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Fort Worth - safe area and creepy things...

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Wellington, New...
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Fort Worth - safe area and creepy things...

Hi all,

My fiancé and I are from NZ and will be in Fort Worth in the summer (mid Aug. 14). I am curious about the area we are looking at staying and also about bugs/spiders other creepy things…

We have booked a holiday house in Near Southside on South Lake Street, near Magnolia. It seems like a great area and is very close to some nice bars/restaurants but I was wondering what this area was like for walking around in the evening etc and break in issues…As I live in an apartment in a city I am used to being many floors up with building security and feeling fairly safe so I am a bit paranoid about ground level easy access homes and neighbourhood safety at the best of times!

Also, NZ is very lucky to have only a few scary creepy crawlies and what the situation in this area would be for bugs/spiders/snakes etc. I have an irrational fear of all things bug like with spiders being the worst so a brief Google search has freaked me out about what I may encounter in TX. Obviously venomous ones are worse but any bug action sends me into fits of crazy.

Is anyone able to answer these paranoid questions for me, perhaps with any info I might need to minimize any freak outs?

Other than these freak outs I am really looking forward to the trip, we are going to a few other places and spending a total of 7 weeks away. Unfortunately I know my crazy level and that no matter how much fun I have it will not be enough to offset these concerns. It won’t make me skip FW but may make me change my accommodation choice.

Thanks in advance for the help!

Fort Worth, Texas
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1. Re: Fort Worth - safe area and creepy things...

I personally would change locations. That is not typically an area of town I feel safe in at night especially. That is kind of the hospital district and though there are some good eats in the area I would not want to stay there even though they are making a lot of improvement in the area.

As for the creepy crawlies in town you won't typically run into many snakes. Spiders and such will depend on where you stay and if they have an extermination program. Again, in town and most places of business you will not need to worry. In summer the main thing you will want to prepare for are Mosquitos.

If I were coming as a visitor I would stay in the downtown area or stockyards area if you want to be in the middle of things and feel fairly safe out walking at night. Another area you might check is TCU-Camp Bowie/cultural district.

Let me know if I can help you. I was born and raised here.

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2. Re: Fort Worth - safe area and creepy things...

I agree find a different spot to stay. Surrounding neighborhood is not the safest.

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3. Re: Fort Worth - safe area and creepy things...

Something else to consider. Be sure and get something with very good air conditioning. Sometimes our LOW temperatures are in the 90's (mid 30's Celsius).

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4. Re: Fort Worth - safe area and creepy things...

I disagree with the recommendations to change locations. While S. Lake Street and Magnolia may not be the most upscale part of town, it's not unsafe. People are out walking a lot in the summer, particularly on and around Magnolia. I know this area well and feel you'll be just as safe here as you're likely to be in other parts of town. I am intrigued by the idea of a holiday house in this area, though, and love that idea. How did you locate it?

Georgetown, Texas
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5. Re: Fort Worth - safe area and creepy things...

I tend to agree with Bajablonde about the location but be prepared for a certain amount of bugs and/or spiders. They are out there, especially in a house with a yard and crickets and spiders will wander in. If you are really weirded out, just keep the bug spray close by. I would not be worried about venomous things though- if you have been looking on the internet, you will have seen the unusual, not the common.

If you think this will be a deal breaker, then do consider a hotel where there is less chance of bugs (no yard). But remember- you WILL encounter some bugs in Texas (and all of the US) in the summertime just walking around. Nothing ferocious or vicious, just everyday ordinary buglife.

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Wellington, New...
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6. Re: Fort Worth - safe area and creepy things...

Thanks for all of your replies so far. Now I am torn about the area!

I know there will be many bugs just living the buglife, was just hoping to avoid the whole wake up to a spider on my face incident...like when I visit my sister in Australia, home of the plate sized huntsman!

Apartment living is ideal for me - I have seen one spider inside, once, over 9 years in 3 different places so very lucky!

I located the home on Airbnb, it is a really good site (sorry Flipkey!) they do charge a small service fee but they take care of the money, holding it til after check-in to make sure there are no dodgy dealings going on etc.

We are looking at getting a holiday home on a couple of our stops, as it can work out much better than a hotel price wise and we are not bothered by room service food or having someone make our bed for us!

Again, thanks to everyone for you input, I really appreciate it! More thinking for me I guess.

Wellington, New...
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7. Re: Fort Worth - safe area and creepy things...

Oh, another question lovely helpful people!

There are a couple of other places I am looking at, listed as in the cultural district one on Hillcrest St and one on Camp Bowie Boulevard. Any ideas about those for safety?

One of them has pool access and one is a condo with balcony. Though since we are there in summer perhaps the pool would be the better option!

I am starting to imagine it will feel like Thailand!

Thanks again :)

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Sydenham, Ontario
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8. Re: Fort Worth - safe area and creepy things...

To the Fort Worth folks commenting, I am wondering if you could help me? I am planning to go to Dallas/Fort Worth next June for George Strait's final concert. I am trying to figure out where to stay. We will only be in town for about 4 days, and would like to go to Fort Worth to experience the culture there, go to Billy Bobs etc, but we would also like to take a tour of Dallas, go to the 6th floor museum, maybe even go to Southfork. Should we plan to spend a couple of nights in Fort Worth then move to Dallas for a night? We are hoping to not have to rent a car.

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Georgetown, Texas
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9. Re: Fort Worth - safe area and creepy things...

Vicki- would you write a separate post? I think you will get more response to your question that way.

Fort Worth, Texas
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10. Re: Fort Worth - safe area and creepy things...

to the original poster...are you going to have a car?. because the areas you are looking at ( magnolia, camp bowie) are a little ways from downtown. fort worth has an awesome downtown. and the stockyards. you have to see the stockyards. fort worth also has world class museums like the kimbell and amon carter. on the bug subject..we certainly have our share of venomous creatures. in the city i wouldnt worry about snakes. we have scorpions. i have lived in ftw for 30 years..havent seen one. mostly in the country you see those...spiders you mostly have to worry about black widows and brown recluse. but again, unless you are outside digging in a wood pile black widows wouldnt be an issue. and brown recluse are exactly that..reclusive..they are mostly a problem in closets where they nest in a pair of shoes you havent worn in months...i always bang my shoes together to make sure!!...again, not a problem..in a nutshell..dont worry about the bugs..what you do need to worry about is the heat..august is hottest month so air conditioning is a must...and drink lots of fluids when walking around.