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To lose or not to lose

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To lose or not to lose

Have been reading a previous posting re a larger lady planning to travel to Florida. Wow some people can be pretty blunt.....

My question is. Do you put on weight generally when eating American style as at least one poster seems to suggest.?

Personally I find that as there are so many salads available and fresh fruit in restaurants and theme parks that it is very easy to eat healthily. Also I am walking lots around the parks and swimming every day so even if I do have burgers and pizzas I quickly burn off the calories.

I am amazed at the number of overweight American familes I see in Florida (I know they are American by accents so I am not being racist here) so I can only assume that they eat a lot of the wrong things and drink too much soda. You really do not have to pig out at the "All you can eat Buffets". Everything in moderation.

What are your views..............no rude answers please.......

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1. Re: To lose or not to lose

When were on holiday we eat whatever we want weather one night it be 3 courses or just a main the next, we dont worry about it because we do some much walking whilst were there we put hardly (if any at all) weight on. and if we do put a little on hit the gym when we get back. I always go to America like a stick because of the food. But you never know peoples circumstances people might be ill or whatever and thats the reason there larger in those cases its fine, but (and I dont mean to be rude or offend anyone here) theres no excuse if theres not something wrong with you to be severly obese, Its lazy.

Melbourne, Australia
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2. Re: To lose or not to lose

Personally, I have found that I put on weight in America. I was there twice last year and my husband did 5 or 6 trips and we both put on weight. I think it is a lot harder to find healthy food on the run in America, like just a simple sandwich. At the theme parks it is particularly hard to find healthy food, so we end up eating burgers and pizza.

Also, the serving sizes in the USA are HUGE compared to Australian standards. For example, the small size latte at Starbucks in the US is a medium in Australia. The small size fries at McDonalds is a medium in Aust also.

In the US we often share a meal and sometimes we just share an appetizer as a meal, because there serving sizes are so big. I think a lot of the restaurants offer quantity, not quality food.

We were considering moving to the USA but one of my husbands main reasons against it was because he was worried we'd put on too much weight!

Greensboro, North...
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3. Re: To lose or not to lose


I sent a message to your box.

manchester england
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4. Re: To lose or not to lose

watch what you eat before you go and eat what you want when you are there after all you are on your hols and when you come back cut down on what you eat and don t worry about it just enjoy yourself

London, United...
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5. Re: To lose or not to lose

MJ6 i am with you

Thats what I do, but to be honest with all the walking around you

do at the parks and swimming I dont find I put that much on if anything.

I do exercise most days so I try and keep this up on holidays

in some way that way I keep things on track.

Doncaster, S Yorks
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6. Re: To lose or not to lose

I dont think its what you eat so much. As against how much you eat. Restaurants dont seem to know how to serve a portion that our bodies require, They have a big plate and seem to want to fill it.

Not only that you go for breakfast and order meal of your choice. Then find out another meal comes with it as a side order like 3 great big pancakes. Once it gets on the table you feel committed to eat it as you have ordered it and paid for it.

Then there is all the Buffet style Restaurants where they give you a big plate and invite you to try everything there is. And lots do. Filling their plate several times.

This also tends to happen at the wrong time of the day, late evening..

People call it relaxing , Chilling out , after a strenuous day walking round the parks . They go and fill up their stomach with food and drink and shortly after go to bed.

Their stomach instead of resting like most of the body then has to work overtime digesting all that food . And as their body is motionless the energy is not being burn off. Your stomach has no alternative but to store the energy and turn it into fat. While we are asleep, a lot of our body are still hard at work and get very little time to rest before we wake up and start the process all over again.

We would all be much better off doing it the old fashioned way by having our Main meal of the day (Dinner ) at dinner time , around noon. You then have 6 hours of activity left to burn off the fuel.

Then have tea Just a (light snack) at 5-6 pm, and just a hot drink for supper and to go to bed on. Not do it the other way round.

This routine with smaller size portions would be better for all of us , but trying to do in in a modern world with the work regime is not easy.

But it would reduce the risk of heart attacks, diabetes, & obesity.

Its not what you eat , its down to how much you eat, when you eat it, and what you do after.

We never have big meals after 6;00pm. And when in America

order one meal and 2 plates and share it.

Aberdeen, United...
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7. Re: To lose or not to lose

Agree - portions are huge for some reason. Having said that, we generally lose weight due to a combination of heat, walking, swimming etc - and that's after eating more than we would back here. Recommend carb loading/less red meat - for example pasta, chicken and salad side dishes etc. Drink more water than soda - the usual common sense stuff. Places like Earl of Sandwich are a good alternative to the usual fast food outlets.

I feel a little sad when I see so many overweight people - some severely obese even resorting to the electric scooters in the parks. I hear some arguments that these people are big boned, or have a genetic preposition to be that way. That may be so, but you don't see big boned people or genetic problems like that in places like Ethiopia or the Sudan.

Mostly, obesity is caused by eating the wrong food and too much of it. The UK is definately going that way.

London, UK
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8. Re: To lose or not to lose

I find I drink a lot more, obviously due to the heat, which makes you feel full anyway. Although some of the meal portions are bigger than home, you don't have to eat it all. If you are worried about places to eat in the parks, take a couple of pieces of fruit with you to keep you going and leave the park to have your main meal.

The combination of walking and swimming means I always do loads more exercise when I'm there so overall I tend to lose a couple of pounds.

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9. Re: To lose or not to lose

Very interested to read all your posts on this topic.

We mainly eat outside parks. Have a good breakfast then just snack on fruit during day or take packed lunch then have another meal around 5pm either in or out of themepark.

Quite often I share an entree or just order salad bar. Also I am not adverse to just ordering a kids portion for myself. Who wants 6 pancakes anyhow? Can just about manage 1 or 2.

It does alarm me to see so many obese people around and I am frightened this trend seems to be happening more and more in UK.

I read a newspaper report that said todays kids are less fit than todays adults which I find very worrying if it is true.

MacDonalds Burger King etc. have a lot to answer for but then I have to say when I see a mum stuffing her 2 year old with chicken nuggets and burgers where exactly does the fault lie?

Aberdeen, United...
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10. Re: To lose or not to lose

Fault lies squarely with the parents. They use fast food as a pacifier. A reward for the children behaving, or an incentive to good behaviour is often "...and then we'll go to McDonalds"

It is not the fault of these restaurants - they now provide more healthy alternatives but you don't see the parents buying carrots and side salads.