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Just Back from BA

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Tulsa, Oklahoma
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Just Back from BA

Wow, what a great city!

I am afraid I didn't keep enough notes to provide a good trip report, so I am going to deposit some notes as they come to me.

First, the safety. We were a group of 11 adults and none of us were ever scammed by counterfeits, taxis, or the splash and grab pick pockets. Of course we were more aware of it due to tripadvisor, but we all felt completely safe, all of the time.

We had two apartments. One in palermo chico, and one in palermo soho. While soho was very eclectic and life with bars and shopping, I think I preferred to stay in chica where we had more of a neighborhood style of coffee shops, grocery stores, etc. Since it cost three dollars to get from one to the other, there was no penalty either way.

One of our party had a great idea that may have been suggested here, but I am going to mention it anyway. He made business cards for everyone in our group, which had our name, the apartment address, cross streets, and telephone number. This was so great to show to a taxi in order to get back home or to the other apartment. Only improvement on that idea, make the cross street names as big as possible. If you can't spell your name in spanish, then showing the laundry lady your name made it easy and quick. It may have even lent a suggestion that you might be in town for more than a week and they could hope to see you again.

We had a Frappe wine store around the corner and those guys really took care of us. Seemed to remember what he had already purchased and always made great selections.

My most amazing surprise was that there is no smoking in the restaurants. I had been to BA many times over ten years ago and I was really trying to brace for the smoke before this trip. What a great surprise! This was such a happy thing, I won't complain about the dog poop.

Most amazing restaurant service. Garbi's. A middle eastern restaurant that also offers a menu libre buffet. Fernando worked with us to make certain that everyone received what they wanted, and more. On sundays they have a 20 percent discount. Sorry BA residents, we way overtipped here.

I am trying to think of something bad. Maybe later.

We went to viejo almacen tango. I think everyone enjoyed the show, of course it is cheesy, but it was still fun and when our other options kept falling through, we just couldn't go home without watching a show. They picked us up and dropped us back off at the hotel, so it couldn't have been easier.

We did both the morning and afternoon free walking tours. During the morning tour it was raining and cold but we still had a good time. I could pass on the afternoon tour in the recoleta area. But, she turned us on to the Bully Bar near the recoleta cemetary. They makde their own beer, happy hour is 6 - 9, and pints of beer are 9 pesos. Service was great.

Ok, I will add more if I think of it. If anyone out there is concerned about taxis, safety, or expenses, please let me put your mind at ease. Be aware of your surroundings and you will be fine. In two words our trip was "Pain Free". Probably due to tripadvisor.

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1. Re: Just Back from BA

Thank you for your posts. Do you have any recommendations on hotels in Palermo area? I posted a question on the forum starting with Second trip to BA re hotels for background. Thanks again.

Buenos Aires
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2. Re: Just Back from BA

Thank you pentiumii !

I'm glad to know you've enjoyed this city and you've had a "pain free" trip :-)


Tulsa, Oklahoma
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3. Re: Just Back from BA

We rented apartments, but one of our party rented a room at the Blue Soho in Palermo Soho. Great area, English spoken, and my very picky friend really liked it. However I did not see the room. He was able to negotiate a good rate by paying in cash.

Another couple rented a room at Palermo Suites??? It was a very modern room with a patio. I thought it was expensive and I am not certain of the hotel name but will get it and I know that suites was part of the name. They were certainly friendly and helpful. In Palermo Soho and also a great location.

We searched VRBO.com to find our apartments.

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4. Re: Just Back from BA

It is a pleasure to read about a Pain Free trip .. and I am happy for you all.

Yes, tell us more.. other restaurants? day trip? what street was your Chico apt on?

Thanks for the recommendation of Garbi ..

Overtipping is not so terrible :)

Aren't those Frappe guys great ?! We have one near our apt and while my husband shops there all the time, they are very good about remembering customers and being very helpful. The Frappe on Callao near Melo is good also..

I find that waiters do the same thing, if you have been to a place once, when you come back a second time, they greet you like an old valued customer... I love that ! and I love the way waiters remember what you order .. especially since my memory seems to be getting worse lol... I am envious of people with good memories :)

OK.. tell us more ..

Tulsa, Oklahoma
posts: 359
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5. Re: Just Back from BA

Ok, here is what i remember, i am going to have to look up some of the names later.

The apartment was at Cervino and Ugarteche. One nice thing was that all of the taxis knew where Ugarteche was. Six of us stayed there and 4 at an apartment at Costa Rica and Scalabrini Ortiz. And one at Soho Blue Hotel.

Other restaurants. Bella Italia *****. Again, great service, great food, and high tolerance of no spanish. Spectacular food. Get there now while they have the veal chop. Annette's was great for when you needed something easy or full blown. And for lunch, the palace of papas fritas on Lavalle. Now there appear to be two of them. Or was it the wine. I think we kind of surprised the places with all of the wine we ordered. Oh yes, Rodizio at Puerto Madera. Wish now we had gone to the older one, it was difficult to get the meat rare and that wasn't how I remembered it. Another great restaurant, on Scalabrini Ortiz i think, started with Po. does that help? I will find it and post it. Fantastic.

Please remember we were usually a group of 6 - 10. I couldn't tell if they were happy or sad to see us, but we tried to maintain some dignity and tip well.

Yes, overtipping is fine. But we were over the top. I thought the Garbi's guy was going to cry.

I really couldn't get over the Frappe guys. We wanted to take some home and they wrapped it all up for us, including some olive oil. Of course we made a mark with them by purchasing a 3 litre of champagne one night, and then a 6 litre the next night. You Ba people are so lucky to be able to just pop in there every day and enjoy the fruits of Mendoza.

Day trip to Colonia. I think everyone had a great time. The only problem was that we spent most of the time in a restaurant there, sitting outside, trying to taste all of the grape varietals of a particular winery. I may have a picture of the place to remind me of the name. We were looking for Lobo and it is near where that is supposed to be. Next door to the place where a guy pops out of the restaurant everytime someone walks down the street and sings out his menu. The ferrys were much nicer than I expected. We just didn't have enough time there.

Ok, that is what you asked for. More questions might spur more memories. Evita's grave is number 57 on the map.

We went to Bar 6. I really couldn't figure out why everyone loved that place, but after going back a few times, I realized that it was just relaxing, and great for a snack, lunch, drinks, or filling out postcards. Tried the Fernet Branca, you can have mine.

Buenos Aires...
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6. Re: Just Back from BA

Perfecto ! Muchas gracias !

I am enjoying this, hope you post more. No pressure :)

No thanks, you can keep the Fernet .. :)

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7. Re: Just Back from BA

How about the Iguazu Falls? Did you go? Enjoy? Hate to go all that way and skip them but time is limited and considering just BA and Rio. Thanks!!

Tulsa, Oklahoma
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8. Re: Just Back from BA

We only did Colonia this trip, but about 10 years ago I went to Iguazu. I highly recommend it. It is just breathtaking and so relaxing. I would stay at the park if I went again.

I also went to Mendoza back then and now with their wine industry going so strong, I would have to stay there at least a week.

I have been to rio negro, and it was interesting.

But definitely go to the falls if you can possibly make it.

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9. Re: Just Back from BA

Thanks, appreciate it; will try to make the falls.

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10. Re: Just Back from BA

Hi Tulsa, my wife and I live in Tulsa also. We are heading down to BA in Nov. Maybe we could chat sometime by email.