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BEWARE of Virginia speed traps!!! if driving...

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BEWARE of Virginia speed traps!!! if driving...

BE WARE!!! You have been warned! Got popped going 83 in a 70 in Emporia, VA.! (just going the same speed as everyone else! FORGEDDABOUDIT!) Yes, I do believe they target north east drivers cuz they know you're not gonna come back to go to court 2 months later!

Just GOOGLE VA speed traps! ANY speed clocked either 20 miles over the speed limit OR over 80 mph is considered RECKLESS DRIVING in Virginia!

When I got home, Most of my mail was from local VA attorneys offering to appear in CT on my behalf for a flat fee of $150, plus ticket cost and court fees.

AND, they don't give you a ticket OR tell you how much it would be if you just pay, oh no, you have to sign a promise to appear in court on a specific date, and if you don't you're found "guilty in absentia" If you call the court, they will tell you you can send X amount of $$$, but it is an Automatic GUILTY plea to what is a Criminal Misdemeanor in the fine State of Virginia Y'all.

SO, set your car on cruise control thru VA to no higher than 9 miles over the speed limit and you should be okay!!!

This has been a TA Public Service Announcement!

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51. Re: BEWARE of Virginia speed traps!!! if driving...

Just to clarify some facts here about speeding in VA. If you are speeding over 20mph the posted limit or over 80mph you are cited for reckless driving which you are given a court summons. Anything below that and you can pay the fine based off what the local county charges. Typically a dollar amount for mile over plus some outrageous court costs. If you don't show up, you are tried in absentia and pretty much will be found guilty and given a fine that can also include a license suspension.

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52. Re: BEWARE of Virginia speed traps!!! if driving...

I again understand. But why can't there be a fine for wreckless driving the same way they do for speeding? Wreckless driving.....over this many miles....this much in fines. Same as a speeding ticket. I even understand license suspension if the summons calls for it. But to have to get a lawyer because you can't make the trip back, that is what is ridiculous. Then to have mail from lawyers before you even get home.....C'MON!!!

Front Royal
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53. Re: BEWARE of Virginia speed traps!!! if driving...

What do you expect 13 miles over limit.

Chicago, Illinois
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54. Re: BEWARE of Virginia speed traps!!! if driving...

This is nothing more then legalized racketeering. I was stopped for speeding over the Labor Day Weekend. 17 miles over posted limit. I admit to speeding and I am willing to pay my fine. Prior to this violation, my driving record was clean for at least the last 20 years. Unfortunately, from what I can determine, my driving record is of no relevance. I called to find out the cost of ticket and I am told it can be any where from 0 to $2500.00. Not only that but if found guilty it would be considered a Class 1 misdemeanor and I would have a permanent criminal record. Because of this fact, this calls for an attorney which VA has plenty willing to help for a fee. All of this will boost their economy. This in my opinion, is excessive punishment for the offense. I have seen murderers with less consequences to their records. What next?

55. Re: BEWARE of Virginia speed traps!!! if driving...

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56. Re: BEWARE of Virginia speed traps!!! if driving...

I know a few cops in Ohio... Typically they will ignore people speeding if it is less than 10mph unless the speeding car is doing something else such as going over the line, driving with brights, or no lights at all...

But, really J S ? 17 mph over the limit on a holiday weekend? Unless you are rushing to the hospital or a restroom (when ya gotta go, ya gotta go), that is just asking for a ticket...

Good luck with the VA legal system.

Brookneal, Virginia
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57. Re: BEWARE of Virginia speed traps!!! if driving...

I am going to share my experience because perhaps the same course of action would work for some of you who recently received tickets.

I know that this is a frustrating experience for you, and that you are looking for answers.

I received a ticket for speeding 2 years ago- going 50 in a 35 on the outskirts of a small town here in VA.


And while I live here in VA, the court date printed on my ticket was during a time my work required me to attend a mandatory conference out of state.

So here is what I did:

Within two days, I called the local Clerk of Court's office (number printed on ticket), introduced myself, and *politely* explained my situation and asked some questions about how this would be handled.

The Clerk of Court staff person told me that the judge would consider whether to change my court date to a later date. Of course, that date, should he be willing to change it, would be at the judge's discretion (and I knew that if that date was inconvenient that would be pretty much tough luck for me. I had a vacation out of state coming up as well.)

Frankly, I did not want to waste the court's time by attempting to defend my actions which were unlawful.

So I asked the staff person if I chose to admit guilt and pay the ticket/fine what the cost would be.

She looked up the ticket and gave me the cost.

Ouch, but hey, I did the crime, I paid the fine and learned my lesson.

For the record, there were no "outrageous court costs" because I did not waste the court's time.

It was something like $257 total.

I mailed in my ticket, signed admitting guilt, with my check- paid the cost. Done.

Once again, here is what I did: I called the local Clerk of Court's office and ***politely**** explained my situation and asked some questions.

I asked for help with a humble attitude and did not seek to blame others for my own problem.

I have found that having a humble attitude is key when asking for help.

You might consider using language like "Is it possible that someone might be able to look up my ticket and help me figure out how much my fine and costs will be? I was caught doing the wrong things and I just want to accept responsibility..."

So my best counsel would be to look carefully at your ticket, call the number, be kind and patient when you call, and they may be able to help you.

If they cannot help you, kindly ask if they know someone else who could help you- that you are not trying to dodge responsibility, but are being pro-active in paying your fine after having learned your lesson.

They should be able to look it up and calculate your fine, based on how many mph over the speed limit you were clocked at.

And I cannot imagine why anyone's driving record should be considered in any speeding ticket situation.

I had no tickets on my record previously. So what? Caught red-handed pretty much speaks for itself.

Please keep in mind that business operates differently up north (including NoVA) than down south.

I've been told that rudeness is a way of life in some places, but that mess will not fly down here.

I understand that time is money to some folks, but if you are patient and humble and don't try to rush people most folks will he happy to help you.

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58. Re: BEWARE of Virginia speed traps!!! if driving...

Sorry, but I really don't get it. I work in the DC area, and commute to my home in MB every, EVERY weekend, on I-95. I do no more than 5 mph over the limit, and in more than 20 years have never had an issue. If getting there a half-hour or so earlier is that important, consider the ticket the cost of your expedience. Last night I left at 3:00 pm, and was back "up north" before 11:00. The only holdups are usually caused by one of those running at 85 or so who lose it - then I get to wait while they clean up after you! Please just slow down? Yeah, I know, that's wasted.

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59. Re: BEWARE of Virginia speed traps!!! if driving...

gordapeak, I just can't imagine that weekly commute, you must truly love MB to drive 16 (or more) hours to spend every weekend there.

Your plea may not be very effective, but sounds as in these dang VA tickets should be. I'm certainly going to heed the warning, but every now and then I read about a motorist getting a second speeding ticket later the same day....proof that not every lead-footed driver is easily deterred.

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60. Re: BEWARE of Virginia speed traps!!! if driving...

Yeah, I really do love it there - on the road in 5 more hours! Let me add that I am not some older curmudgeon in a 4 door sedan - I drive down in a bright red Mustang GT (ticket magnet) and am a licensed dragster driver; I have the means and the ability to drive fast, but it is not worth it. Again, all for a half-hour?

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