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How's the Aquarium Doing

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How's the Aquarium Doing

How is business at the Tennessee Aquarium and Ocean Journey? Has there been a marked difference in the visitors in the time that the GA Aquarium opened or not?

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1. Re: How's the Aquarium Doing

Well I am not to sure if it has affected teh awuarium but I do know that my Girlfriend works at another attraction here in chattanooga and she says their number of visitors has dropped more than double than last year. Of course theres no proof that the new aquarium in atlanta is to blame for other type of attractions loosing visitors.

Calhoun, Georgia
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2. Re: How's the Aquarium Doing

I would guess that the drop might be more because of the high gasoline prices. However, that would just be a guess.

Cincinnati, OH
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3. Re: How's the Aquarium Doing

The attendance at the Newport Kentucky Aquarium and Underground Railroad Freedom Center (in Cincinnati) dropped after their first year or two. (I know the Chatanooga one is older than that and I don't know its attendance numbers.) I would guess that a lot of locals go see a new tourist attraction when it first opens but once they've seen it they don't go very often anymore and you have to rely mostly on out of town visitors and a few locals who will buy season passes.

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4. Re: How's the Aquarium Doing

I think the numbers have gone down a bit, but not tons. The aquarium expects to get their attendance up after the newness fades from the GAqua, and don't expect any long term problems.

Calhoun, Georgia
posts: 5,768
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5. Re: How's the Aquarium Doing


Have you gone to the GA aquarium yet? I haven't because I need to go with my husband during the week and we haven't worked that out.

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6. Re: How's the Aquarium Doing

No I haven't, but I can answer ANY question you have about it. My general experience is that I know more about the aquairum than people who have actually visited it. Honestly. :)

If you go to the Chattanooga Times Free Press website (www.timesfreepress.com) and search for "georgia tennessee aquarium" there are some articles about what the Tennessee Aquairum is expecting (unfortunatly you have to pay for them, about $2).

Great Smoky...
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7. Re: How's the Aquarium Doing

I agree I think that it is the gas prices we all need to write the congressman, gov and president I did mabey if we all start complaining well it might do some good havent heard anything back but if I do keep ya posted.

flintstone, georgia
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8. Re: How's the Aquarium Doing

There is an expected slight drop at the Tennessee Aquarium this year, but the drop should be short-lived. We visited the Georgia Aquarium this year and enjoyed it, but there is no reason to return. The only real draw is the whale sharks, and when you have watched them for a few minutes; it is enough. The traffic is terrible in Atlanta, and the surroundings are totally unattractive. Chattanooga has much more to offer around the aquarium, and the riverfront is beautiful. We live in North Georgia, and we stay out of Atlanta unless totally necessary.

Knoxville, Tennessee
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9. Re: How's the Aquarium Doing

I wouldn't even live in Tennesse if it wasn't for Chattanooga publicity. I read an online article about the aquarium and riverfront. It was a family travel website.We vacationed there last July and now we live in Knoxville!

I wouldn't even consider visiting the Georgia aquarium. Maybe when they bring some other good places to visit. Traffic IS horrendous. I avoid the area at all costs.

Chattanooga has to keep up that PR machine. Chattanooga is my favorite city, bar none!

Calhoun, Georgia
posts: 5,768
reviews: 27
10. Re: How's the Aquarium Doing

I have to agree with your comments. I want to go to the Georgia Aquarium but as you point out I will be combining other things when I go. I will not just go to see it. Downtown Atlanta presently has many panhandlers. I don't know if the increase my be due to the evacuees from New Orleans but they make going there unpleasant if not downright scary.

Chattanooga has made a lot of progress in making the downtown area very inviting. I have seen a great improvement from when I first saw it over 20 years ago. I think it is a charming city.