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Moving to Dallas area summer 2006...where to live, schools...

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Moving to Dallas area summer 2006...where to live, schools...

I need information on homes around 100K (just me and 12 yr old daughter). I have relatives in Irving, Plano, and Garland. I have been looking at a prospective employer in Richardson, but could be other places also. My daughter's education is more important than my commute, but if I can have both, great. I found Westwood Jr. High on-line. What's their rep/rating? Are magnet schools held to same standards as public? What are the private schools in those areas? Are there any college prep schools for 8th graders & up? I like modern/new homes. I like culture, non-conservative neighborhoods. 30 somthing..

Please, everyone's input is needed. Thanks.

Texas City, Texas
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11. Re: Moving to Dallas area summer 2006...where to live, schools...

I know it must seem like I am a nut case here posting a 3rd time. After I sent the last post, I started thinking, I need to give you links.

So here it goes

Here are for the town homes they are building. I think some units are complete too. The middle school she would be going too is really nice too and the neighborhood is upscale.


Here are links to savannah


Here is a link to providence


Apartments in Mckinney

The link is the chamber's page. It has all the links.


great schools link


If you are on a limited budget, truly consider living somewhere where you can take advantage of a good school system. :) This is our first year of being in an blue ribbon school and love it.

Dallas, Texas
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12. Re: Moving to Dallas area summer 2006...where to live, schools...

Hi Tyger2006,

My husband and my address is in Dallas, but we are so far north that it is considered Plano ISD. Plano school district is SUPERB and award-winning. Most of their schools have received awards for scoring high on the state school exams: the TAKS. All 3 of their high schools were listed in D Magazine's recent post of the Top 20 Schools in DFW. You can purchase a home around $100k in Plano and it will most likely be slightly EAST of Hwy 75 off of 15th Street. In my opinion, I would much rather live in Plano than McKinney or Frisco (although M & F have BEAUTIFUL homes and great school districts as well). The reason is the drive home/to work is HORRENDOUS from traffic. It would absolutely drive me CRAZY if I had to do that every day!! If you accepted a job in Richardson and lived in East Plano, you could get to work in 15 minutes tops. Otherwise, you are probably looking at close to one hour one-way, especvially if you live in Frisco.

In addition, I grew up in Garland, and though I do not recommend living in Garland ISD any more, there are parts of North East Garland (near Firewheel golf course-- zip is 75044) that are beautiful. Try searching in realtor.com for homes in Wylie and Murphy and 75082 (EAST Richardson). Both of these areas have parts that you can live in, but the kids would attaned Plano ISD or Wylie ISD (also great). AND, there are homes in the $100k range. You may even try looking in Sachse.

(FYI, I am trying to give you areas within a comfortable driving distance to Richardson and that have homes around $100k). Good Luck!! =)

Hope this helps,


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13. Re: Moving to Dallas area summer 2006...where to live, schools...

My comments come as a school teacher and home owner, native of Texas. I taught in Plano ISD for 5 years after growing up there. I have in the last 2 years, moved to East Dallas, near White Rock Lake and Casa Linda. I LOVE this area. What stuck out to me in your original post is that you like culture and non-conservative neighborhoods. Based on that alone, I wouldn't recommend Plano, Frisco, Lewisville, especially not up into Wylie, Sachse, etc... (this may, of course, offend many people, but it isn't intended to). These are very suburban areas. Very conservative. Some of them amazing and wonderful, but also like raising your child in a bubble.

I have felt freed moving to East Dallas. There are so many wonderful and exciting and terrific neighborhoods and areas here. The schools definitely need to be looked at as far as Dallas ISD. If private is your preference, there are a myriad of private schools in this area. The information earlier about all the magnet and Dallas schools was great! Yes, districts like Plano are shiny, but they all have their fair share of issues internally.

My personal preference is not Oak Cliff, but it is a cool area. I have many friends who live there and love it! It is all a personal preference... for instance, I haven't seen any homes in Kessler Park (the nice part of it) less than the 180-250K range, so I'd take that off the list. There are so many things to consider when finding a new home - I just wanted to offer my perspective... I never would have moved to this area on my own, and now I never want to move away!

Big D
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14. Re: Moving to Dallas area summer 2006...where to live, schools...

Emily -

Nice to hear how you felt "freed"...we felt the same way after moving to East Dallas 8 yrs ago...before that, we were on the edge of Highland Park - UGH!!!...talk about a bubble....

Lakehill is a great college prep school in Lakewood (75214).

Our area (75228) is still affordable with many families moving in while the older popultaion is moving on. But mostly ranch homes; of course you could funk-it-up. Also look at 75218.

Dallas, texas
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15. Re: Moving to Dallas area summer 2006...where to live, schools...

Everyone has there preference as to where they would want to live. I have lived in Oak Cliff all my life and love it. We are close to downtown and uptown. Oak Cliff has their own bustling areas like the bishop arts district which has alot of resturants and shops. The Belmont Hotel, which has been mentioned in other threads on this forum has just opened and is a really cool place to grab a drink. I would not want you to move to Dallas and stay away from visiting or living in Oak Cliff because of the bad rap it has acquired. True, there is crime in Oak Cliff but as in any other area just be careful of your surrondings. I have lived here for 36 years and have never been a victim of any kind of crime here. DISD has problems but as mentioned before if you are careful to pick your school and if you are an involved parent your child will get a great education. Lots of luck in your hunt and once you have settled down come and visit Oak Cliff!

Dallas, TX
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16. Re: Moving to Dallas area summer 2006...where to live, schools...

Please avoid OakCliff......other than that, it looks like you've received good advice. George Bush Tollway can be bad @ rush hour if you are headed to Richardson. My suggestion, look for a job in Lewisville area and stay here. You'll also be able to find a variety of nice / newer apartments in this immediate area.......as well as the older ones.

To purchase a home.......Lewisville is probably cheaper than Richardson too.

Best of luck!

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17. Re: Moving to Dallas area summer 2006...where to live, schools...

My family lives in the Winnetka Heights area of Oak Cliff and we love it. Let me just explain a bit about Oak Cliff. I've heard that it is approximately one-third of the land area of Dallas... now that's a lot of area. Some of the most beautiful and friendly neighborhoods are in Oak Cliff. The area closest to downtown is Kessler Park and those houses are very expensive these days. There are terrific neighborhoods with very active associations and historical or conservation status such as Kessler Highlands, Stephens Park, Kings Highway, Winnetka Heights, Elmwood - just to name a few. We have great mom and pop restaurants and we are within 15 minutes of anywhere you'd want to be in Dallas. There are hills and trees, a great mix of people - any sort of diversity you might be looking for, and houses from the 1900s to the 1960s. There are tons of families, some of whom attend the neighborhood public schools, some go to the magnet schools, and some go to private schools all over Dallas. North Oak Cliff especially has a very small town feel where neighbors look out for each other and help others - like bringing meals when a baby is born or a family member is sick, or rebuilding the front porch of an elderly couple. Here's a website for my neighborhood. www.winnetkaheights.com

East Dallas and Oak Cliff have a similar feel... but I wouldn't live anywhere else in Dallas. and if you're a parent of small children, check out this great moms group.... www.recpta.org

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18. Re: Moving to Dallas area summer 2006...where to live, schools...

Take a look at Rowlett. It is an eastern suburb but it is only 30 minutes form Plano, Richardson & Dallas. It is in the Garland ISD which is a free choice district so you can choose which school you child goes to. The property values range from $110k to $300k.

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19. Re: Moving to Dallas area summer 2006...where to live, schools...

Oak Cliff elementary school ends lockdown

March 08, 2007 - by Staff Reports

Dallas Morning News

Winnetka Elementary School was in lockdown for about an hour Thursday afternoon after a reported disturbance about a block and a half away, a school official said.

(courtesy of admin)

Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez

March 03, 2007 - by James Ragland

Dallas Morning News

Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez is hardly an imposing figure, even in a freshly pressed uniform with a pistol strapped to her hip.

(courtesy of admin)

Vicious dogs cause frustration

March 02, 2007 - by Herb Booth

Dallas Morning News

Residents of Oak Cliff left a community meeting Thursday night with a better understanding of the large number of stray animals the city deals with – but also with little hope that the problem of loose, vicious dogs in their neighborhoods will be easily resolved.

(courtesy of admin)

'Jewel box' homes sell quickly in Oak Cliff

February 28, 2007 - by Jeff Brady


New dirt work and design in Oak Cliff. Ten acres of what architects call "inspired mid-century modern" homes. And they're going fast. Four owners have already moved in. "There's a demand for it, people want to live in these little, I call them "jewel boxes," because we take such care in putting them together," said David Dutoit, project manager. But not everyone's enamored with the look, especially long-time Kessler West residents.

(courtesy of admin)

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20. Re: Moving to Dallas area summer 2006...where to live, schools...

Is it just me or does this Lewisville post reek? What's the point?

Our Sheriff isn't very imposing? Well, not many women of about 5'4" 100 pounds or so are. What the heck does that have to do with anything??

Yes, there are stray dogs in Dallas. They're in Lewisville, too, and all over the rest of the country, too. I know, I've been all over the country. Wild dogs and cats are a huge problem in the US. Too bad more of us won't eat them.

Yes, there may have been a lock-down in a city school. Usually the lock-downs are when something has occurred in the neighborhood and they're trying to ensure that the children are safe. My son's high school had a lock-down the other day while the police took dogs and searched for "cheese" in the kids lockers. Do I object? No, two of our kids died from cheese overdoses this year. Every school shooting that I'm aware of has taken place in suburbs and rural areas.

Is the big city scary and dangerous? Only as scary and dangerous as any other area of the country is. And of course, for those who live in the great white doughnuts of America, any big city is frightening and something like 80% of those residents have never, ever been in the major city they live closest to.