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Premier Parking at Port of Tampa - avoid

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Premier Parking at Port of Tampa - avoid

Despite their advertisements to the contrary, the attendant service is extremely poor. Also - they gave me wrong information on the hours that the lot was open causing delay of 12 hours of getting our car out of the lot. The people at Priemier Parking do not call you back when they say they will - they do not care to resolve their problems, and they do care about their customers at all.

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1. Re: Premier Parking at Port of Tampa - avoid

I canceled my 7 day parking to Premier parking Tampa after readng all of the bad reviews from numerous sites. I have then in Fort Lauderdale without problem but will not use it now because of Tampa . Tampa charges 1 day plus $5 plus 7.5% to cancel. I canceled within 24 hours called 3 times emailedand guess what. I was charged the 7.99 per day x 7 days plus tax for no parking at all. You have been warned this place sould be shut down. Ripe off with a capital R bad to no phone service. You have to leave a message to talk to anyone. If you get through they treat you like trash.

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2. Re: Premier Parking at Port of Tampa - avoid

Ripe off. i canceled after reading all of the negetive reports, was charged for 7 days. They said and site stated if you cancel outside 24 arrival you will be charged for 1 day $7.99 plus $5 plus 15%. I was charged the whole amount over $64 and got no parking. I called and cancelled within 24hrs of making the reservation 3 weeks prior to arrival. That dont answer their phone you have to leave a message on a answering machine. I finally got through I have neve been so disrepected to on the phone, I have talked to them 2 times and emailed several. Read the reviews If you go there you are Stupid with a capital S. I have parked with premier on Fort Lauderdale without problem. I will never use Premier Parking anywhere and will be posting my experinces with my empolyees must read file. The place isnt too big 32,000 employees from the Missippi to the East Coast. I just hope this can make it way to the West Coast.

Fort Myers, Florida
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3. Re: Premier Parking at Port of Tampa - avoid

We parked at Premier Parking for our 4 day cruise on Jewel of the Seas. This was our second time using Premier Parking. Although the lot is a bit hard to find it was worth the search for us. We parked the car, got right on the van and were transported quickly to the port. Our driver, Bill, was friendly and helpful. When we returned from the cruise the van from Premiere was waiting for us to get right on. We waited for a few more passengers and were back to the car in minutes.. Bill was the driver again and he offered helpful directions to us and to another couple for getting to the major highways to take us home. We would recommend Premier Parking and will definitely use it again.

Atlanta, Georgia
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4. Re: Premier Parking at Port of Tampa - avoid


I had reservations for Capital Parking for Apr 27th for 5 nights. I received an email the night of Apr 26th advising me of a location change. Good thing I checked my email on my phone or I would have never received the information, even though they had my cell number where they could have either called or sent a text message about the location change. When I arrived at the new location, I decided IMMEDIATELY that I was NOT parking my truck here for several hours, much less for 5 nights. I advised the parking attendant that was there with a van that I did not feel comfortable and that I was going to make other arrangements on my own. He gave me a business card and told me to talk to Jimmy. I called the number on the business card and left a voice mail. I also emailed the company back from the night before advising that their location was unsecure and unsafe. I never received any communication back from Capital Parking. Upon return of my cruise, I drove by this same lot and the same parking attendant remembered me from before and I mentioned to him that I still had not received any communication from his company. He again took down my name and number and told me that someone would call me THAT day. It is now 5 days later and I have not received ANY communication from anyone from Capital Parking. I am now in the process of letting the Credit Card Company deal with them because I am refusing to pay for a service that I never used!! I would never recommend this company to anyone for use!!

Tampa, Florida...
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5. Re: Premier Parking at Port of Tampa - avoid

My husband found this lot as an alternative to paying the big prices at TIA. We were going for a 4 day trip, flying out early on a Friday and back late on a Monday. My husband called to make a reservation, gave the girl who answered his email and was told to expect a confirmation email, which never came. We arrived at the parking lot, which is in a VERY unsafe part of town, behind a warehouse and incredibly hard to find, at 6am to one man working the lot (with one streetlight lighting the entire lot). He asked for our email, which we did not have, and said he couldn't park us without it. After some arguing, he agreed to let us park there, and since the lot was full, had us leave the key to valet and gave us a ticket. A van pulled up and squeezed us and our luggage in with about 8 other people, and got us to the airport. The problems arose when we came back. We arrived at TIA and I called as instructed. He told me where to go and said to call them when we got outside. I did so, and went to voicemail twice. He called back, and said the man was on his way and had just left the lot (about a 10 minute drive). 25 minutes later, the van pulls up, almost already packed. My husband and I squeeze in, the driver starts texting while driving, then calling the lot to give him the ticket numbers from the valet stubs he insisted we hand over. We pull into another lot at the airport, and there are more people waiting who are distraut at being left again, after waiting over an hour. The driver leaves without them, and takes us to the Premier lot. We pull in (it's around 11:30 at night) and there are all sorts of souped up racing cars in the lot next to the Premier Parking lot, with people outside yelling and drinking. We all unload the van, and some of the other guest's cars are waiting. The driver takes off to get the rest of the cars (driver and valet?) leaving the van idleing even though the tank was on E and there were people waiting back at the airport. Little by little, everyone's car is found and they leave, except my husband and I. The driver gets back in the van and leaves, and the "lot manager" is ignoring his constantly ringing phone and tells us they lost our ticket and thus, cannot find our keys. My husband goes to help him look in their office, which is a one room trailer with no electricty. My husband had to get on his hands and knees and use the flashlight on his phone to look. Another 15 minutes go by before they're found. There was no system, keys were just duct taped to the wall of the trailer, or piled in the floor. Even having the ticket (which they lost) wouldn't have helped since the keys weren't numbered. Then the guy asked if we'd move our own car out of the back of the valet lot so he could answer the phone. It was a horrible experience, and I cannot stress strongly enough that no one should park here EVER.

Saint Leo, Florida
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6. Re: Premier Parking at Port of Tampa - avoid

Horrible words cant describe you get less then you pay for...I called to be picked up at the airport close to 15 times and every time it went to the full mailbox. When they drive you the drivers are texting and driving. Also, my flight was delayed by two hours on my return so I called to let them know I would be late, they informed me that I will be receiving a $50 ticket for not being on time (the man on the phone said if I didn't call I would be fine). HORRIBLE COMPANY DON"T CHEAP OUT!

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7. Re: Premier Parking at Port of Tampa - avoid

My wife and I used Premier Parking at the Port of Tampa in March 2011. We were very happy with them. They took us to the ship quickly. When we came back, there were 3 ships in port, so it took a little longer to be picked up, but not too long. Well worth the savings over the port parking fee. It seems that there is a big difference between the Cruise Ship Parking operation and the Airport Parking operation. I notice that most of the complaints here are about their airport parking. When we used them, we didn't make a reservation. We paid cash when we parked. I think this would eliminate potential problem of trying to get a refund for a canceled reservation.

Edited: 2:31 pm, July 07, 2013
Ocala, Florida
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8. Re: Premier Parking at Port of Tampa - avoid

I, too, had TERRIBLE customer service as well... Not once but twice! Upon returning to TIA I betting calling dispatch for 1.5 hours and not one of my calls were answered. I waited 2 hours from the time I made the first unanswered phone call, 24 phone calls total were made and not 1 call answered. When I turned to social media and tweeted my customer service and they responded with this following tweet: @premierparking: "try parking at the airport, we don't even want customers like you. Good luck!" I am filing a BBB report, turning to social media and warning anyone I can about this company. There are WAY too many businesses who provide service to the paying customer with respect and honesty than to have to deal with this. I will pay 3x the amount and park at the airport, receive quality service and be treated honestly and fairly. You can follow me on twitter at @laceymb78 and see the photos of call logs, tweets denying my complaint and the above quoted tweet from them as well.

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9. Re: Premier Parking at Port of Tampa - avoid

Let me first say I should have done my homework and read the reviews on TripAdvisor. I briefly researched the internet and looked for cruise parking for the Tampa Port. We had a cruise booked for Carnival. Our experiences with Park and Cruise company in Port Canaveral had been outstanding so we thought we would do the same for Tampa. Decided to go with an ad from Premier Parking. The address on the website stated this was the closest parking to Tampa port. The address listed for Premier was 602 Channelside Drive and the Carnival port address was 651 Channelside Drive. Made the phone call and spoke with a lady who I proceded to ask a few questions. Verified the address of 602 Channelside Drive. I then asked with this being this close I should be able to walk to the port. The clerk agreed and said it was very close. She went on to tell me how they ran shuttles starting as early as 7am. In her gracious manner, she then tells me she would be glad to book my reservation and give me a 10% discount. Wow! This is what customer service is all about. Not so fast my friend!! The clerk did make my reservation and charged my credit card. I once again confirmed what we had spoken about with the correct address. She then informed me that it would be either 602 Channleside or 491 N. Brush Street that I would have to check my email for the reservation. I check my reservation and it is the 491 N. Brush Street. Okay so now it is time to look at the map and find out what is the difference; about a half a mile.

I called back the following morning which was on the Saturday prior to the Sunday departure. Attempted to speak to another clerk to see if she could change the reservation to 602 Channelside. I must have insulted her mother by asking such a question! She very rudely and I do mean rudely, started to chastise me and tell me that the lot I was asking for was for event parking only. Maybe she should have spent her time telling this to the clerk that so conveniently mislead me into making the reservation. I have two days until my much anticipated cruise so at this point it is not even worth arguing about. I let it go and drive to Tampa from Tennessee.

Arrive in Tampa and after a few minor problems with the printed directions, we find the parking area. It is now 10:15am and we have our documents together along with our email form Carnival who has extended an invitation for us to board early at 10:30am. We find you give the keys to the car to the attendant. They park the car and they KEEP your car keys. They tell us to stand on the little concrete pad with our luggage. This location owns two vans. One is parked against the fence and the other one is shuttling passengers from the arrival ships to this lot. We inquire about going to the port. The driver tells us that the port will not open until 11am. Attempted to show him the email from Carnival but he totally ignores anything we say. He leaves to the port without anyone on board to pick up another load. Comes back and repeats the process. The drive keeps telling us that the port is not open yet, he was just there. On the third trip he takes us over around 11:10am. We pull up to the terminal and there are people everywhere with tour buses and taxis. The first thing I notice is the almost 30 luggage cages already loaded and prepared for the ship. At this time I realize that i have been duped again by Premier.

We finally get an opportunity to board and set sail later that afternoon. Premier is now a bad memory and we will not worry about them again until we get back in seven days. A few days later while on the cruise ship we were watch the news and the Miami television station was talking about a bad episode with people who had been on a cruise and had left their car parked at one of the parking companies near the Miami port. Jokingly, I said they must have used the same company we had. Two minutes later I find out that indeed it was the same company. We are just hoping our rental car is still at the port when we get back.

We arrive back on Sunday morning. Go to the pick up area given to us by Premier. It now appears out of the many shuttles that there is no premier. After about 30 minutes, all shuttles have left and some returned for a second trip, and several phone calls by the other customers of premier, the Premier shuttle van shows up. It is loaded with half of the waiting people and taken to the parking lot. The shuttle returns about twenty minutes later and the rest of us are now shuttled to the isolated parking lot where we are reunited with our cars and luckily our car keys. Two hours of delays and we are on our way home vowing not to let this experience happen to any other cruise passengers.

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10. Re: Premier Parking at Port of Tampa - avoid

You are entirely right. I canceled within an hour of making my reservation and was hit with a 1/3 penalty. This happened about two hours ago on March 3. They may be sorry they published their fax number.

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