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Trip Report - flu, safety, weather...all good

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College Station...
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Trip Report - flu, safety, weather...all good

Thanks to all the contributors to this forum. Your input is wonderful when planning a trip like this one. Warning, my trip reports tend to be to the point. Here we go: Arrived in BA at 9am, Fri morning. Decided to hire a prearranged driver instead of a taxi. The driver costs 40US vs a taxi at about 25US. Worth it to me (it is vacation, so splurge). We stayed in the Four Seasons which, not surprisingly, is very nice. Dropped our bags and headed out to walk Recoleta. Cemetery is very interesting. Lots of high dollar shopping on Posadas and Alvear St. Beautiful parks to walk adjacent to the cemetery. Ended up having lunch outdoors at La Biela under a gigantic rubber tree. Good sandwiches and a bottle of wine. Weather beautiful and mild. That evening ate at La Chila in P. Madero on rec from the conciegre. Good view of the river and very upscale. More like a continental restaurant with a prix fix menu. Six courses with generous and good wine pairing was 100US each. Definitely the most expensive meal we had. Still, that meal would have been twice as much in Houston and triple in NY. Next day did a 4 hour tour with a friend. Really liked La Boca. Very touristy and cheesy but worth a visit. Just be out of there by 5pm. Ate dinner with some expat friends at a new restaurant in Recoleta called Fervor. Highly recommend. Delicious steak. Next day was Sunday and we went to the weekly San Telmo Antiquities Mkt. Definitely try to make this. Weather not so good now but we are loving it after 100+ back home. Ate dinner at the Italian across the street from the 4 Seasons (name escapes me). Food very good, well priced and huge portions (seems to be a BA pattern). I had steak again which was excellent. Monday it poured down rain ALL day so I worked in the room and mi esposa had a spa day. Dinner at La Ovieda in Palermo. This is a very good primarily seafood restaurant. Many Portenos will tell you that there is no good seafood in BA but this place is the definite exception. Very upscale but reasonably priced with extremely fresh seafood. A great break from the meat pattern. Tuesday was museum day. Had lunch at a locals pizza place on Av de Mayo (name?) rec by a friend. Wow. Serious heart attack on a plate (so obviously delicious). Dinner at the much celebrated La Cabrera. Accolades well deserved. Bife de Chorizo is seriously the biggest hunk of meat I have ever seen served on a plate. To my Gringo buddies: please be patient there. The waits can be very long but worth it. If you are nice you can fanagle your way in a little early. Turn on the charm. We did and our intially grumpy waiter ended up not letting us leave. Kept bringing us gratis delights like sweets and a great local port wine and finally a couple of cigars! All that after we had asked for the bill! Awesome. Wednesday, late departure so it was shopping in Palermo time. Had our final meal, a late lunch, at Cluny. Another very upscale spot. Lunch special included wine, appetizer, entre for 39 pesos (10 bucks). Very good. Well that is it. Loved BA. Quick comments on several topics: 1) Flu - forget about it. Did not affect one thing we wanted to do. Locals I talked to did not even know anyone who had gotten it. Only thing accomplished by the scare is to keep tourists away. Our hotel was empty. 2) Crime - we were vigilant but I can say I never once had even an uneasy feeling. Normal precautions are all that is required. Stick with radio taxis all which have a meter and no problemas. Taxis are so cheap! 3) Weather - FYI: Portenos are weather WIMPS! Sorry. The temps were 60's day, 40's night and you would have thought it was the artic! Everybody is wrapped up like Eskimos. Really hilarious. I would go out with a light jacket or no jacket and they would be stunned. As I noted earlier, we were loving the cool. Funny. OK, thats it. Thanks to all.

los angeles
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1. Re: Trip Report - flu, safety, weather...all good

Thanks for such a great detailed report Texian. I am going at the end of Aug to BA and was concerned about the Swine Flu and the recent protest demonstration in BA.

College Station...
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2. Re: Trip Report - flu, safety, weather...all good

I think the protests were in Cordoba which is in a different province. We saw no protests. One thing I forgot to mention is the brunch at the FS on Sundays. It is amazing and filled with the true upper crust of BA. Very good brunch and even better people watching in a beautiful setting in Le Mansion. Ciao!

Buenos Aires...
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for Buenos Aires
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3. Re: Trip Report - flu, safety, weather...all good

Hey ! Thanks so much for the report !

It all sounds great, I am so glad that you enjoyed yourselves, your meals and the city. You did a lot in a short time, that is great also :)

We are from NYC and you know what ? we (I) am a weather wimp now too... I cannot get warm today. Thank goodness I brought my winter clothes from the NE ... I think I wore them all at once today lol

Thank you for sharing ~

buenos aires
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4. Re: Trip Report - flu, safety, weather...all good

"...FYI: Portenos are weather WIMPS! ..."


Great report, Texian!

San Diego...
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5. Re: Trip Report - flu, safety, weather...all good

Great report! Thanks for sharing. You did the trip right and had a great trip.

The Four Seasons is great and they do an excellent job. I've stayed there a few years ago and the staff there is really great. Brunch there and also the Alvear Palace Hotel in the area is very good.

Funny about "wimps" comment. It's so true. Something my wife and I get a kick out of to this day is seeing it 50 or 60 degrees out and seeing women with their fur coats! LOL.

It's true what you said about never having an "uneasy feeling". That's how the vast majority of tourists that come to Buenos Aires will feel. People may get spooked by some of the posts but really it's a great city and most people won't have problems if you are careful.

Great report. It was a joy to read (except for not using your Enter key..)

Mar del Plata...
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6. Re: Trip Report - flu, safety, weather...all good

Saintba, she was too excited to worry about the enter key!!! Thanks Texian for such a positive report.

It's true about the swine flu, so far I haven't met anybody who knows somebody with the swine flu.

With regard to the weather, it's totally true that Argentines are wimps. They complain about the cold here in Mar del Plata, but it's nothing in comparison to the cities we all come from. I remember many days in London when the temperature barely made it to zero in the day. Here in the middle of winter, it usually hits around 10 degrees or more!!!!



Buenos Aires...
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for Buenos Aires
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7. Re: Trip Report - flu, safety, weather...all good

My favorite spots in the house today are by the radiator in the living room, in this room with the heat full blast or in the kitchen by the oven, while something is baking.

It took a cold spell to get me to bake something lol

Beaufort, SC
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8. Re: Trip Report - flu, safety, weather...all good

What a great trip report! Thanks for taking the time to write it. I got such a good laugh out of the "weather wimps" comment. I have been a little worried about the weather being too cold the end of August and early September, yet Wunderground and other weather reports sound pretty mild to me. I was particularly glad to read that the swine flu news from BA is as overblown as it is here in the states!

Chicago, Illinois
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9. Re: Trip Report - flu, safety, weather...all good

Texan ~ Which company did you call to make arrangements for your pickup at the airport?


College Station...
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10. Re: Trip Report - flu, safety, weather...all good

Sophie: Give Fred at www.silverstarcar.com a call. He is an US expat married to an Argentine. Very nice.