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Speed limit on roads LA to Vegas??

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Speed limit on roads LA to Vegas??

Hey all made the trip a no of times with Lux Bus and its takes between 4.5 - 5.5 hrs each time, wondering if we drove ourselves, with the exception of pickup and drop offs and stuffing around with vouchers and what not with bus company is it much faster just hiring a car and driving ourselves?? I know it's a lot cheaper but is the bus doing the speed limit or does it sit just below because its a larger vehicle etc?? I haven't really taken any notice when we've gone...

1. Re: Speed limit on roads LA to Vegas??

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Brea, California
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2. Re: Speed limit on roads LA to Vegas??

well, the maximum speed limit on highway 15 for most of the way is 65mph (though some areas are 70 now?). anyway, though you will find the average speed that people drive (at least to and from la) to be about 80mph and often around 90mph. in the day, i average around 90, and cut it back to 75 at night.

from what i've noticed about buses on my way there is that they are going pretty fast. i've seen some going as fast as 80+ but mostly they seem to travel at about 70. i've done a bus trip from la and it was a little painful knowing that i could get there quicker. the benefit was the fact that i was able to be drunk on the ride home.

Arcadia, California
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3. Re: Speed limit on roads LA to Vegas??

The buses seem to not go as fast compared to the regular cars, but they still do go pretty fast. It all ready depends on the traffic- if other cars are going fast, you can follow along as you are following along with the traffic.

Most of the time we drive at 80-100mph, but then at times cars go 120mph and so we followed along. Once we have seen cars go at 140mph which is very, very fast!

It also seems like whenever the traffic sees a patrol car, they slow down to 80 or so. Very weird.

San Diego,Ca.
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4. Re: Speed limit on roads LA to Vegas??

60%-65% of the drivers do a steady 75mph. 20% of the drivers do 80-90mph, and 15%-20% of the drivers do 65mph. And yes about bout 2%-5% of the drivers do drive at close to 95-100mph...all from L.A. of course. :o)

So 75mph is the main speed people drive at to Vegas which is s good speed to pick becuase if you go less than 75mph you should stay in the very far slow lane or else it can be damgerous with people constantly "wanting" you to speed up or move over.

Southern California
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5. Re: Speed limit on roads LA to Vegas??

As you can see, most people don't follow the speed limit and usually go well over 65 and 70! Most of the people that do that drive just HAVE to drive fast for some reason.

Las Vegas, Nevada
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6. Re: Speed limit on roads LA to Vegas??

Whoever said the limit was 65 MPH for most of the drive was wrong.

The speed limit is 65 MPH from LA to Rancho Cucamonga.

The speed limit increases to 70 MPH at the I-15 and the 210 interchange. Then, it is 70 MPH almost all the way to Vegas. It goes down to 65 MPH as you approach the South Point.

However, there is a 14 mile stretch of 55 MPH construction zone from Hallaron Summit most of the way to the Nevada border, and there is a 55 MPH construction zone along the Strip area of the I-15.

I concur that most of the cars are driving around 75 MPH, when traffic allows. In the 70 MPH zones, I set my cruise control at 78. It is my understanding and experience that so long as I am going below 80 (except in the construction and 65 MPH zones), CHP and NHP aren't going to bother me.

Once the bus is going -- no more pickups or dropoffs -- the bus makes good time. It is all the time stopping at the beginning of the trip that makes the bus so hard to take.

San Diego...
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7. Re: Speed limit on roads LA to Vegas??

Once out in the desert I also try to also go just below 80mph around 78 or so. Ive driven this drive literally 100's of times and Id say at 78mph I get passed by more cars than I pass or at least its about 50/50.

Los Angeles
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8. Re: Speed limit on roads LA to Vegas??

I once set my personal record for the 280 miles from West LA to Vegas in 3hrs and 20 min, but got stopped by a cop with the city in sight!

So I remind everyone to keep the flow at 70, and watch for those on ramps where the cops hide! I was doing 115 on the hill down into Vegas, but caught a huge break and was written a ticket for 80 in a 65.

I also am amazed at how fast they drive, even during the $4.50+ gas period. Keeping the cruise control at 74 gets me great mileage for a good speed and can be less stressful, as I don't have to worry about speed traps. But I still can't believe all the nuts flying by in the #1 lane!

San Diego...
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9. Re: Speed limit on roads LA to Vegas??

"I once set my personal record for the 280 miles from West LA to Vegas in 3hrs and 20 min, but got stopped by a cop with the city in sight!"

Im protesting your personal record. If you got stopped before you made it you cant stop the clock while you were pulled over.

Or does the 3 hours 20 minutes include the 10 minutes on the side of the road?

San Diego
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10. Re: Speed limit on roads LA to Vegas??

The speed limit is 70 mph. It takes about as long driving. The nice part is having a car when in Las Vegas. Of course if your going to be drunk the whole time then you wont really need a car.

The fastest way would be to fly Southwest Airlines from LA to Vegas.

It is cheap, the only way to go from LA to Vegas.

It would be around the same or less than renting a car.

If you can drink on the bus than that would be a huge advantage. 5 hours of pre drinking would do you good in Vegas.

Does the plane from Aus not land in Vegas?