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Advantage Car Rental at Tampa International Airport

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Mesa, Arizona
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Advantage Car Rental at Tampa International Airport

Has anyone dealt with the Advantage Car Rental at Tampa Airport in the last year or so? Any problems? Isn't it off the airport area? How easy was it to use their shuttle or bus? Was the wait long? We are thinking of using it on March 7-17 and my concern is that it is spring break for some people. Will this affect us a great deal in Tampa with car rental?

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Phoenix, Arizona
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1. Re: Advantage Car Rental at Tampa International Airport

Advantage is to rental cars as horses are to glue factories. It’s where old cars go to die. Even as I’m waiting in line to rent the car I’m regretting it. I have to hear the agent go thru the entire spiel to fellow travelers about upgrading, letting them fill up the gas tank and buying additional insurance. So I think I get an edge when I hand over my credit card and say “I’m telling you now I am not upgrading the car, I’ll purchase my own gas and I do not need any of your insurance.” Do you think he’d let it go like that? No, he has to harass you for 10 more minutes and try putting the fear of God in you to try and get their insurance. Okay I get through that. I go out to the car and it’s disgusting. I don’t know if they washed it with dirty water or what but it looks like a family of six rented this car for a trip to the zoo and brought the animals back with them. There was a used tissue in the console, the floor wasn’t vacuumed and I could barely see out of the window. I asked them about it and they claimed they just washed it. This is the 3rd or 4th time I have rented with Advantage and it will be my last. They NEVER clean their cars. It’s not worth the $15 I saved. The car made a funny noise the entire time I had it. I was constantly wondering if I’d make it back. Then the address for the rental building wasn’t a real address so I had to pull over and call to get one I could put in my GPS to return the car.

As if that wasn’t bad enough when I went to return the car there were people standing all over the parking lot waiting to return their car. I tried to go inside but they refused to check me in. They don’t seem to understand people are renting because they have flights to catch. They had one shuttle and it just pulled out when I pulled in. Half an hour later there were still people waiting in front of me when the shuttle came back. I finally took my cell phone out, took pictures all around the car and threw my keys to the guy in the lot. I told him I was getting on the shuttle and I’d pick up my receipt online. I can only pray that’s the end of it. Do NOT rent with this company. Maybe it is like the glue factory. They use it to hold their cars together!

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2. Re: Advantage Car Rental at Tampa International Airport

Thank goodness I read your review and others. I had a car rented from this company and changed my mind! I am now rentiing with Avis.

Phoenix, Arizona
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3. Re: Advantage Car Rental at Tampa International Airport

Excellent choice!

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4. Re: Advantage Car Rental at Tampa International Airport

Sorry about your problems....I highly recommend National. You can join their Emerald Club for free and then you pay for a mid size car and you go directly to the Emerald Club Aisle and pick out any car you want. They are awesome to work with. No muss, no fuss...

Woonsocket, Rhode...
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5. Re: Advantage Car Rental at Tampa International Airport

I recently made the poor decision to choose Advantage. My flight was in earlier than expected and I wound up at the rental counter 2 hours early. While they had the car I reserved on the lot, they wouldn't rent it to me at the rate I was quoted because it was 2 hrs early. If I wanted to wait 2 hours they would give me the car at the reserved rate, all the while the car would have just sat there in the lot waiting. I left there and wound up at Budget cars at the airport and they wound up being even cheaper than the horrid Advantage. Sty far, far away from this pathetic car rental agency.

PS They don't accept cash ever. You can't pay your final bill with anything but plastic. NOT customer friendly.

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6. Re: Advantage Car Rental at Tampa International Airport

I really must weigh in about the folks at the Tampa Airport Advantage Car Rental. I went with the company because of price. I, too, was scolded for not buying their add-on insurance because Florida is a no-fault state, yada, yada, yada. Then, I was "upgraded" into a two-door coupe that barely fit three of us and lots of luggage. But, my real problem came at the return of the car, when a mean, nasty man running around the parking lot yelled at me for not parking in the proper place, questioned my daughter when she tried to get her belongings from the returned car, and nearly refused to give me a written receipt. In fact, he threatened to charge me $200 for not being able to put my hands on the contract immediately. The man, who did not speak English, could not even tell me how much he was charging me for the car. He was the most rude person I ever dealt with. The bus driver, on the other hand, was apologetic about the other man and quite nice and helpful. Overall, I think the annoyance was not worth the discount. For real.

Texas, USA
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7. Re: Advantage Car Rental at Tampa International Airport

I wish I had thought to read through this BEFORE I rented from this outfit in Tampa. I have never had a more bizarre experience renting a car. This Advantage is located on a site fairly far away from the airport. The shuttle bus only comes around every half hour. I just missed it once, so I had to wait nearly an hour to actually get a ride. Once you finally get to their office, they relentlessly try to sell you all manner of extras. I felt like I was at a free dinner where timeshares were being "offered"...

The car I finally got had 54K hard, hard miles on it and made all manner of strange noises. Fortunately, it did not leave me stranded... Returning the car was also something of an adventure. I handed the keys to the attendant, who checked the car in without saying a word, and then proceeded to retreat to a large SUV that was idling in the lot with the AC on. He locked himself into the vehicle and angrily waved me away when I tried to knock on the window and ask for a receipt. I was only too happy to oblige... I assume that, hopefully, all was OK???

It was all rather comical in a certain way. But, even so, I do not plan to be back at Advantage in Tampa anytime soon!

Edited: 9:08 pm, July 28, 2012
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8. Re: Advantage Car Rental at Tampa International Airport

I am renting a car from Advantage when we get to Tampa next month, but am very concerned after reading all of the bad reviews. When I went to Denver earlier this year, I had rented from Advantage and had a great car,

and great service.

posts: 296
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9. Re: Advantage Car Rental at Tampa International Airport

based pm all these reviews on the Tampa location, I would think that you might want to reconsider, unless this is a reservation that you can't get out of. jmho...there are a lot of great rental car companies at the Tampa airport but the reviews have shown the Advantage is not one of them....

Phoenix, Arizona
posts: 7
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10. Re: Advantage Car Rental at Tampa International Airport

I rent in Denver with Advantage all the time - no issues. Do NOT rent with Advantage in Tampe. Totally different experience. You won't be happy.

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