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Why is relocation not a travel issue?

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Portland, Oregon
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Why is relocation not a travel issue?

I realize this post will not last long but I am astounded to see that relocation questions are being closed. I moved here about a year ago and trip advisor regulars were super helpful and continue to help me with questions that really are travel related. I still need information on local attractions, from restaurants to lodging to camping and shopping. Just because you also want to learn about areas to live in should not preclude the discussion. I think TA needs to reevaluate this issue.

I am flying out of PDX in two weeks and was very interested in learning about the park and fly hotels. That's travel related, right? Even though I live here?

Gimme a break.

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1. Re: Why is relocation not a travel issue?

Hi, Happy New Year!

I think that some questions are just worded more for Help me find a place to live than tell me about Portland where I am going to live.

(which is what you did)


"Our situation is this...we live in XXX in the city) and are tired of being in a huge city (traffic, stress, expensive). We had the opportunity to live in XXXfor about 9 months and fell in love with the "big" little city. We lived in a family oriented "walking" neighborhood where everything we needed (grocery, restaurants, park, zoo, healthclub, activities) were all within a 15 minute walk. My husbands commute was 20 minutes to downtown. We lived in a three bedroom home that was dated, but very functional (about $570K).

We are hoping we can find another big, little city and are wondering if Portland might be it.

Any info you can provide....hotels, neighborhoods, child friendly activities (we have a one year old daughter) would be much appreciated"


This is not really travel related. It really does belong on another kind of forum.

I knew when the first post was frozen that this was the reason, so this time I will post regarding it.

If a person wants to know about moving here, relocation forums are good or books..then come here with specific questions about the area, as you did.

It is easy to just go into a forum and try to get all of your questions answered in one spot, but this won't work here.

If the lady decides to try again, my advice would be to make her questions specific to certain areas, about visiting Portland it might last longer.

Green Valley...
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2. Re: Why is relocation not a travel issue?

I too think it would be nice to have a "relocation section" or something like it on TA. In fairness to TA, however, its business is travel, not relocation, hence the advertising on TA which I assume is paid. Most relocation questions can be answered by competent real estate companies in the chosen area. But, and a big but, comments on this site qualify or elaborate on what agents might have to say - to the benefit of the person relocating..

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3. Re: Why is relocation not a travel issue?


I resist answering basic relocation posts. and rarely do, and if I do suggest they find a realtor. If these boards became a lot of help me find a place to live, I would not like it.

but your posts were more what can we do in PDX or Tigard. and it generated some spirited responses. I think they would have been helpful for anyone planning to visit here.

Florence, Oregon
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4. Re: Why is relocation not a travel issue?

If the questions are centered around recreational opportunities in the area, which areas might be best suited under expressed preferences and places to stay while looking at relocating, etc, I'm all for them.


oregon city
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5. Re: Why is relocation not a travel issue?

Agree with Phril-

Seems like there could be another fourm for relocation discussion.

Discussing the nuances between Tigard and Tualatin doesn't seem like a travel issue to me.

Of course I still subscribe to the Tom McCall philsophy(come to visit but please don't stay) however out-dated and un- politicaly correct it may be. :) :)

Portland, Oregon
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6. Re: Why is relocation not a travel issue?

Well folks I am here and you are stuck with me and I still need help figuring out where to go and what to do. I can't even figure out if I am a duck or a beaver. My daughter just says she's a platypus when asked.

And for the record, I never asked the nuances between Tualatin and Tigard....but I do love hearing the best spots to eat, the most desirable campgrounds and the "don't miss" tourist attractions.

Next year I am going to ask all of you to help me figure out how to see the boat/ship parade. That sounded so neat! But I dunno where to go to see it.

Cheers! The sun came out today!

oregon city
posts: 790
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7. Re: Why is relocation not a travel issue?

Sorry Chico-didn't mean you specifically about the Tigard/Tualatin. I was just using that as an example of stuff people ask about that aren't really travel related and more re-location related...

Portland, Oregon
posts: 2,943
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8. Re: Why is relocation not a travel issue?

Oh I totally understood what you were saying and I realize some folks are really focused on neighborhoods, crime rates, taxes, the type of thing that a realtor should address.

I wasn't offended. There is only one person on TA who offends me and "he" hasn't been around much. I think all the good beer in Portland scares him away.

I think I will go post a restaurant review on the Tigard forum now. Just in case some poor traveler needs to know where to get the best teriyaki or tacos.

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9. Re: Why is relocation not a travel issue?

In about 5 years, my husband and I will be retiring. We now live near Boston, but we've long thought that we'd move back to the West Coast for retirement (we lived in Seattle and Portland for 12 years in the 1970-80s). We always thought of the southern Oregon area, but, alas, in the intervening decades, other people have discovered that area and housing prices have risen.

I would really like to find a forum to discuss what it's like to retire in certain areas. Most that I've found have a decidedly commercial bent -- dominated by real estate agents.

I certainly don't have the savvy to start such a site. But if anyone knows of one that's populated by real people, please let me know.

We plan to spend two weeks this summer in southern Oregon to check things out, but it's quite intimidating to figure out the best way to scope a retirement area, as opposed to a vacation trip. We're not yet ready for an "over 55" community.

We are not people who have millions to spend.

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for Portland, Sunriver
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10. Re: Why is relocation not a travel issue?

callaloo--Try www.city-data.com. They have forums based on states and cities and you can get info from people who actually live there.

I do wish that TA would have a relocation forum. It seems to be a big topic on many of the boards, not just Oregon.