Food Tax In Small Tows

I don't know how you feel about tourist being "gouged" but I resent the mentality that tourist can absorb an extar tax. In this case not only did the tourist get "stiffed" but the locals got caught too with the 3% eat in tax added to you dining expierence. The same mentality goes for the extra tax imposed on selling rooms. Looks like these small towns would try everything possible to attract visitors rather than continuning to impose extra taxes designed to shift spending burdens to the tourist.Now that there are not all than many restaurants remaining in Marion I always plane on traveing through and not spending any money in that town. I just wait until I get to a more friendly town.Many cities and towns are looking for ways to meet budget shortfalls however they never seem to address the real problem, a bloated bureauacy and unnecessary spending. The answer seems to always be "another tax". Just look at your car rentals bills, hotel room taxes and your telephone bills.