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Flea Markets

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Ontario, Canada
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Flea Markets

Hi all,

Where are the biggest/best quality flea markets in the Orlando area? Also, how do you get there from International Drive?


Orlando, FL
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11. Re: Flea Markets

To eamerrob: The invitation stands on its own merit.

I notice you are still here and probably will continue to rely on 'useless dribble' from others.

The only way you can win is not to visit Florida and deprive the State of the money you would otherwise spend that helps support the Florida economy and enables me and other Floridians not to pay income tax.

Go ahead, make my day!

Syracuse, NY
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12. Re: Flea Markets

I thought this post was about flea markets??

I was just there 2 weeks ago....there are 3 flea mkts on 192...(I'm sure you will find more if you keep going)...I started at the furthest and worked my way in....the first one, was the smallest and least interesting...alot of empty booths...open buildings (no air conditioning)...the second on I stopped at was the maingate flea mkt, this was the largest and the best of the three...all indoor, air if needed...I got some really great buys there...the third was the one closest to 'big orange'....very comercial....I didnt find any good deals there...

I was only in florida from Mon-Thurs....I am sure there are tons more if you have the time and are there over a weekend (some markets are only open fri,sat,sun)

have fun....

Aberdeen, United...
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13. Re: Flea Markets

You get some pretty good deals on suitcases if you shop around in these markets. We went out with one suitcase, and came back with 4 new ones (well, you've got to put the shopping somewhere)...

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14. Re: Flea Markets

we went to the one beside the little mall that has a dippin dots. which one is that?

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15. Re: Flea Markets

endeavour-I do think that you know alot of things about the area--you live there--and qualify to be an expert, but do you need to be so rude? We come here for help not to be insulted for how stupid we are. I am glad that the rest of Orlando is welcoming or we wouldn't be going year after year to pay your taxes.

Orlando, FL
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16. Re: Flea Markets

To sticky:

1. Regarding rude - your fellow Canadian who started this topic seems to have a past history of asking for information and then arrogantly discounting/invalidating or quibbling over the good information that is provided.

Coming to site like this for help is one thing - expecting to be 'spoonfed' every detail and nuiance with no readily apparant initiative to do any research outside of these forums is another.

2. No where have I ever called or implied anyone is 'stupid'.

I welcome you , too, so,

"Welcome to Florida, keep Florida green.... "

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17. Re: Flea Markets

sorry endeavor. I think you are sarcastic and alot of people take that the wrong way. I do agree that you need to do some research of things before you go, but to me word of mouth is the best. to be honest, i am a trial and error kind of person.

Orlando, FL
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18. Re: Flea Markets

To sticky: Thank you for sharing. Have a nice day.

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19. Re: Flea Markets

again, I feel sarcasm. just kidding