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Info please!

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Info please!

I am staying in El Segundo at the Hacienda hotel for 2nts before & after a tour which starts there and wanted to know how the area is for padestrians as I don't want to hire a car, i know I will be getting lots of taxis but would like to walk where possible like to the beach.

Also wanted to hire a bike can I do that from near el segundo? I know you can cycle up to to Santa Monica but how long will it take from El segundo? any idea of cost?

Finally is there a mall or big chain shops like gap in the local area as they are so much cheaper than in england.

Anything else you think i should know would be great!


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1. Re: Info please!

The part of El Segundo where you will be staying is largely a commercial area with aerospace companies, a golf course and petroleum fields (as well as nearby LAX).

There is little to walk to -- other than some office buildings, gas stations, restaurants, etc. but the hotel is on Sepulveda Bl -- a main road in Los Angeles.

Pick up the local bus and take it south into Manhattan Beach -- the next town. There is a medium-sized outdoor shopping center (Manhattan Village) with nice restaurants and good stores just past the intersection of Sepulveda Bl and Rosecrans Ave (about a mile south of your hotel).

Once, at that intersection, if you turn right (west) and pick up the rosecrans av bus, a mile later you will be at the beach. There, you may rent a bike to ride up the boardwallk to Santa Monica or down the boardwalk to Redondo Beach (both very nice rides).

Bus schedules are available at mta.net

For directions to the mall, you may type in your hotel's address for the starting point (after the word 'from' in the upper right corner of the page) and you may type in Manhattan Village (after the word 'to').

For directions to the beach, use: MANHATTAN VILLAGE after "from" and ROSECRANS / HIGHLAND (don't forget the slash! By typing these words, you are requesting a stop at the corner of Rosecrans Av and HIGHLAND Av). The system will ask you to clarify the street names by selecting one of three choices. You want choice #2 or #3 (they are actually identical. After getting off the bus continue walking in the same direction two blocks to the beach.

West Hollywood...
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for Los Angeles
posts: 24,319
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2. Re: Info please!

Here's the website for the Manhattan Village shopping center...


Hermosa Beach...
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3. Re: Info please!

I agree with what "HopSkipJump" said about El Segundo. I've worked in El Segundo for fifteen years and live nearby. The area is not that interesting at all for tourists. While it is a safe area, it's not very interesting to walk around, especially where your hotel is. Even the restaurants that are within walking distance to the Hacienda Hotel are not very interesting.

Your hotel sits on a busy, eight-lane road (Sepulveda Boulevard) a few miles south of LAX. In this part of El Segundo, it's mostly office buildings, light industry, and a few fast food restaurants. A few miles west of the hotel is a small, residential area of El Segundo that has a few small shops and restaurants. This residential area is about a half-hour walk from your hotel and most businesses close early in the evening.

The beach at El Segundo has a refinery, a power generating facility, and a sewage treatment plant. The beach sits at the end of the LAX runway, so it's very noisy. From El Segundo, there's only one street that goes to the beach. It's Grand Avenue and it's few blocks south of your hotel. (You hotel is at the corner of Sepulveda Boulevard and Mariposa Avenue.) It's too far to walk to the beach from your hotel. You would be better off taking a taxi or a bus south to Manhattan Beach or Hermosa Beach. Those areas are more interesting and it's nicer to walk around there. A taxi would be about $10.00 each way and you would have to reserve a cab for both directions--you can't hail a cab in most places in Los Angeles. The bus route that runs by your hotel is MTA route 232. Look at http://www.mta.net for more information.

Even if you take the MTA bus, you will have to walk about a mile west from Sepulveda Boulevard to get to the beach. If you are taking the 232 bus, get off at Manhattan Beach Boulevard and walk west about a mile to get to the beach. If you take the bus a little further south to Hermosa Beach, you would get off at Pier Avenue and the beach is only a half-mile away.

Across from the busy street that your hotel is on are two shopping areas. One has grocery store, a Starbucks, a juice shop and a takeout sandwich shop. The other shopping area is filled mostly with mediocre, fast food-type restaurants. The closest mall with clothing stores is the Manhattan Village Mall. It's on the corner of Sepulveda Boulevard and Rosecrans Avenue. (Rosecrans Avenue is the southern-most street in El Segundo.) From your hotel, it would take about a half-hour to walk to this mall. "HopSkipJump" mentioned the Web site for this mall. Again, the 232 bus stops in front of this mall, since it's on Sepulveda Boulevard. A cab would be around $5.00 each way.

To ride a bicycle along the beach from El Segundo to Santa Monica would take most people about forty-five minutes each way. The problem is that about half of your trip would be on city streets because there is a large boat marina just north of El Segundo in the city of Marina del Rey and you have to ride your bicycle around this marina--there's no beachfront road at the marina. The rest of the trip, below the runway in El Segundo, and through Venice Beach (which is interesting, especially on a summer weekend) would be on a beach.

That's going north from El Segundo to get to Santa Monica. If you go south, towards Manhattan, Hermosa, and Redondo Beaches, you'll be beach-adjacent the whole way.

If you need more information about where to rent a bicycle in Manhattan or Hermosa Beach, or what it's like to ride a bicycle around this area and in Venice Beach and Santa Monica, I can help.

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4. Re: Info please!

thank you both so much for your help, if you could give me the information about bike hire costs, pick up locations & any thing else I need to know about it that would be great.

thanks again

Hermosa Beach...
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5. Re: Info please!

The three places that I know you can rent a bicycle in the beach towns south of your hotel are:

Funbunns, 1116 Manhattan Avenue, Manhattan Beach, CA, telephone: (310) 372-8500

Hermosa Cyclery, 20 13th Street, Hermosa Beach, CA, telephone: (310) 376-2720, http://www.hermosacyclery.com/

Marina Bike Rentals, 505 North Harbor Drive, Redondo Beach, CA, telephone: (310) 318-2453, http://www.marinabike.com/

There may be other places, but I'm not aware of them. There are bicycle rental places further north, in Venice Beach and Santa Monica, but I don't think that will be convenient for you.

Suprisingly, it costs about as much to rent ("hire" in English parlance) a bicycle as it does to rent an automobile. According to the Hermosa Cyclery web site above, it costs between $21.00 and $36.00 a day to rent a bicycle, depending on the type of bicycle. While I've not rented a bicycle at any of these places, I've seen plenty of them. They're not top-of-the-line bicycles, just rentals.

The beach-adjacent bicycle path (in some places you share it with pedestrians and skaters) is described here:


If you want to venture north of your hotel, around the marina, through Venice Beach, and on to Santa Monica, here's a good site:


Here's a site with several photographs of things along the bicycle path from Torrance Beach all the way up to near Malibu:


The bicycle path, in many places, is not lit or is poorly lit. If you're going to be riding after dark, make sure the rental has lights. I'm not sure if many rental bicycles do, however.

If you want to use a bus to get from your hotel to any of these bicycle rental places I listed above, you'll have to take MTA route 232. Here's the information for that particular bus line:


This bus mainly runs along Sepulveda Boulevard/Pacific Coast Highway, except for right in front of your hotel, where the bus circles to the east to get over to the Green Line train station before returning to Sepulveda Boulevard. You should pick up the bus across the street from your hotel, on Mariposa Avenue, just past the bank on the southeast corner of Sepulveda Boulevard and Mariposa Avenue. Buses in both directions (north and south) pass this stop, so make sure to take the bus marked "LONG BEACH" to head south. Don't take the bus marked "LAX BUS CENTER" that goes north. Buy a $3.00 day pass from the driver. The driver does not give change.

If you want to rent from Funbunns, get off the bus at Manhattan Beach Boulevard in Manhattan Beach. There's a Target, gas stations, and a Jiffy Lube at this intersection. Walk west, up and down two hills, for about one mile until you almost reach the end of the street where there's a ocean pier. Turn left at Manhattan Avenue, and Funbunns is about a half block south, on the eastern side of Manhattan Avenue.

If you want to rent from Hermosa Cyclery, you would exit the bus at Pier Avenue in Hermosa Beach. You'll see the Hermosa Playhouse and a small shopping mall at Pier Avenue), and walk west down Pier Avenue. Walk west down Pier Avenue for a half mile until Pier Avenue turns into a pedestrian-only street. Walk a few more blocks until the street ends at the beach and turn right. Walk two blocks north where you'll see Good Stuff Restaurant and The Beach House Hotel on 13th Street. Walk east down that street for one block and you'll see Hermosa Cyclery on your right, behind Good Stuff Restaurant.

If you want to rent from Marina Bike Rentals, exit the 232 bus at Beryl Street and walk west down Beryl Street for about a half mile, crossing Catalina Avenue, and turn right at Harbor Drive.

I think it'll be easiest if you rent from Hermosa Cyclery, since it's just feet from the bicycle path and it's not to far to walk to Sepulveda Boulevard/Pacific Coast Highway where the bus runs.

You might want to consider getting a cab if you're in a hurry.

Here's a good map of the overall MTA transit system if you want to take a bus somewhere else:


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