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The Old Lake Arrowhead Campground

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Lynchburg, Virginia
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The Old Lake Arrowhead Campground

Does anyone know what is now built on what used to be Lake Arrowhead Campground?

I was so young when I visited that I don't even know what area it was in. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

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Charleston, South...
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61. Re: The Old Lake Arrowhead Campground

It breaks my heart to say, but Lake Arrowhead Campground was closed in 1987 and turned into Kingston Plantation. I miss that place so much. My family now camps at Travel Park, which is very nice, but it isn't as nice as Lake Arrowhead, which is why I am sure the British company bought it.

Charleston, South...
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62. Re: The Old Lake Arrowhead Campground

Thank you.

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63. Re: The Old Lake Arrowhead Campground

I used to work at Lake Arrowhead Campground, I worked at the camp store and the paddle boats, I was also a lifeguard on the beach. Had such a wonderful time.

Durham, North...
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64. Re: The Old Lake Arrowhead Campground

I myself have very fond memories at Lake Arrowhead. I was trying to find a camprground to take my kids to and remembered Lake Arrowhead!! I was so sad when I realized it had closed. It was a time when kids could be kids with no worries and in todays time this would have been the perfect spot to take my kids without any worries. There's noplace like this place, I enjoyed as a kid the pool with the music and the snack shack. We also would go for two to four weeks at a time, the lady at the gate knew us on first name bases. good times, thank you all for the trip down memory lane. Still sad though, M.B. really needs more family campgrounds such as this one. Cindy from NC

Asheville, North...
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65. Re: The Old Lake Arrowhead Campground

We would go every year when I was a kid as early as I can remember and would stay 2 to 3 weeks at a time. I remember early on we were in a tent as were a lot of other people then my father bought a Lark popup which I thought was great and we used it for years then he bought a old bread van and converted it in to a camper which we used for about 3 years then he bought a travel trailer which was the last camper that we had. My father has a ton of slides of our vacation trips of Lake Arrowhead but unfortunately my father and I not speaking to each other. Reading all of these post sure has brought back a lot of old memories for me at the campground. It was a great place to be as a kid. I was so sad that it is no longer there because I would have loved to have taken my 2 girls there but it had already closed by the time they came along. There are some nice campgrounds at Myrtle Beach but none will ever compare to Lake Arrowhead and all of the great memories. I am sure that all of us on here have probally run in to each other at one time or another in the 60's and 70's. We should plan to have a meet and greet somewhere close to everybody and reminisce.

Denver, North...
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66. Re: The Old Lake Arrowhead Campground

Thanks for the memories. The first posts in this thread were dated 2008 and they were adamant that Lake Arrowhead was still open. It was sad reading later posts stating that it was now gone. They take the structures and turn them into multi-million or billion dollar resorts, but they can't touch the best memories of our summers at Lake Arrowhead.

Here's a Facebook group who is doing just that -- memorializing our summers in the '60's, 70's and later:https://www.facebook.com/groups/lakearrowhead/ Just click on join the group, I don't believe it is a closed group, although that is on the front page. I have clicked on join group, so hopefully, it is an open group. It has 156 members, so maybe you will see some of the people from your past there.

Thanks, again, for the memories.

Sandy280 on Facebook

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67. Re: The Old Lake Arrowhead Campground

I too have fond memories of the Lake Arrowhead Campground and it definitely does not exist any longer. I remember it being right next to Apache campground which we visited. Just a bunch of RVs is all it is now… We would camp at Lake arrowhead for two weeks at a time. I have lots of fond memories there including waiting for the Krispy Kreme truck on Sunday morning!

Hallandale Beach...
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68. Re: The Old Lake Arrowhead Campground

I remember the same. Our family camped always the last week of June and the first week of July from 1970 to 1975. We camped in a "pop-up tent" under the pine trees. It was cooler and cheaper for my parents. I used to envy the camper on the beach with the "air". The bathrooms were clean. We used to chase the bug guy's truck. My Mom would say, "go chase the truck for free bug spray." Too funny! By the way, I still do not have cancer. One year in 7th grade, I met a boy whose parents "travel around the world" ok, I believe everything...anyway I had pictures of his baby skunk... Can anyone post some pictures for me?

Hallandale Beach...
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69. Re: The Old Lake Arrowhead Campground

I remember the mini-golf. When I was there, they were just building the Hilton 1970-1975. I visited again around 95 and all I can see were condos. Also downtown was gross too. A lot of street walkers.. sad. Did anyone go to Calabash for the seafood? Loved that place.

Nashville TN
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70. Re: The Old Lake Arrowhead Campground

Glad its gone. Had great week with family when I was 12. Returned with two friends in my 20's to enjoy camping under the pines and relax on beach. After driving 10 hours I was informed this was a family campground and we could not camp there. We were not th rowdy drinking party types at all and at that age did not realize FAMILY meant no one but. We begged our way in with no where else to go but felt so unwelcomed it ruined my vacation. Never set foot in SC again and I am now 60 years old. Worst experience of my life.

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