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Trip Report 5/8-5/14 (long and possibly boring)

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Trip Report 5/8-5/14 (long and possibly boring)

Back to reality and unfortunately back to work. Just returned from a 6 day stay. My hubby and I go each year for our Anniversary.


Flew on Independance Air from Washington-Dulles to Las Vegas, non-stop flight for $108 a person (after fees and taxes) Awesome Deal! No frills, but at that price what can you expect. (Had some weather delays on the return trip, but the crew did the best they could, can't hold it against them).


This was our second stay at the Golden Nugget (last year hubby wanted to stay on the strip so we stayed at MGM, this year he said MGM was too big and too expensive, so we went back to the Nugget) Next year we'll stay somewhere else. Now don't get me wrong there's nothing wrong with the Nugget, we just felt like it was too much time downtown and that maybe we were missing some action up on the strip.

We arrived at 1 a.m. on Sunday 5/9, there were 2 attendants "man-ing" the front desk and 4 people in line. The wait was about 15 minutes. We politely requested a North Tower room and were given one and told that it was on the 3rd floor and the view was poor (it was a view of the back of the Freemont St. Experience canopy and the air conditioning system for the Golden Nugget, but since we weren't there to look out the window it didn't matter to us. (For those wonder we did not use the tacky "$20 trick", we just asked)

The only complaint I really had with the Golden Nugget is that half of the pool area was closed. Apparently half of the pool area is used as the poker room in the winter and then in the warmer months it's torn down and goes back to being the pool area. Needless to say it was too small of an area for two many people. A line formed everyday at 10:30 a.m. just to get good seats in the sun and on Friday it was a free for all, I almost got into a fight with a women over two chairs that I was trying to reserve for my husband and I. I would suggest that the GN start the process of tearing down the poker room earlier so that when the warmer weather comes the whole pool area is available.



We ate breakfast at the Golden Nugget Buffet on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday we decided we would go to Carson Street Cafe (inside the Nugget) we had gone there a couple times 2 years ago and loved it, the only word that comes to mind to describe this time is NASTY. Save your money, breakfast for two was $23, what a waste. Thursday my husband brought me McDonalds from the Plaza because I was too lazy to get up. Friday we ate breakfast at Paris buffet (try the crepes, there Awesome!)

Lunch: We didn't do alot of lunches, on the days we laid out at the pool we would go to the Snack bar in the GN and share some fries and a cheeseburger or something similar.

Dinner: Monday I can't remember for the life of me what we ate for dinner, so it must not have been anything noteworthy. Tuesday we played the "what do you want to eat" game, we couldn't come up with anything and it was late, so we got two philly cheesesteaks with fries from the Snack bar in the GN and went up to our room and crashed. Wednesday we had reservations at "The Steakhouse" in Circus Circus, the steak was very good (no A1 needed) the baked potato left a little to be desired (a little on the dry side and my hubby's had a rotten spot on the bottom) and neither one of us cared for the very crispy green beans sprinkled with almonds. The meal cost us $105 for drinks, dinner and tip. It was our anniversary and I felt like celebrating (it's been a long year) but I probably won't go back. Thursday we went to Main Street Station buffet and enjoyed all you can eat Filet Mignon and Shrimp Scampi for $13 per person, I considered this meal to be as good as the dinner we had at "The Steakhouse" but alot cheaper. Friday we were exhausted and ordered pizza from Dominoes and ate in our room again.


This year we went and saw Le Reve at the Wynn. I was a little concerned because last year we went and saw "O" and we didn't care for that very much, thought it was a little boring. But we both enjoyed Le Reve, it's like a cross between Mystere and O. Some parts were a little weird and left you wondering what the point was, but all in all it was good.


There isn't much to say here except we lost what we gambled, luckily we pretty much expected that (but still secretly hoped we'd strike it rich) so we didn't come away too awfully disappointed or surprised, just a little poorer.


I personally think there's too much hype and concern about the free drinks you get while your gambling. The mixed drinks are just plain nasty they consist of lots of mixer and very little cheap alcohol. Friday night we went the the Hard Rock and were too trifling to try to weave our way to the bar to order some drinks so we picked a slot machine and waited (and waited and waited) for drink service, after spending about $50 gambling we finally received a Margarita, which I referred to as lemonade because it was basically all mixer and my husband got a beer, which I've decided is the best option since it comes pre-mixed and the tastes the same everytime. In hindsight we realized we could have got better drinks at the bar for less $$$. If your going to gamble then gamble, but don't gamble in the hopes of getting a free drink you'll just end up feeling twice as ripped off. (once for loosing your money, the other for the crappy drink you just spent a small fortune on.) Just go to the bar and buy a drink.

Regrets: I wish that my everyday life didn't consume so much of my time and energy so that I felt absolutely exhausted on my vacation.

All in all we had fun, it was relaxing and a well needed break.

(Sorry this was so long)

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1. Re: Trip Report 5/8-5/14 (long and possibly boring)

nice report....don't worry my husband and I play the "what do you want to eat" game all the time along with the "what to you feel like doing?" game. On a serious note, is the cc steakhouse over rated or is it really worth going to but only if you are a true steak lover? just curious because I'm really debating whether to take the long journey from the south end of the strip all the way down for steak.

Tacoma, Washington
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2. Re: Trip Report 5/8-5/14 (long and possibly boring)

Isn't winter over?? When do they tear that wall down do you know? After memorial day?

Brighton, UK
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3. Re: Trip Report 5/8-5/14 (long and possibly boring)


Thank you for the great trip report! There haven't been many over the past few days which is a real shame.

I was beginning to wonder why people get so excited about the free drinks and gamble for ages in order to obtain them. Once people on this forum explained to me how the system work, I realised that when I finally get to Vegas I won't bother about the casino bar - I'll sit down, order and pay!

Los Angeles...
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4. Re: Trip Report 5/8-5/14 (long and possibly boring)

Great report, and not boring at all.

Thanks for taking the time.

Leeds, UK
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5. Re: Trip Report 5/8-5/14 (long and possibly boring)

Trip reports are never boring, its great to get an insight into how other people enjoy (or don't enjoy) Vegas.

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6. Re: Trip Report 5/8-5/14 (long and possibly boring)


What made the Carson Street breakfast so bad? Was the breakfast buffet better at the GN?

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7. Re: Trip Report 5/8-5/14 (long and possibly boring)

Great trip report! Not boring at all. Thank you for sharing. And please elaborate on the questions from the above posters.

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8. Re: Trip Report 5/8-5/14 (long and possibly boring)

I have to agree with you-I was there the 5/5-5/8 and the pool situation is terrible. Everyone was fighting for chairs and getting in stupid arguments over them. They could've easily made that better by opening the other half of the pool area. And I also agree w/ you on the food at Carson St Cafe-I ordered a patty melt one day and it had absolutely no flavor-weird cuz you think how can one mess up a patty melt-but they did. THe buffet is gross-didnt even do it this time as we had it in November and waited about 30 minutes for it and it was ok at best. I used to love the Nugget but after this time it was just bad experience? Gonna try somewhere new next time-especially since we got rooked on room rates-129/99/99..played enough to get at least a meal comped (500 each) but they didnt comp jack for us...

Cary, North Carolina
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9. Re: Trip Report 5/8-5/14 (long and possibly boring)

Great review. Thanks

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10. Re: Trip Report 5/8-5/14 (long and possibly boring)

nice report GN-lover.It was not boring at all.