower elevation, grooming, and lodging close to ski school.

I think the Black Diamond Lodge does provide free transportation in Park City, which is nice. We may eat most of our breakfasts at the lodge since they provide it. We may eat our lunches in our room. For dinner we will likely go out and try the snow park seafood buffet, St Regis (since it is within walking distance), and other places in Park City.

We heard good things about the Paint Mixer. We may have to try that.

Excellent advice on ordering groceries before we arrive. We got to do that.

My wife insisted on having a private washer and dryer. She says it is a must for a ski vacation.


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