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An Odd Experience and Questions

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An Odd Experience and Questions

I was vacationing in Fort Myers a couple of weeks ago and experienced something very strange. It's almost embarrassing to ask about because it seems a little "out there."

My friend and I was sitting on the balcony of our condo around 11pm and a huge orange globe appeared over top of us. It was totally silent and "hovered" around 2-3 minutes before taking off at a high rate of speed. It traveled west across the gulf and into space, (it appeared to travel around 45 degrees). The entire incident lasted about 7-8 minutes. I have never experienced anything like this before and it scared my friend so much he ran back into the condo. I am wondering if anyone else has experienced anything like this in the Fort Myers area? The incident occurred July 9th and I am sure someone had to have seen this.

I have been vacationing in Fort Myers over the last several years and this was a first. To answer any questions - no, I wasn't drinking, smoking or anything of the sort!

*Edit: This occurred in Fort Meyers Beach - didn't realize there was a separate forum and will post there. Thanks.

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St. Augustine...
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1. Re: An Odd Experience and Questions

Casa Playa Resort. No, it definitely wasn't a Chinese Lantern, (I have seen many in my lifetime and set some off). I would guess this object was a little larger than a 747 but it was hard to judge as it was very dark. The direction of travel and rate of speed also rules out any type of lantern. The object was round and orange. I have thought about ball lightening but don't think that's the answer either. Like I said, it was a strange thing to encounter...I didn't want to post it here but figured someone had to have seen it!

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2. Re: An Odd Experience and Questions

There do not seem to be any reports on the local news stations, but I would call them first and see if anyone else shared your experience.

Two or three years ago there were some lights in the sky in that area and the military eventually claimed credit (and apologized). If it was not lightening that would be my next best guess......or a craft filled with short green creatures who want to call home.

St. Augustine...
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3. Re: An Odd Experience and Questions

Thanks Busy-retired. I was wondering if there was a military base in that area. It wasn't lightning...just a huge orange ball of light, (no blinking lights, etc.), that appeared out of nowhere, hovered and took off at a great rate of speed. I had been watching airplanes come and go the entire stay and this wasn't anything close. I guess it will remain a mystery :)

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4. Re: An Odd Experience and Questions

In the 7-8 minutes time frame you witnessed this, why did you or your travel partner not photograph and video this? Almost everyone has a phone with these capabilities now, and if the two of you were settled on your condo balcony at 11 pm, your phones or cameras would have been a quick grab at your side or within easy reach inside the condo. You were vacationing, surely you had a camera???

St. Augustine...
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5. Re: An Odd Experience and Questions

I tried to video tape it with my phone but it wouldn't focus due to the lighting situation. I do have a short video where I tried but you really can't see much...it's basically my voice asking what in the heck the object was along with a short blur of light. I wish I would have had my actual video camera but didn't take it along.

Fort Myers...
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6. Re: An Odd Experience and Questions

I have seen a bright glowing object in the sky about 10 pm on Thanksgiving once about 11 years ago. I and my brother were standing outside in the Iona-Mcgregor area of Fort Myers, which is near FMB. All of a sudden, a bright orange glowing object went from the Sanibel direction east towards Lehigh at an incredible rate of speed. So, I believe you... I to have seen it. I could not record it becasue the rate of speed was incredible, this was no piece of space debris and had no tail like something burning up in the atmosphere, it just glowed bright orange and man was it bookin!

St. Augustine...
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7. Re: An Odd Experience and Questions

Thanks Thomas,

It's funny because I was always one of those people who asked, "Why didn't they take pictures" or "Why are the pictures so blurry?". I guess you can't answer that question unless you're there! I searched online and saw many videos from around the world, (I believe there was one from Sanibel a few years back), that showed the exact same thing. So, it's not as uncommon as I thought - but very strange! I would still like to know what it was but will probably never find the answer.

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