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Casinos: Foxwoods vs. Mohegan Sun

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Casinos: Foxwoods vs. Mohegan Sun

Casinos: Foxwoods - Mohegan Sun

Foxwoods vs. Mohegan Sun. Which one is best? For the casino and for the hotel? nd which hotel at each of the properties. Spending two weekday nights around June 15.

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1. Re: Casinos: Foxwoods vs. Mohegan Sun

Foxwoods is much larger than the Mohegan Sun. It's like its own self-contained city. There is more to do at Foxwoods; more gambling, restaurants, hotels, museum, etc.

Mohegan Sun, in my opinion, is much nicer in terms of atmosphere, decor, etc. But, it has fewer restaurants, hotel rooms, and tables/slots. Not to say it's small by any means, but significantly smaller than Foxwoods.

I'm sure someone else could comment more informatively on the hotel rooms themselves...

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2. Re: Casinos: Foxwoods vs. Mohegan Sun


Foxwoods is huge and the layout confusing to me. I prefer Mohegan Sun because it is smaller and the decor is really neat. They are certainly close enough to each other that you can stay at one and visit the other. I have never stayed at them, since we only live 1 hour and 15 minutes away. We did stay at a neat Bed and Breakfast in the next town, if you are interested in that. It is called Captain Grant's. Have fun

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3. Re: Casinos: Foxwoods vs. Mohegan Sun

Have been toi there and only wanted to go to one. We chose Mohegan BECAUSE it is smaller. We stayed in Mystic, CT at The Whaler's Inn. That was a VERY nice place to stay and not very far from either. At the end of the day no matter which you go to at either way you'll go home with less money :-)

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4. Re: Casinos: Foxwoods vs. Mohegan Sun

In my opinion, Foxwoods has gone way downhill. The bigger they get, the more they cater to the high rollers. I have been going there since it was a one building poker/bingo hall. I was so excited when they expanded and added the hotel. I used to win there a lot, but find now that it's very hard. The comps used to be better. I'm not a heavy gambler, though I do go there several times a year so it adds up. I used to get free rooms, free wampum points, free buffets, I got a 50.00 gift certificate for my birthday three times. Now, I'm lucky if I get a room for 99.00 (used to be Sunday thru Thurs., now it's Mond. thru Thurs) 5 free wampum points and maybe a 5.00 off coupon for food. I got a whopping 10.00 certificate for my birthday this year. I did hear they may be merging with MGM/Mirage to build a megaresort...so the payouts will be even worse to cover the costs.

Stay away, they are a rip-off. The service is worse, rude workers everywhere. Go to the Mohegan Sun. It's prettier, cleaner, and friendlier. AND for the few times I go there, they comp me much better than Foxwoods!

Good luck

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5. Re: Casinos: Foxwoods vs. Mohegan Sun

I have stayed at both hotels. I have not stayed at Two Trees Inn at Foxwoods, so I can't comment on that. The rooms at both MS and FW were very comparable. Very nice decor and amenities. They can both be VERY pricey (was quoted $429 at MS for a weekend night in August) to very affordable (stayed at MS in April for $89 a night, mid-week).

I love Mohegan Sun. It is very pretty, just walking around. VERY nice decor, where I find Foxwoods dull. I never win at Foxwoods. Haven't had great luck at MS either, but at least I come home with SOMETHING!! Also, they have VP at a lot of the bars at MS, where they don't have any type of games at the bars at FW (except for Keno).

It is true that MS is smaller, and maybe they do have fewer dining choices, however I have never had a problem dining at MS. Actually, sometimes it's hard to decide where to eat! I've never had their buffet, but I have had FW, and wasn't impressed at all.

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6. Re: Casinos: Foxwoods vs. Mohegan Sun

We prefer Mohegan Sun--the parking is much easier-no shuttle bus from a parking lot miles away.

However, it does get very crowded weekends and holidays.

There are a bunch of shops to visit when you get tired --or go "bell up" gambling.

Enjoy your trip and bring home some moolah!---BEEBEE

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7. Re: Casinos: Foxwoods vs. Mohegan Sun

BEEBEE...out of sheer curiousity, what is "bell up" gambling? I've never heard this expression before. Maybe I can't figure it out at the moment because I just woke up!!

You can valet park at either casino for a mere $5 tip. We ALWAYS do that now, as we got tired of the long walks. I always thought you had to be staying at the hotel to do that, but I was incorrect. The $5 is more than worth it. If you're cheap :) you can tip less.

Have fun and WIN BIG!!!!

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8. Re: Casinos: Foxwoods vs. Mohegan Sun


"Bell up"... I'm guessing would be short or a mis-spelling of "belly up". I assume you've heard that one before.

I rarely vallet. Question.... how do you tip... dropping off, picking up, or both?


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9. Re: Casinos: Foxwoods vs. Mohegan Sun

for the tipping the valet question, I tip both times $2-3 each time? Is that too much??

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10. Re: Casinos: Foxwoods vs. Mohegan Sun


Thats sounds about right to me. thx