Use a Budget corporate rental car location for car pick up!

This is not a question, this is a warning to other travelers.

Here is a review I posted on Google regarding the Budget Car rental office in Coral Gables FL. After speaking with a manager for Budget at the Miami airport while trying to get a car after being hung out to dry by the franchise office I learned that only the corporate sites guarantee the reservations. I don't know if all rental car companies operate this way but it would be best to ask before selecting a pickup location.

Budget car rental office (next to Sears), Coral Gables FL - DO NOT go here to pick up a car, you will be sorry!

This is an independently owned location and they do not have to honor reservations. We had reservation made 4 months in advance to pick up a car at this location after a cruise. When we arrived the guy said, "I have no cars and don't expect to get any today, There is nothing I can do for you." We ended up going to the Miami airport which was sold out (all rental companies) so wound up at a small company a mile away and paying $150 for a one day rental.

I learned the hard way that you need to go to a company owned location for your reservations to be honored.