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OIA - General info wanted!

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OIA - General info wanted!

I am going to Oia in May 2005 - can anyone give me some general info on the actual village? What are the best restuarants, and what are the prices like?

I'm staying at the Fanari villas - anyone know what they're like?

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1. Re: OIA - General info wanted!

I've been to Oia several times, twice for 6 months. This is the most beautiful and traditional village on Santorini. The cave-house architecture is so unique I never get tired of wandering the zig-zag pathways through the village. There aren't as many restaurants in Oia as in Fira, but the quality is good. "1800," Ambrosia and Oia Cafe-Restaurant are 3 of the best, although the quality is for the most part quite good in all of them. Not including the restaurants on-site in the better hotels, I can think of at least 14 in Oia (off the top of my head). Prices cover the whole range from inexpensive to extravagant, similar to the choices in any large city.

Although I've never stayed at the Fanari Villas I've seen the setting and they look wonderful. Be aware that if you have any problems walking up and down stairs, a lot of them, this might be a hotel to avoid. But if that's not an issue then I'd say you've made a good choice.

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2. Re: OIA - General info wanted!

Thanks for your reply to my query about N.Cyprus Hornplayer.

Very useful, especially the piece about car hire.

Trust it is still as peaceful as you found it 10 years ago,

( .......but still a shame about the political division!)

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3. Re: OIA - General info wanted!

I dont have any info for you but I also am going to Oia, staying at Fanari in late May 2005, to be married. :)

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4. Re: OIA - General info wanted!

Hello Chabuskis - When we get back from the Fanari, I'll post a message here and tell you what it was like. We're going 10th-17th May.

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5. Re: OIA - General info wanted!

I just returned from Oia and may I say congrats on selecting this amazing island for your holiday. The people are wonderful and laid back and I fell in love with all of it. We were there during the off season so it was very quiet but I'm sure the busier season will be fine because the locals are very warm. You ask about the food, well let me tell you that you are in for a real treat. I don't know that there is a bad restaurant in the town, however, the one's we went to were second to none. The first was "The Blue and White" which is down on the water front. It's a tiny little out door restaurant owned by a Canadian woman, Joyce (who's live in Greece for 19 years I believe) and her Greek hubby Dimitri. They have someone who goes out every day on the boat and catches the fish for the day, they cut it up right there and throw it on the b-bque. It's amazing fish and this is coming from a person who doesn't like fish all that much, but this stuff I could eat every day. The food there was probably the best we had, we were there 1 week and ate there twice. The bonus there is, you can watch the beautiful Oia sunset right before your eyes while toasting "Yamas!" to your good fortune having discovered this little out of the way place. It's just down from the nude beach and can be accessed by road or from a (very steep) path of stairs in the main area of town. "The Polski" is wonderful too. They are very nice and, again, on the way to the nude beach. Just ask anyone in town and they will know how to direct you. The nice thing about Oia is everything is close because it's a tiny town. The food at the Polski was great. The next two restaurants I don't know the names of but one of them has a sign out front with a big painted yellow octopus. We just called it "The Big Yellow Octopus", original, I know :) The food was fabulous and fresh, it's located right in the main shopping area and you'll likely pass it in your travels, stop there it's wonderful. Another great one is across the street and down the road about 30 feet from a hotel called "Alexander's Boutique" (which was an amazing hotel by the way) This restaurant was great because the food was not only fabulous but they couldn't do enough for us. They were wonderful in accomodating specific requests for us and made good on their promises to have what we wanted the next day, we ate there several times. There were lots of locals eating at these restaurants too so I highly recommend them all. There is one more that you should try to find, again, I can't remember the name of it-too much Ouzo but it's owned by a wonderful man named Mihalis. At the request of our hotel's manager, Alexander, Mihalis opened his restaurant for us which is normally closed in the off season and we had an send off on our last night that we are STILL talking and laughing about. Mihalis was so incredibly warm and he loves to pull out his guitar and sing his original songs and some traditional ones too. he boasts his pictures on his wall of many of his past patrons who are both ordinary people like us and some celebs like one of the guys from Green Day. Mihalis, if he's there will treat you like royalty. Ask him to sing and tell you his stories about his days as a sailor. You'll fall in love with him I'm sure.

Well, I hope this helped. Have a great trip, I suggest you rent a car (only cost us 35 Euros for the day) and visit the beaches around the island. The Perissa beach is great to swim at and huge. There are some great restaurants along that strip to quench your thirst or feed your belly. YAMAS!


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6. Re: OIA - General info wanted!

Hi Christine.

Thanks very much for all that great information! I'll note down the names of the restaurants you have mentioned, and we'll try them all!

Can't wait to go now!!

Thanks again - very useful info.

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7. Re: OIA - General info wanted!

You'll love Oia! It's my favorite place in the world! "1800" is good for a nice dinner. There is a small grocery store on the main street you can walk to (no cars) and I would buy bread, cheese, and tzaziki (spelling? but anyway it's cucumber,yogurt and mint in a carton) and the smallest sweetest grapes (size of your little finger nail!) I've ever eaten (might not be ripe this time of year since we went in October) and just made a picnic.

I agree with renting a car. It's easy to do and drive to the archeological dig on the other end of the island. Can't remember the name of it but it's small and you can really see how they do the excavations. Just drive and explore. Oia is so much better that Thera which is very touristy and where the large cruise ships come in, but you can stop there for a drink and to watch the sunset one night when you have the car and mix with the crowd that comes out to toast the sunset.

You'll love Santorini.

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8. Re: OIA - General info wanted!

We just returned from Greece (Athens, Naxos, & Santorini). It has beautiful scenery, but that's about all I can say. We actually enjoyed Athens much more than the islands, but it was spring time there so the Athens' heat, pollution and smoke from all the cigarettes did not bother us.

I am actually shocked at how many people ooo and aww over Santorini. I thought I would want to return to the island, but have no desire to ever do so. It is very touristy, has tons of mule droppings all over the place, and let's not forget the stray dogs. I cannot tell you how many times I saw dogs relieve themselves on the streets and on chairs at outdoor taverns. The dogs find their way on the cliffs too. We stayed in Oia, which I am glad we did so. It was much quieter and cleaner than Thira. However, if you want to get to other parts of the island, you'll have to rent a car/moped unless you like waiting for the bus. They are crazy drivers over there b/w all the twists and turns. I'm surprised we didn't get hit.

Beware that going over there in April and May, it may be extremely windy. We actually were ready to leave after 4 nights (I would say 2 days is enough), but got stranded on the island b/c no planes could land and no ferries could dock. I also thought the Greek food had no variety--although we did enjoy Thomas's Grill in Oia (and Irini's on Naxos). Thomas and his family are very warm and give good advice on what to order. If you are lactose intolerant, you will have a hard time in Greece with all the chees and yogurt.

Also, Santorini is not a beach place. If you are looking for nice beaches, go elsewhere. They had red and black rock beaches. And if you want to go to Akritori, it's closed "until the end of May". But who knows? Greeks have a way of just doing what they want. All museums and toursit venues close at 3pm and they usually rush you out of there at 2:30 so they can go light their cigarettes and drink a frappe.

This is just my opinion. If I could do it all over, I would do Athens, Rhodes and Crete. I may have skipped it all together.

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9. Re: OIA - General info wanted!

brotherleelove your help would be greatly appreciated.

I am planning a trip to Greece would like 2 nights in Athens - hotel suggestions appreciated. Then on to Santorini - how to reserve a ferry, where to buy tickets, where to catch ferry.

On arrival how to get to hotel from ferry station?

Then on to Naxos how to buy ferry tickets, any hotel suggestions there.

Any and all advice greatly appreciated.