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bwindi and kibale

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bwindi and kibale

What is the climbing like at Bwindi and Kibale in Uganda? I am OK with the walking but am scared of heights and am worried it could be walking by steep gorges, using swing bridges etc.

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1. Re: bwindi and kibale

Bwindi lies on the edge of the Rift Valley, Its mist-covered hillsides that means there is some little climbings,no scaring heights also Kibale has some small climbings.Both places are fantastic please go there.

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2. Re: bwindi and kibale


Welcome to the forum. As Makula says, it's not that kind of terrain. Have a look at this:


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3. Re: bwindi and kibale

The last time I took a client to Bwindi through Kanungu, who was afraid of heights, I did not like it. what may scare you are the roads to the tracking trail heads, the are cut out on mountain edges, make sure you do no take the window seats and try using a vehicle with tinted windows, though it's so scenic out there , brave your fears and enjoy your safari.

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4. Re: bwindi and kibale

I agree with Makula . Though you will be trekking in high altitudes , the heights are not scaring. The difference between the Gorilla trekking and Chimpanzee trekking is that the Chimpanzee trekking takes around 4 hours while gorilla trekking can take up to 8 hours . If you can walk for 8 hours or more , then you are fit enough. Take note that some terrains may turn up to be slippery and the more challenging bit is when the scrubs are thorny and to hold onto them , you may need gardener's gloves.

Nevertheless, an encounter of any of these primates is a worthwhile!

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5. Re: bwindi and kibale

I do not like Kanugu side.

As Post 3 says

The roads are cut out on mountain edges and it becomes horrible when it rains. The narrow roads get slippery and mist gets allover the place.So the driver has to take it slow.

However the land scape scenery is absolutely Gorgeous.

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6. Re: bwindi and kibale

as makula says bwindi is on higher altitude than kibale, trecking chimpanzee can take 3 to 4 hours and gorilla trecking can 5 to 6 hours, but some times it depends on the group you are going to treck and the luck as well, some times gorilla and chimpanzee move long distance in search for food, you have to be phisically feet because some tracking trails are so challenging especialy when it rains it so slippery.

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7. Re: bwindi and kibale

The roads in October were impassable at times because of mudslides. Our driver scared the bejesus out of everyone on board when he gunned the van up the slippery hill along a precipice. I'm not exaggerating when I say we nearly went over the edge when he tried to make the sharp turn. This road would be a breeze when it's dry but it became treacherous in the rain. Locals helped clear the mudslides, each bigger than the last. Hiking in Bwindi also proved beyond my abilities. Don't kid yourself. It's really tough. Get a porter or two but don't count on them. The guide forced my two porters to remain behind at the most treacherous ravine because we were getting close to the apes. As a result I fell on my expensive camera and broke it and hurt myself. I worried that the terrain was too challenging and my worries were justified when we went off trail.

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8. Re: bwindi and kibale

Sorry to hear that you had such a torrid time but I think you will agree that the conditions were exceptional last October. Most visitors make the trip without incident.

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9. Re: bwindi and kibale

I went gorilla trekking in Bwindi in August 2011, despite having a sprained ankle, and that the path was very muddy because unusually heavy thunderstorms In August; I succeeded in walking uphill to see the family of gorillas. The ascent was quite steep, but didn't last very long. Please I've met people whom are over seventy years old who succeeded in climbing uphill to see the gorillas. I can assure you that as long as you're reasonably fit you shouldn't have any problems. I also had two porters to help me carry my daypack, and assist me, but one will be enough for you.

I must stress that Mfuwe has brought up a very valid point that October of 2011 was exceptional. I have to mention that October is normally one of the two months when it rains heavily in East Africa.

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10. Re: bwindi and kibale

I really suffer from a fear of heights and I didn't have any problem at Bwindi or Kibale, there were no walking beside streep drops. So please don't miss out on this experience of a lifetime!!