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Restaurant Ramblins'

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Boulder, Colorado
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Restaurant Ramblins'

The Wierd's have just returned from their 4th visit ,a 12 week stay in BA,culminating over 7.5 months in the city since the end of 2008.Loving it as much as we do,we have also become "creatures of habit"......returning to the museos,parks and restaurants that give us pleasure. Remember, this is just our humble opinion !! Yours may be completely different. We have always rented in Palermo Botanico. Howierd(DH aka Mr. Wierd) says Palermo Chico.

LA JOSEFINA on Lafinur.....across from Museo Evita gets the prize this year for the most dining experiences. 5. We had 2 lunches(NOT the ejecutiva) and 3 dinners. Why did we keep coming back? Asado Josefina NEVER disappointed. A huge portion and cooked just right. We also loved the mollejas,baked callabaza ,chorizo and the dips accompanying the bread basket. Enjoyed the wait staff and the ambience too. An easy ramble from our apartment.

TEA CONNECTION on Cervino,off Salguero saw us 3 X. Open at all hours, DH always had his salad w/chicken and goat cheese and I had the bowl w/shrimp, salmon,rice,soy and other seasonings. YUM.

PARILLA MI SUENO was always a treat when we found ourselves in Puerto Madero. For us, it was the choripan,others enjoy the lomo. Their table of toppings for these sandwiches TRULY "hits the spot". Also 3 visits.

JUANA M has been an old standby for years and yet we only dined there 2X this yr. The salad bar IS the draw, but on each visit, the bife de chorizo and the lomo were excellent. It's funky, too. Located on carlos pelligrini, just off the corner of Libertador.

EL CUARTITO Ahhhhhhh the Fugazetta Pizza! We've been going here for years and practically do NOT eat pizza in our town anymore...it doesn't compare. Located on Talchuano(bet. paraguay and marcelo de Alvear...I think).

The only LA DORITA we go to is the one on Humboldt. Their medio dia lunch can't be beat.....and yet we were only there once this yr. Always planned on getting back.

EL ESTABLO on Paraguay downtown was a BIG disappointment this yr. We went w/friends and ONLY the lomo was terrifc....leaving 4 diners wondering "what has happened?" Didn't return.

MELO in Recoleta was terrific the first time......a true let-down the second. I must say though, the grilled salmon IS superb.

MUNICH RECOLETA,next to Cafe Biela, turned out to be a wonderful dining experience, thanks to the suggestion of a friend. Howierd had chateaubriand and loved it...it was done perfectly and I had pork tenderloin w/mustard sauce. Had every intention of returning, but never made it back. Next trip for sure.

A NOS AMOURS on Goritti was a stop for lunch . One entry was delish......the other was average at best.

PARILLA PENA: 2 visits within 3 days of each other. The first was fab.....the second a disappointment. Go figure!

LOS CHANCHITOS was a fun experience and the food pretty good. Went w/friends and did lots of sharing. Located in Caballito.

Had never been to a MARU BOTANA, but while exploring Belgrano R stopped in and had coffee and shared a piece of SINFUL cake that had us wired for 24 hours!

ANNETTA'S for lunch on Cervino/Ugarteche was OK. Really enjoyed the ambience.

LA CHOZA on Gascon, off Scal Ortiz, about 4 blocks south of Sta. Fe. is wonderful. DH had bife de chorizo and I had entrana, that cut like butter. You MUST make reservations....practically every table had a RESERVADO card on it. This is how they do business here. Had been here for Sunday lunch in 2011 . Lunch is ONLY on Sunday. Best of all, walking back to the ap't takes away the calorie guilt.

OVIEDO was disappointing. While the risotto w/calamari and chiparones was tasty,DH really should have returned his lamb and the fish of the day didn't seem to be a winner. Other tables looked like THEIR dishes were more enjoyable. With a cubierto of 20 pesos/pp......we're not running back. perhpas YOUR recent experience was better.

PARILLA MARUCHA in the Belgrano/Nunez area: a terrific find.The chuleton Ojo de Bife is definitely the star of the menu. The breads,proveleta,pamploma chicken and asado de bife & desserts pleased us all. Dined here a week before departure but would certainly add it to my list for our next trip. They also have a 60 peso ejecutiva lunch that we would go to. Doors open for cena at 7:30PM for early birds like us.

Before I forget.....does Ralph's cooking on the Delta count??????His meals are always superb. Ditto for Teresa who cooks up a perfect asado at home, in addition to her additional culinary delights.

LE PAIN QUOTEDIEN on Salguero,close to Alcorta was an absolute pleasure. Did not "discover" it until the day we were leaving for the States.(sigh) Mind you, we passed it for 12 weeks and for some reason never thought of eating there. WHAT a mistake. DH had an open face eggplant,etc tartine and I had the chicken curry. The portions are huge. Ingredients are super fresh and the place has a lively vibe. Freddo used to occupy the space. Can't wait to return.

CADORE on Corrientes, remains my favorite helado joint. The dulce de leche and amargo chocolate are superb. Even took a liking this year to americana creme....the topping on several restaurant desserts.

For fine dining LA BOURGOGNE at the Alvear Palace Hotel (Recoleta) is a ***** experience. LOVED IT.

We did not get to TARQUINO.......nor did we get to LO DE PAKA.....or even EL FUNDADOR......or CAFE SAN JUAN They were on our lists of firsts. Next time. Also need to try the BELLA I'TALIA GRILL on Segui.

We always went to EL OBRERO in La Boca,Don Julio in Palermo, Las Pizzarras in Palermo,etc. but just didn't make it this year.

We are definitely showing "our stripes". Mostly n'hood spots.......tourists not evident......... What was most disconcerning this year was the lack of consistency at the same restaurant.

I used the sautee pan I brought from the States more times than I thought i would. Purchasing very fresh veggies in Chinatown in Belgrano made the time i spent cooking worthwhile. The package of bife de chorizo I purchased at Jumbo one week turned out to be a fab at home dinner.

We drank much Nieto Sentiner(spelling?) Malbec DOC at the ap't. I found it to be great bottle at a fair price.

AND NOW.......it's back to cottage cheese, LOTS of salads and veggies(cooked & uncooked),DH's home made yogurt and HAPPY HOURS in Boulder.

Until the next time, Salud,dinero,amour....abrazos y besitos.

SUERTE, Ronnie

Buenos Aires...
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1. Re: Restaurant Ramblins'

Lovely ... just perfecto.

We were at Bella Italia on Segui yesterday ! :)

I guess the heat didn't do you in, I thought it might finish me off but we have had 2 days of decent cooler weather.

Soon I wonder, will you be looking at real estate when you are here :)

Thank you Ronnie, for another excellent posting.

Destination Expert
for Buenos Aires
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2. Re: Restaurant Ramblins'

Great Restaurant Ramblins, morewierd - useful and enjoyable to read.

We have put your suggestions on our own 'to do' list....in fact, it's La Dorita

(but the Botanico branch) for us on Monday night. I even made this reservation on line, so my, um, language deficiencies didn't get in the way.

I agree with your assessment of Oviedo, but in the past, we have had lovely fish dinners there - and other dishes as well. Maybe it was a vacation chef ?

Muchas Gracias for this post and the good Ramblins.....now to dinner.

Buenos Aires...
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3. Re: Restaurant Ramblins'

Great trip report, thank you for sharing.

I will say, however, that Im puzzled at your review of La Bourgogne. I think its the most overpriced Restaurant in South America. Im sure you can get far superior and more innovative food in Colorado for the same money.

I dont mean to start a "food fight" with this, but I honestly consider LB to be a tourist trap... together with Cabania Las Lilas they are both on top of my please dont go list.

In any event, different opinions from different experiences are what makes these forums so great, so I thank you once again for sharing your review with us !!!



Punta del Este...
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for Buenos Aires, Punta del Este
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4. Re: Restaurant Ramblins'

I have a wife who gives a restaurant one strike: If she has a bad meal, we never go back. Our list of go-to restaurants in BA and every other city is, therefore, quite short.

It is quite possible that restaurant meals in December-February will be uneven, due to vacations, as someone suggested. One gets good weather by visiting then, but one doesn't see the city as it "normally" is. That's good in the sense of (a lot!) less traffic, etc., but maybe not so good in terms of restaurants.

Gauch100K, no food fight, but I do disagree on La Bourgogne. (On Las Lilas, however, we agree.) As you said, to each his/her own. But . . . if you think La Bourgogne in BA is expensive, you need to try La Bourgogne in Punta del Este. Maybe you have!

Destination Expert
for Buenos Aires
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5. Re: Restaurant Ramblins'

I have to agree with Morewierd and Punta Lugano: we found our dinner in La Bourgogne to be very special: the food and the service. Cabania Las Lilas is on our 'not again' list as an overpriced tourist restaurant, albeit with some very good dishes.

We will certainly return to Oviedo - at least one more time ( I am not as firm as Mrs. Lugano) as they have been excellent in the past; perhaps we will just wait until after 'vacation time'.

Boulder, Colorado
posts: 1,258
reviews: 307
6. Re: Restaurant Ramblins'

MARNIE......When our kids visited in 2010, we had a couple of meals at La Dorita on Cabello(or is it Cervino?) and for some reason.....the food was NOT as enjoyable. Again....go figure? AND we have only gone to the Humboldt location for almuerzo. So......I'm looking forward to your Monday evening dinner report.

Punta.....Your take on the Dec-Feb time frame is interesting. Could be. However, in the Mar/April timeframe we found it also, but not as frequent.....and that was almost 2 years ago.

Gaucho....One of my favorite expressions is: "There is an A........ for every seat." That's what makes the world go round.

Scarlet: You are being too kind. Did look at R.E. a few yrs. ago. Not sorry we didn't take the plunge. It is just SO easy to rent.

Marnie: A big Thank You......but you are more generous than I am re: Oviedo.

This is what makes this forum SO special: Diverse opinions.

Sydney, Australia
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7. Re: Restaurant Ramblins'

Great restaurant reviews Thank you! There are many on your list that I have been to and some which I am putting on my must try list.

Gaucho, I have to tell you that I would have usually agreed with you abot La Bourgogne, but in the last couple of years when I have eaten there (as a guest I should add) I thought the food was absolutely incredible as was the whole experience at the Alvear. I may have been a harsher critic if I had paid for dinner for 8 people, but our host continues to go there on a regular basis. He loves it so obviously dinner for 8 did not cause him indigestion!!

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8. Re: Restaurant Ramblins'

Oh dear, maybe we should change our reservas to La Josefina instead ?

I'll check with the Monday dining crew...so many good options in this barrio - but our favorites have a nasty habit of being closed on Mondays - just when we need them.

Boulder, Colorado
posts: 1,258
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9. Re: Restaurant Ramblins'

Marnie.......definitely change Monday's reservations. I would go to Josefina. While I say you are more generous than I am re: Oviedo....Josefina is an interesting story.

We first went to Josefina for lunch in 2011. It was a GTG w/another Fodors/TA couple. While the company was terrific.....the ejecutiva lunch did NOT impress us for a return visit.

Early Nov.2012 we met our Boulder friends ,who were born in BA,at a Friday eve museum event and then Arnoldo said "Let's go back to the n'hood and check out a restaurant on Ugarteche". Well......the restaurant is no longer there and Arnoldo stopped some people in the street and asked for a local Parilla. When we started walking to Josefina, I had memories of our previous lunch, but "sucked it up" and concentrated on the great company. As it turned out, the breads and dip and the mollejas were de-lish, as was the baked callabaza. Irene and Arnoldo shared an Ojo de bife in a sauce w/potaotes and Allan and i shared an asado(NOT the Asado Josefina.....they have 3 different ones) that WAS underwhelming. However, on the way out.....another table had the Asado Josefina & it looked wonderful and so we did return and tried it. And that's the end of the story>>>>>>>>>>>>>glad we did. Punta's wife would not have given them another chance........Marnie probably would have. We realized that we ordered the wrong thing for us the first time around.

Destination Expert
for Buenos Aires
posts: 3,527
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10. Re: Restaurant Ramblins'

Your advice is always good, morewierd....so, if they are open on Mondays, I will change the reservation to La Josefina, Gracias.