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Moving for job in Stamford- review of nearby cities?

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Chicago, Illinois
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Moving for job in Stamford- review of nearby cities?

My husband and I are possibly relocating to CT from Chicago, for a job in Stamford. We will be visiting before making a final decision but I was hoping for some help on what towns we should check out! Here is some info on us:

We're a young married couple, no kids, not big drinkers but do like some occasional night life, I'm a runner/hiker/etc., we both love the beach... I'll be looking for teaching work,together we earn $200,000+ and are willing to spend up to $3000 per month rent... less is obviously a plus. We have a dog so want a house- just something small, and would like to be walking distance from the beach. My husband's ideal commute would be 30 minutes or less.

Help, please?

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Brewster, New York
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1. Re: Moving for job in Stamford- review of nearby cities?

Why not start here..... www.homes.com/rentals/CT/City/STAMFORD/…

You're moving into a pricey area. CT is the most expensive state to live in nationally, and when you factor in that you're near the coast, well, prices are even higher! Most towns near Stamford are nicer than Stamford itself. Darien is lovely, too! Good luck with your search, and be ready to spend your max budget to get a house near the beach.

Brewster, New York
posts: 1,492
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2. Re: Moving for job in Stamford- review of nearby cities?

Holly, do you already have a teaching job in hand? My daughter is a teacher in CT and it's virtually IMPOSSIBLE to get hired as a teacher because of budget cutbacks. If you don't already have something lined up, I'd be cautious about "assuming" you'll get a job once you arrive. Times are tough in CT, too. I don't mean to burst your bubble, I'd just hate to see you get in over your heads. Start your search NOW in earnest - but be prepared for reality. Sorry...please don't kill the messenger....

Norwalk, Connecticut
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3. Re: Moving for job in Stamford- review of nearby cities?

The Stamford area is extremely expensive so prepare yourself for sticker shock.

On one side of Stamford is Greenwich which is double that of Stamford and on the other side Norwalk.

Utilites run very high as well.

Fairfield a few towns down--offers beach propertys that you may find within your budget as a rental. Sometimes they run along with the school year renting 6 months at a time so b e aware of that.

Fairfield would encompass your running as its a young , active and athletic town with several beachs and fresh water swimming areas. You may even find something along the Samp Mortar area not salt water but Fresh.

Norwalk has some shore propertys as well---but you would really need to check them out well as area to area can change as to cost , location and such.


In Fairfield and probably Norwalk as well--most folks commute by train....unless your husbnds job calls for a auto at all times.

Fairfield is about as far into that 30 minute schedule as you'd really want to go.

Chicago, Illinois
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4. Re: Moving for job in Stamford- review of nearby cities?

Sasha, its hard to find a teaching job anywhere, it took me 3 years in Chicago- I get it. And beginning to look now would be be pointless because schools hire between March and August, with the bulk in May. You are not "bursting my bubble".. I understand the job market right now.

Before anybody else replies negatively... I have read about a billion reviews about how CT is expensive, that is not my question. We have enough money to live comfortably within our means there. My question is which towns are more likely to suit us based on the information I provided.. I am not asking you to talk me out of moving to CT.

Edited: 9:11 pm, September 10, 2012
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5. Re: Moving for job in Stamford- review of nearby cities?

I'd look at Stamford or Norwalk. They're both close to New York City. They both have an interesting restaurant scene and are close to the water. Coming from Chicago, I think perhaps one of these 2 options might suit you.

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6. Re: Moving for job in Stamford- review of nearby cities?

I would suggest Stamford or Norwalk, also. You should not have much trouble finding something decent in your price range. Well, walking distance to a beach might be a stretch in either town. Yes, someone suggested Fairfield, which is VERY nice, but personally I would compromise about being close to the beach in favor of more restaurants, stores, etc., shorter commute, better coverage by MetroNorth for trains to New York City.

There are many conserved natural areas in Fairfield County (and beyond) for hiking (most allow dogs).

Substitute teaching can be a way to work your way into a job. My almost empty nester sister just finished courses to get certified as a teacher in CT. Only one person in her class found a job after graduation. My sister substituted for a year; and this year got a full-time gig.

Edited: 12:20 pm, September 12, 2012
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7. Re: Moving for job in Stamford- review of nearby cities?

Holly: You might contact a realtor through your husband's relocation dept. You might also consider booking a room at an extended stay hotel when you first arrive. You can then take your time to explore the area, get your bearings, and choose the best location for you.

Also, there will be anticipated openings for long term subs when many teachers take maternity leaves this late winter and spring! Good luck with everything!

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8. Re: Moving for job in Stamford- review of nearby cities?

And I agree that you should take a look at Stamford. It's young, vibrant, and offers easy transportation to the city.

New York City, New...
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9. Re: Moving for job in Stamford- review of nearby cities?

I have looked at greewich, stamford, new canaan, darien, wilton areas in CT

for a young couple where school district is not a factor, i would pick stamford to buy since u would pay less taxes eventhough the mill rate is high because of all the businesses in the area, and no comment on the walking distance to the beach requirement.

isn't living in NY more expensive that southern CT?

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10. Re: Moving for job in Stamford- review of nearby cities?

You can definitely find something in your budget in Stamford (check out shippan, glenbrook,, Springdale neighborhoods. Parts of the cove are ok too but use caution. You also could find something in Greenwich or Darien. $3000 a month will be fine for rent- check out Craigslist; this is where the best deals and most selection is. (Go to Fairfield county tab of the NYC page).

Stamford taxes are actually ridiculously high, much more so then Greenwich, but if you're renting, this doesn't matter. Good luck!! :)

Oh, another super cute area -Rowayton!

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