Petra guide and hiking

I have been to Petra various times ( 2011-2014). By accident, sheltering from the rain in a tiny restaurant next to the Byzantine Church, I was fortunate to meet with Hamouda. A bedouin who lived and was born in the site. He served as a guide for National Geographic (1989 Petra edition) and famous photographerJane Taylor for her book: Petra (1993;2005); served as assistent-archeologist in various excavations in the site, served as tourguide for a travelagency boabab and recently, as a guide, accompagnied journalist and National Geographic Fellow Paul Salopek on the Jordan stretch of his Out of Edenwalk (

Apart from taking around the site, he took us on a backward camel road to Little Petra walking through amazing scenery and along unknown sights.Afterwards invited us for a mansaf dinner at his home to meet his family. He took me and a girl fiend on a full day trip to the desert valley of Wadi Arabe; bought and cooked lunch and tea; took detours and introduced us to bedouin life.

He knows every stone in and around Petra; is a trained archaeological guide, schooled in Jordan’s deep history,a storyteller, a laugher, a superb desert survivor, a proud Bedouin and a tireless walker. A highly respectable and real gentleman in every sense.

If you need a guide in and around the Petra site area and for hikes, I wholeheartedly recommend him. Give him my greetings. He is well known and can often be found next to the Byzantine Church excavations.

Hamouda Al Bedoul tel nr. 00962795083784( international) / 0795083784 (national)