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My non-trip report. A happy little story...

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Columbus, Ohio
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My non-trip report. A happy little story...

Will post as a reply.

Columbus, Ohio
posts: 2,265
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1. Re: My non-trip report. A happy little story...

Well, the non-TR started in February, 2013. My husband and I conned my dad into agreeing to watch our kids for 4 nights with the help of rotating babysitters (I think he’s still recovering. Sorry Dad).

During the trip, my husband was being very “off” of his typical Vegas self. By the last evening I decided to just tune out the negativity and enjoy the free drinks and slot machines on my own, with a bit of craps thrown in the mix.

I ended up drinking quite a bit more than usual and of course things end up getting very fuzzy. I remember for sure that I hit an Allen on The Hangover slot. That was soooo awesome! Anyway, during the course of the evening, I must’ve cashed out of a slot and hid the TITO in an obscure area of my wallet. It’s just weird because in the main area of my wallet I reserve one side for cash and another for casino tickets. Of course there are other random pockets for change and credit cards.

Flash to April (or so) 2013.

I was going through my wallet and purse that I reserve for Vegas (because the purse hangs in my front, not the side or behind me). Well, I found a $90.00 TITO stuffed in one of those weird little places in the wallet. I didn’t think much of it because I thought for sure we would be back before it expires. FYI, the back of the ticket says it is only good for 180 days from the date of issue and it was from the Venetian/P.

In early August I came to terms with the fact that I was going to have to pass my TITO along to someone that could enjoy it. I finally decided to post to the forum that I was willing to give it a good home. If interested in seeing, here’s the link: tripadvisor.com/…51884647.

I figured I would just wait until the right person came along. No rhyme or reason to it. Then there was a posting from chachakaboom saying that they would accept the TITO and split the winnings (if any). OK, so I figured that was a nice, yet unrealistic gesture because seriously, what stranger would do that? Especially since that was not the request!

After a few lighthearted and nice PM’s between us, the TITO was off to Vegas. Chachakaboom offered to play out my TITO for me and send me the money. I requested that C play The Hangover for a few pulls at max and enjoy the rest for him/herself. Of course at this point I am still thinking that even though chacha has a very big heart, things will probably change and they will be overcome with the excitement of Vegas and blow all of it (and, after all, I requested that C enjoy it).

Well, guess what? Chacha actually sent a check as promised! I will not post specifics, but if C wants to reply the details, I am all for it!!!

It is just amazing to me that someone would do that! What a great ending! Chachakaboom stayed true to their word and deserves credit for standing by their words in an especially tempting situation.

Thank you chachakaboom for being so kind! You are an upstanding person.

Anyone with unused/forgotten TITO’s (hey, it happens), send them chacha’s way!

FYI, my husband had some medical issues that were a hindrance to him that he didn’t want to tell me about because he thought it would ruin the trip. Ummm… Not telling me had the same effect. Oh well, we’ll be back soon enough and we’ll have a great time!

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2. Re: My non-trip report. A happy little story...

Good story!

London, Canada
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3. Re: My non-trip report. A happy little story...

What a nice story! Thanks for sharing the outcome with us. Hope you and your husband can get back to Vegas soon.

Westampton, New...
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4. Re: My non-trip report. A happy little story...

What a great story! Hope is all well with your husband

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5. Re: My non-trip report. A happy little story...


Washington DC...
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6. Re: My non-trip report. A happy little story...

Mom, Thanks for the sweet story.

Glasgow, United...
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7. Re: My non-trip report. A happy little story...

Nice to see theres still decent people around . I would do the same . Karma and all that .

Well done CHAKA

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8. Re: My non-trip report. A happy little story...

This is the kind of story we all like to hear. Well done chacha! You are what good people are all about.

Naples, Florida
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9. Re: My non-trip report. A happy little story...

Glad you posted . It's good to hear an up beat tale.

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10. Re: My non-trip report. A happy little story...

What a great story. I am glad you let us know what happened as I was one who followed you original pay it forward thread.