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need advice from previous vacationers

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need advice from previous vacationers

Confused about lake george - too many options

how far is diamond point?? is it nice there?

Is it better to stay "on" lake george or just more expensive.

Also my daugter would probably like one of the water parks - which one??

any recommendations for must see - or must do....

will be traveling the 2nd week of august

could i just drive up and look around for accomidations (Sun) or does everything get full with NO VACANT signs??

please advise -help!!!

thank you !!

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11. Re: need advice from previous vacationers

just got back from lake george. We had a very nice time. stayed at tahoe...so-so. beats the village. there are loads of water parks for kids great escape gets the fave raves

Dumont, NJ
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12. Re: need advice from previous vacationers

Diamond Point is north of Lake George Village. If you stay there, be prepared to drive EVERYWHERE. Not only that, when you drive everywhere, you WILL be stuck behind someone doing only 10 mpg on a 35 mph road...that is if you can safely pull out of wherever you are staying (which is somewhere behind a blind spot). Walk? hehe, it's safer to walk across the cross bronx. The locals call it the "road of death" for a good reason.

long island
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13. Re: need advice from previous vacationers

THe cross Bronx???? UHHHHH i drive that every day. I'll take 9N in Diamond Point any day. For one thing 9N is much mroe scenic!!! I don't find it that bad and i dont ever recall being stuck behind anyone going slow in all my years going there. The village of LG is 10 minutes if that much and so much quieter than staying in the village. It's a matter of preference. For me that preference is the quiet town of Diamond Point. I love it up there. It's worth driving to town.

Dumont, NJ
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14. Re: need advice from previous vacationers

heh, I drive the cross bronx at least twice a week.... at 2am and you know what? no traffic! It's the same thing with rt. 9N you go there in the off season and it will be a clear drive. You head there during a busy weekend... you will get cold sweats wondering if you can pull out of wherever you are, and when you do, you WILL get stuck behind someone doing 20 mph under the speed limit. So stop misleading people. I head up to bolton landing to spend with my girlfriend's family (where I've picked up the term 'road of death'). And on any given busy weekend, it is maddening...Driving through 9n, is just as bad as driving through Lake George Village....just as it is driving through the cross bronx 18 hours of the day. These people describing a scenic la-de-dah ride are outright misleading you. There is nothing to look at, other than the tree's on either side of the road. AND if you're driving, you must pay attention as the road curves a lot... AND if you go 5 mph of the 35 mph speed limit, the state troopers will be happy to give you a ticket (and they're always on that road with speed traps since they know people speed on that road when they can).

long island
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15. Re: need advice from previous vacationers

I aint misleading anyone. Its beautiful and fun and nice and a great quiet place to bring kids where i come from so go to hell

why dont you take a pill

Dumont, NJ
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16. Re: need advice from previous vacationers

I never said it wasn't beautiful, or nice. Heck, anything on the water from Lake George village to Ticonderoga is nice. I stated that if you decided to stay in this area, be prepared to drive EVERYWHERE. also, if you are brave enough to walk down this road, be prepared to dodge cars. There is a small shoulder and it is not designed for pedestrians. This road is one lane each way with many blind curves. Godspeed if you decide to foot march anywhere. Bolton downtown and Lake George Village are both 5+ miles away....NOT WALKABLE.

Also, I don't get what people say is soo scenic about the drive, unless they call driving in a corridor of trees scenic. There is no view of the lake or anything besides very tall trees from from Rt. 9 Lake George Village all the way up to Rt 9N, Silver bay.

BTW, I did take a pill, its called reality.