Ride to/from the Chicagoland Speedway-1st Class Car Service

Since I always get so much great info from TA, I thought we would pass this along. We were lucky enough to get a hotel close to the racetrack for Nascar next weekend; however, we still wanted to know if there was transportation to and from so that we all could maybe have a few drinks at the race without having to drive even a little bit. I was not able to find any information that this could be done while looking on TA, only that there was free parking there. So I called the hotel we were staying at and was told that there is a car service in the area called First Class Car Service that will do this. They recommend reservations on race weekends as it gets pretty congested at the beginning and end of the events, obviously. :) You call or text them, they pick you up and drop you off. When you are ready to go back to your hotel, you call and text again about 20-30 minutes ahead of time and they will come get you. I talked to the owner tonight and he seemed very nice and professional. Their phone number is 815-556-7383. I'm not sure how far out they go or what their rates are from various places (the rate quoted us from our hotel and back was reasonable roundtrip), but I just wanted to put this out in case it could help anyone else looking for this option. The desk clerk who gave me their number highly recommended them (Michelle at Hampton Inn) and said the owner was a great guy. I will be posting a review after our trip in September.