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newcomers to wheaton

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Chicago, Illinois
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newcomers to wheaton

Hi all of you out there!! We are moving to Wheaton, near downtown. Any advice anyone?

Destination Expert
for Chicago, Illinois
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1. Re: newcomers to wheaton

What do you want to know?


Chicago, Illinois
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2. Re: newcomers to wheaton

Everday stuff-like is it safe to walk downtown at night alone. Best places to eat. Hidden secrets and things to see. etc..

Villa Park, IL
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3. Re: newcomers to wheaton

Fresh popped popcorn -

just kernels, oil, salt -

none of that yellow powdered junk

The Little Popcorn Shop

11 1/4 W. Front Street

It's litterally a storefront about 4 ft wide - my husband has been going there since he was a child

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4. Re: newcomers to wheaton


Welcome to Wheaton. Great city. Yes, it's safe to walk around. Never in the 50 years I have lived in Glen Ellyn, Wheaton area have I had a problem.

Many new restaurants are around and up and coming. Stay away from Johnny D's. We were there for the 3 rd time last night and although the food is excellent the service has ALWAYS been horrible. A perfect night for the patio but by the time we were seated it was dark. A few scarcely placed Tiki torches. The candle on the table and the light from cell phones helped to read the menu.. Could be a great place with managements help.

Winter will be great as well. Skating and sledding if you enjoy these types of things. Schools are great as well as the people.

Chicago, Illinois
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5. Re: newcomers to wheaton

I walked past that little popcorn shop but didn't go in as we were on our way for a "snack". Woops. Should have gotten the popcorn! Ended up at Johnny D's! I was totally unimpressed with the patio, but very tasty snack and huge drinks.= big bill! Ate at Muldoons and was very disappointed. We move to Wheaton in 2 days! We're right near the Prarie Path which I hope is safe, as I'll be on it alone often. Any other dining suggestions? Looks like an active community and I can't wait to dive in!! We appreciate any info. We love checking things out!

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6. Re: newcomers to wheaton

Welcome to Wheaton. I hope you'll like it here--we love it, and most everyone I know loves it here, too. I know what you mean about the restaurants. A couple of the newer ones (Johnny D's, Caponatas) just don't seem to be getting the hang of how to do service. Hopefully that will improve with time and competition. Some of our favorites are in Glen Ellyn--Vittorio's and Shannons Irish Pub.

Just last night my husband and I walked downtown for dinner, coming home around 9:00 p.m. We felt extremely safe and even commented on how "Mayberry" everything still feels here. We're very thankful for a community like this to raise our children in. As far as the Prairie Path goes, I would probably avoid that at night alone. During the day I would feel completely safe, but you just never know what goes on at night there. It's very dark, not lit (other than from street lights), and lots of brush.

I would recommend you explore Lincoln Marsh which is just off the Prairie Path--a wonderful place to enjoy a Fall day. One of our favorite Sunday things to do is to go to Cantigny Park--you can tour the beautiful gardens, the mansion there that belonged to the McCormick family (of the Tribune), and the First Division Museum which is one of the finest tributes to our military I've ever seen. You should also get to know what Wheaton College has to offer--lots of wonderful concerts and plays there. The campus is pretty to walk through, too.

I'm assuming you're moving out here from the city. It will be quite an adjustment, I would imagine, but hopefully it will go well for you. Good luck!

Chicago, Illinois
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7. Re: newcomers to wheaton

Thanks Wildmom! I have been in the restaurant biz until my recent career change. Very disappointed in Wheaton. Ate lunch at Capanota's and was totally let down there, as well as both Mexican places. Love the wine taste store, ice-cream fudge shop (try the pumpkin fudge-woohooo!!).Ginos restrooms were the worst I have ever seen, incl. no soap-among other real bad things. We left. Only went there because phone girl could not understand my order over the phone (med-1/2 olive!!) Never a Thai eater, but we will try next. Emilio's is good as usual, but can get pricey. Nice owners. Adelle's looks like a possibility..? Having been a chef, I'll cook at home most nights from now on.

We kyaked the Fox today out of St. Charles and I found a nice hairdresser in Glen Ellyn. We're in a great location. The Jewel in downtown Wheaton is sad and no drugstore here. Also, alot of homeless people hanging out at the train station all day. I saw a few dope sales there. Someone told me it's been like that for a long time. Kind of thucks, as we came from Oak Park and this was one of the reasons we left. HOWEVER!! People always are nice, many making a point to say hello. I windowshop at night-unafraid, and rode the Path yesterday by myself. We live in a great place and are enjoying Wheaton. It is a very nice town, so far. You live and learn! Not sure if we want to buy here. Thanks for the info!

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8. Re: newcomers to wheaton

I'm glad you mentioned Adelle's--I forgot to mention that one. Another one of our favorites. Try it and let me know what you think.

I know what you mean about the downtown Jewel. It's been through a tough time lately as CVS came into the Osco and within weeks CVS closed it down, so half of the Jewel is empty. It's really an eyesore, but I think city council is trying to work on that.

Hey, if you're a cook and want great meat, head to the Wheaton Meat Market on Main (a couple of blocks south of the tracks). Wonderful little shop and the guys in there will really take good care of you. There's also a fish market in Glen Ellyn that people swear by (I can't remember the name of it).

Yes, the pace of life is much slower in Wheaton than in Oak Park or the city. Hopefully you'll come to enjoy it.

Winfield, IL
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9. Re: newcomers to wheaton


I am from River Forest. Winfield/Wheaton has been an adjustment for me. I really do like it here though. Have you tried Adelle's yet? That is one of my favorites. What else have you liked and disliked? I would love to hear what you have to say. I wonder if they are similar to mine... Where we live there are 4 people on one block that are from Oak Park/River Forest. Did you grow up in that area??

Looking forward to your responses!!!


Chicago, Illinois
posts: 1,290
reviews: 93
10. Re: newcomers to wheaton

Hi ASD! Sorry it took me forever to answer. I was in Winfield last night at John's Buffet. Way, way to smokey for me and the soap dispenser in the ladies room didn't work. After seeing a bartender and a server exit the washroom, we turned around and left.

I have completely given up on Johnny D's. We would stop in and order their appetizers, which are half price at certain times. Last time we went they cut the quantity in half on the orders! The drinks are ridiculously priced. The owner was running around telling people he fired Johnny D. I know he's no longer there and have a feeling the place is for sale. Beautiful builing.

None of the restaurants do anything for me in downtown Wheaton. Haven't made it to Adelle's yet. I keep forgetting it's there!

I grew up in the Cicero/Berwyn area, and really miss some of those Bohemian restaurants. Someone would make a mint if they opened one up around here!

Looking forward to spring and summer, with more things to do around here. Wheaton is very laid back, that's for sure. We like it here, though.

I'll post after I try a few new restaurants. Take care!

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