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Trip Report - 8 Guys 27 Apr to 04 May - V.Long

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Leeds, UK
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Trip Report - 8 Guys 27 Apr to 04 May - V.Long

I'll start by saying this is gonna be a long read and if you're offended by me talking about strip clubs then go back now. Thanks, here goes:-

Apr 27

Arrived at the airport at around 8.30pm and met up with the 2 other guys who'd flown in on US Airways. The other 6 of us had flown on Delta and won't be doing again, the plane was ancient (my mate likened it to the Millenium Falcon) and there were no TV's in the seatbacks. Dull. And all the stewardesses were over 60! So, we went to check in at the IP, took 5 mins - the room was decent, 13th floor with pool/carpark view. Quick shower and change and of to The Bar at Times Square for some fun. (This is one of my fav bars of all time). It was fairly quiet and when it closed we nipped into Coyote Ugly for a quick beer (it was dead) and then headed to OG (again, dead). So, we returned to the IP at around 5.30am and decided to play some craps. This was my first time playing and the dealers were helpful and I ended up even at the time we went to bed at 10.30am.

Apr 28

Slept all day as we were awake 34 and a half hours the previous day. Got up about 9pm, grabbed a Subway and headed to Studio 54 where we had arranged Bottle Service direct with the club. We got there around midnight, there was a massive line and we just walked straight in. Carla looked after us (she's hot!) and sorted our table (cost $100). We had to order 2 bottles (8 of us) so we got a whiskey and a vodka, they offered as much choice of mixers as required and kept checking on us all night. It was fantastic - isn't it funny how girls pay you more attention when they see you have bottles on you're table? We all got positively smashed and headed off to Spearmint Rhino where we all spent too many dollars before heading back to bed.

Apr 29

Daytime spent around the pool, wasn't as bad as everyone makes out. At night ate at Chinese Buffett opposite NYNY (worst ever - dont ever go!) and then sank a few Guiness in 9 Fine Irishmen. After that we were walking down the strip past Monte Carlo and saw loads of film crew, we carried on and then saw 3 guys stood next to a guy on a motorbike. So, we stopped and looked and it was Eric Bana (Hulk, Chopper etc). He rode off and we asked what the movie was but no-one would say so we went on our way. We had a quick gambling stop in the Flamingo and I won $59.20 from a $1 on a 2c slot machine. Well happy. We then went to drais but the line was massive so we just drank in casino bar for a while. Me and my mate then played craps again at the IP. I started with $50 and kept winning (don't know how) and everytime I got to $100 I put $50 in my pocket and played with the initial $50 again. At 12.30pm we cashed out. I had $280, my mate $380. Bedtime.

Apr 30

Slept most of the day again before going to the pool for a bit. At night we went out fairly late and as much as I am trying I just can't remember what we did that night. Must have been memorable! If I remember I'll post below (Jeez)

May 1

We were gonna try to get into Rehab but someone told us that the line was over 2 hours so we went to Carnival Court instead. We drank and drank and it was a good day, really good atmosphere. At night we went to Harrah's Piano Bar and had a great time. There was a group of really drunk women (40's) and they entertained us as well as the piano guys. We left there when it closed and headed to HRH and had a few in the HRH Centre Bar. We talked to some people who had been at Rehab and had seen Robbie Williams and Chuck Niddell (sorry about the spelling - UFC Fighter).

May 2

Went back to HRH for a meal around lunchtime and then had a few beers at HRH pool bar (surprised they let us in). We then went to buy pressies for people at home at Fashion Show Mall and then went back to get changed for our Limo Night. We went out in our suits. We'd hired a Super Stretch Excursion from Exclusive VIP and werent disappointed. It was massive and the sound system was great (if you saw a 40' silver excursion with ACDC and the like blasting out that was us!). We visited a few bars. Loved Ghostbar, the strip view is amazing. Red Square at Mandalay Bay was a bit too quiet and fancy for 8 grim Yorkshiremen, Lure at Wynn was the same, Rio was fun (carnival atmosphere), we also went to 2 strip clubs - Sin was dead, the girls were pushy and there were only 7 of them working. Don't go. We also visited Spearmint Rhino, this is the best in Vegas easily. We finished up getting VIP entry to the Foundation Room. Nice place but full of the Beautiful People prancing about like they own the place. Now we love taking the pi$$ out of people so we loved it there! The strip view is good but the crush to get out at 4am is not good! We then returned to the IP for a spot of gambling but I lost my $50 this time. Bedtime.

May 3

Best day ever. We'd organised ATV Valley of Fire tour through Look Tours. They picked us up at 1.30pm and after a couple of other pickups we arrived at Logansdale? We had the safety briefing etc and got on the ATV. The guy asked if we wanted to ride or go on a tour, we said ride, he smiled and said he was glad we said that. We went very very fast through the trails and over the dunes. 3 hours of absolute adrenaline. The tour guide looked after us really well, stopping for water every half hour and answering any questions we had. He said afterwards we were the fastest group he'd had in a long time and he loved it. When we got back to the hut the other tour guide wasn't very happy cos his group wanted the tour! We headed back, got changed (took a while to get the dust off!) and headed to America in NYNY for some food. The food was average and the service was terrible. We went to Bar at Times Square, 5 of the lads went back to bed about midnight, me and the 2 other lads stayed until closing and headed back to the craps table at IP. I won $100 and my 2 mates lost there $50's. Bedtime at 0300 and we had to be up to go to the airport at 0800.

May 04

Up at 0800, shuttle to airport, flew to Atlanta. Flew home. Been depressed ever since.

I want to go back....... (Crying like a baby!)

I hope I haven't bored you to death, its just I've been partaking in this forum for a while now and wanted to share my 2005 Vegas experience.

Brighton, UK
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11. Re: Trip Report - 8 Guys 27 Apr to 04 May - V.Long

Thanks RoamingRoaming

That was very useful thank you! I didn't know that gratuities were added to bills - do you reckon that's only for groups?

I'll be there in September so I hope you'll stick around on this forum as I'm going to have lots of questions!

(sorry can't smuggle you in my suitcase cos you're up North and I'm here in the Sarf!)

Leeds, UK
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12. Re: Trip Report - 8 Guys 27 Apr to 04 May - V.Long

Yes that was us, we had identical twins with us. We were laughing all night at my mate Matt who had to hide behind some people behind the railing! She wouldn't leave the poor guy alone and then when he left she tried it on with Craig (one of the twins).

Oh such fun and such a small world!

Leeds, UK
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13. Re: Trip Report - 8 Guys 27 Apr to 04 May - V.Long

Re: Craps Strategy

We bet the pass line and then when we 'felt it' we'd bet the field and to be totally honest - whenever anyone else added another bet behind the pass line (don't know what the bet is called) we just copied and did the same. We didn't really know what we were doing but had great fun and won a few bucks into the bargain.

Re: Gratuity on Bills

I believe its on groups of 6 or more where they add the gratuity automatically. I'm on here daily checking out whats happening in my favourite holiday destination so feel free to ask away (and buy a bigger suitcase!)

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14. Re: Trip Report - 8 Guys 27 Apr to 04 May - V.Long

We were the people behind the railing! Too funny. The best part _by far_ was watching Matt & the woman stumble by the windows outside -- together -- after all that hiding!

Leeds, UK
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15. Re: Trip Report - 8 Guys 27 Apr to 04 May - V.Long

Yes that was hilarious, I think half the bar was entertained! Thanks for trying to help him but I mean who was he trying to kid, he was obviously gonna take her back to her hotel!

I hope you had a great time in Vegas, I can't wait till next time!

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16. Re: Trip Report - 8 Guys 27 Apr to 04 May - V.Long

I just have to say how much I've enjoyed this thread. I'm a Yorkshire girl myself (well not so much a girl now). It's 30 years since I left and every time I go 'home' I realise how much I miss the sense of humour. I'll be in Vegas for the 3rd time in the summer with my family and only wish we'd bumped into you for a laugh - although keeping very different hours (since we have kids) it would probably have been late in the day by the pool or grabbing a drink in a bar while they played in the arcade (no kids allowed in bars!!)

Ballarat, Australia
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17. Re: Trip Report - 8 Guys 27 Apr to 04 May - V.Long

Great trip report glad you all had a great time, like yourself cant wait to go back but think i will have to work a bit harder to earn the money to go back.


Leeds, UK
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18. Re: Trip Report - 8 Guys 27 Apr to 04 May - V.Long

Nibbles - You'd have been more than welcome to share a few beers with us, one of our group "Squeak" (from Kippax) is one of the funniest guys alive and would have kept you entertained all night!

I just can't stop thinking about our next visit and we've all started saving up, we're thinking about March 2006 although it'd be nice to sneak a few days in beforehand!

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19. Re: Trip Report - 8 Guys 27 Apr to 04 May - V.Long

Great review! Your advice on tipping was good, I think you did very well considering it is not a custom you have at home.

Leeds, UK
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20. Re: Trip Report - 8 Guys 27 Apr to 04 May - V.Long

Thanks, the whole tipping thing is stange to us British but I suppose its just another part of life for the American folk.