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Back Porch Area-Seafarer

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Back Porch Area-Seafarer

Hi...we are due to go to the Seafarer, right near the Back Porch (beside National park) on old Scenic 98...anyone have knowledge on condition of Seafarer? I made reservations directly with them and their phone rings fast busy so assume they are not up yet....but I did see another note where Back Porch area was hit hard.... We had to cancel last year for other reasons and would hate if we can't go this year either... we love that place....

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1. Re: Back Porch Area-Seafarer

Looking at the picture of old Scenic 98, everything is covered by sand and water. If you go to Yahoo.com there are pictures posted to show that area.

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2. Re: Back Porch Area-Seafarer

When did the Seafarer reopen? It was closed when we were next door last March. What's the Seafarer like?? Please describe the property....Thanks.

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3. Re: Back Porch Area-Seafarer

ok...I don't use Yahoo...what is the url to see the pictures....I'm usually a google-er....

To the person asking on Seafarer - yes it 'was' open, confirmed reservation a week ago...we love it there....condo's are nice and the beach area is reserved for only those guests so you don't have the crowds, $100 for 2 chairs...., bathrooms a bit run down, but being right on the beach and not in a high rise is great.... 2 bedroom is 2 floors/2 baths...they have a 1 BR also and even a 3 BR/3BATH....we pay $1,600 for the week for 2 BR/2BA.

I just hope they are still there and ok....I think they were built in 86 and renovated late 90's.....K

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4. Re: Back Porch Area-Seafarer

Here are many pics from Panhandle, including Desatin and Navarre...


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5. Re: Back Porch Area-Seafarer

ok...I can't stand this waiting!! just want to know!!....i call the Seafarer just get a fast busy so assume there is no phone yet and call Sterling Resorts who owns the property (also in Destin) just get into a loop and no one ever answers.... even the front desk.....

Anyone any information on it or suggestions to find out? I've picked the web apart - thanks for the URL but just doesn't give me a feeling of yes or no....

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6. Re: Back Porch Area-Seafarer

that area was hit very hard. you may want to wait and keep calling or try to find somewhere else to stay. maybe try vrbo.com. good luck- there is still no power!

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7. Re: Back Porch Area-Seafarer

well saw power outage was 118,000 and now down to 31,000 so they are getting there....estimates have been much less then Ivan....most should be back in 4-5 days they are saying.......the Back Porch phone rings and that is 2-3 clicks from where Seafarer is...still no phone there yet....saw old notes where Ivan was worse that the condo was fine with exception of Air Conditioning ruined from surge...

if anyone has any 'actual' data...greatly appreciate it!!!

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8. Re: Back Porch Area-Seafarer

The seafarer took a bad hit. That whole area is a little of a mess.

What rental agent are you trying to reach???

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9. Re: Back Porch Area-Seafarer

Well I worked directly with the Seafarer office - we've stayed there before...however Sterling Resorts owns them and thought I'd try them as well...but no answer...figured they would at least know what is going on....I mean can't they at least put a message on their answering machine???

So I guess the best thing is to sit tight for a few days and see if I get some info??? anything you can provide would be AWESOME!!

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10. Re: Back Porch Area-Seafarer

Keep in mind that when you are not getting an answer on the phone it's probably because there is no power. Most business phone systems have to have power to work so, consequently, they also can't have an answering machine taking calls.