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Cedar Point Fast Pass

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Hamilton, Ohio
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Cedar Point Fast Pass

I would like to know opinions of actual people that have bought and used the fast pass only please. Did it save you a lot of time and what wad the longest you had to wait using it. Greatly appreciate the help!

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Rhode Island
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51. Re: Cedar Point Fast Pass

Some of the more smaller rides I didn't need the fast lane for the bigger rides Like M. Force, Maverick and Top Thrill those waits without the fast lane were all close to an hour and a half on both days. Example on Maverick we rode it 3 straight times with Fast Lane and looked over at the normal line and it looked like they had only moved a little. Another advantage of the fast lane was the fact it was 90 degrees that day and who wanted to wait in a line.

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52. Re: Cedar Point Fast Pass

I'm grateful for the feedback on this issue. I'm on the fence to purchase a four pack for next Saturday. For a Saturday, how early should I should I purchase online, or how early should we get to the park to purchase them? I imagine they would sell out for a Saturday in July.

Anyone out there who didn't get the fast pass and wish they did? Did you notice longer wait times?

Erie, Pennsylvania
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53. Re: Cedar Point Fast Pass

I recently purchased 4 fast passes and found that it was not worth it at all. The lines on Millenium Force wer shorter but what they do is only let 10 people thru in the fast pass lane for every 30 people in the regular line. So yes the lines are shorter by 2/3rds but it moves at 1/3rd the speed. You do the math.. We did an impromptu study with our group and found that there was almost no diference. Only the Maverick worked out and was somewhat faster. I felt it was a sham. I would not get it again. What really ticked me off was they closed the fast pass line for the millenium at one point due to a lack of employees or some such reason that we never did find out why. I suspect they were letting people go home early and the fast pass lane requires an employee or two to monitor. Again, I am not even sure why I was mad it was closed because it did not really save any time anyway it was just the principle that I paid twice what everyone else paid and I expected to be a minimum of twice as fast and it just was not the case. Two thumbs down. Its a sham and easy money for Cedar Point. I suspect they do this to not tick off the other paying customers or they just dont have it down right. I complained and got nowhere with them.

Sandusky, OH
Destination Expert
for Sandusky
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54. Re: Cedar Point Fast Pass

Mark, Was the park crowded when you went? What was the wait time?

Canton, Ohio
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55. Re: Cedar Point Fast Pass

yes it saved a lot of time. It was well worth it. I rode the millennium about four times before some got to once.

Hamilton, Canada
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56. Re: Cedar Point Fast Pass


This isn't going to directly answer your question in regards to Cedar Point, however it is in regards to another Cedar Fair Park, Canada's Wonderland. My boyfriend and I purchased the Fast Pass last year at Canada's Wonderland and we found that it cut a huge amount off of wait time. We were able to walk on to rides many times, and for other bigger rides (Behemoth and Leviathan) we waited no more than 15 minutes. We actually rode Leviathan 7 times that day, 6 of those times in a row before we left the park. We got to the park a bit late 11am ish and still were able to purchase the Fast Pass then. We found that we rode every ride, and multiple times on many before 5pm. To me it was well worth the money as we only went once last year.

Now my concern is we decided to get the Platinum Pass this year and during our holidays in August coming to Cedar Point. Passes are paid for, as is the hotel for Saturday August 24- Wednesday August 28 (we are Choice Hotel members and receive a discount if we pay in advance). We were thinking of prebooking the fast pass for the Sunday. I am wondering if it will be worth it with all of these complaints on it. That, and that week is known as "dead week" or so I have read.

Mason, Ohio
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57. Re: Cedar Point Fast Pass

YES we bought them last year in August and it was awesome only waiting an hour vs. 3 to get on the awesome rides at the park. It was well worth the money!!

New Hudson, Michigan
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58. Re: Cedar Point Fast Pass

Yesterday was my first experience witnessing the Fast Pass system at Cedar Point. I say witnessing because after paying $225 for 5 tickets, I refused to pay another $350 for the Fast Pass - or $450 for the Plus Passes. It's not that I'm cheap. I'm just a middle class guy in a depressed economy that paid for my family AND two of the kid's friends to go to an annual Michiganders summer pilgrimage and didn't feel the need to more than double the price of admission to a park I've been going to for over 30 years. What I saw was, after waiting in line for 2 hours, several "Fast Pass" people glide into the line right in front of us. Cedar Point has always frowned on line-cutting and even says in their posting around the park that it could be cause for REMOVAL from the park. Now it seems if you'll pay them enough, they'll let you cut in front of the people that have just spent hours waiting patiently with their kids. I feel this is total BS and sends the wrong message to anyone with any morals left. Once again, if you have enough money, you can bypass the system. Disney has a proven system that lets you bypass the line by "scheduling" a ride time - and it's FREE. It's great for the kids and great for the wallet.

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59. Re: Cedar Point Fast Pass

I understand peoples frustration with "Fast Lane" passes. Some say, It's: "not fair" to by pass the regular line. Well...guess what? It is. For someone like myself who travels to amusement parks every summer, I want to maximize my riding experience to the fullest. This year it's going to cost $330 (165 per) for us to ride all day at Cedar Point. It's the most I've paid at a park for this type of service but I'm not complaining about it. That's just the way it is. I don't know about you, but waiting in line for hours on hot Saturday afternoon is not my idea of spending my time or money wisely.

I get the fact that not everyone can shell out the extra $85 or $100 but for the ones like myself who make the 8 hour drive or the 4 hour flight to get to these parks, don't stick your noses up at us. We are just making the most of our time.

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60. Re: Cedar Point Fast Pass

I don't know I've never used it.

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