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Relocation to the Kingsport/Johnson CIty Area/ Outsiders...

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Knoxville, Tennessee
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Relocation to the Kingsport/Johnson CIty Area/ Outsiders...

We are planning to relocate in the next year and planning a visit up to the area in April during Spring Break time. I have heard alot of good things about Johnson City and would like to be near a city, just not one so large as Miami where we are now. I was warned that in the smaller towns we may not be welcomed being "outsiders". Can any locals tell me if that is really true? My biggest concern is the schools which I heard were excellent which is great because I welcome the chance for my 12 y/o daugh to attend a public school. She cant here in Miami because the schools are too poor and dangerous. Also...Mommyof3boys...let me know what you found out on your trip there. I am watching for posts and eager to read what you found!

Any information locals can give us will be greatly appreciated. We are friendly, love the beauty of the area and cant wait to begin a new life away from Miami!! Thanks

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1. Re: Relocation to the Kingsport/Johnson CIty Area/ Outsiders...

I live in the tri cities area....right outside of johnson city, bristol and kingsport....you will love this area...people are so nice....i had read the other day that they gray station area outside of johnson city is the place to move too....it is small, but growing....schools are great too....we are ranked high in education.....come and visit us and i think you will want to stay...a person from washington d.c. came and lived in this area and he tld me that northeast tennessee is one of a best kept secret....once you are living her you will know what i mean.....another favorite area of mine is erwin tennesse about 25 minutes or more from johnson city...small, but friendly.....it will make a mark on the map one of these days....it really is one of the best kept secrets of tennessee....truly mountain living at its best and the schools are excellent....you want regret the move....welcome to east tennessee...karen

Knoxville, Tennessee
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2. Re: Relocation to the Kingsport/Johnson CIty Area/ Outsiders...

Thanks pkgobble! I appreciate your post. I really think the area will be just what we are looking for and cant wait to come and spend some time. I have always loved the Smokies and my home is filled with Jim Gray pictures of the area and Cades Cove. I was born and raised in Miami but it never has felt like home and all I have dreamed of was leaving. Thats a shame, but I would like to start a new home in a new home town for my daughter where we all love the area and she will return home with her children in the years to come. You are blessed to already be in a place you enjoy and hopefully we will be able to say the same in the next year!! Thanks again, Gail

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3. Re: Relocation to the Kingsport/Johnson CIty Area/ Outsiders...

Hey Broadway, Mommy here.

We got back from our trip on Monday and can't wait to go back!! We LOVED it!! Absolutely fell in love with Jonesborough. Honestly didn't think I would like it so much. We went to Kingsport as well and it was great. The people were so friendly. I don't think you will have a problem at all. We really didn't look at Johnson City, so I can't give you advice on that. The tri-cities were great. Everything you need so close to you. I only wish we had more time to explore. Three days is not enough by far. Hopefully we will make our move soon. Coming back to Connecticut was so depressing! It's completely different in TN. That's where we want to be!!

Knoxville, Tennessee
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4. Re: Relocation to the Kingsport/Johnson CIty Area/ Outsiders...

Welcome Back...that is great that you liked it that much!! I just saw your post, been busy with that Hurricane Wilma, lots of damage, power outages.. UGH!!! Cant wait to leave the Hurricane State! SO you really liked Jonesborough? I will have to check into it. Did you make it to Bristol? Just wondered what you thought. I am so glad to hear you liked the area. A guy who works for Motorola lives in the area, he was sent down here to help our 911 center and he told me I would love the area too. THings are pointing in the right direction it would seem. Did you decide on Jonesborough for sure? I wondered if you were moving ahead with your plans to move. If you want you can email me at Wassail76@aol.com if its easier. I would love to stay in touch and find out how things go!


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5. Re: Relocation to the Kingsport/Johnson CIty Area/ Outsiders...

Hey Gail, tried to email you, but it didn't go through. Here's my address boysrgr8t@yahoo.com. Maybe I typed it in wrong?!?!?!?!

Seattle, WA
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6. Re: Relocation to the Kingsport/Johnson CIty Area/ Outsiders...

Hi there,

I know this is an old post, but I check back every so often to see if there's an update. Mommyof3boys.. did you actually move or come up with an area you'd like to move to? I've been following these posts for so long regarding TN, I, too, am looking for as much info as possible on TN. My family and I are actually DRIVING out the 1st wk of April from Seattle, and if all goes well, will be back to move this summer. I've somewhat narrowed it to either the Maryville area,(East), or Murfreesboro area (Nashville). It seems like these are both nice areas with affordable housing, and good schools. I have 2 boys (10,13), and schools are SO important!! What a challenge we have in the next few weeks! So any other info I would love to hear, from all you soon to be TN's!

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7. Re: Relocation to the Kingsport/Johnson CIty Area/ Outsiders...


I am planning on checking out the Maryville TN or Nashville area this fall. Have you decided on a location?

Any input would be appreciated. Love the the Smokies, but need to move to an area with decent jobs.


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8. Re: Relocation to the Kingsport/Johnson CIty Area/ Outsiders...

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