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swimming with dolphins

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swimming with dolphins

Am off to olu deniz in 13 days and had planned to swim with the dolphins at kas, but after reading some of the reviews i am not so sure, can anyone recommend a place that is ok, or does that not exsist. I had heard that kas was supposed to be good as they were still in the sea and from the pictures it looked ok, but i guess unless you have seen it for yourself you never know.. Or is their a boat trip that you can see or swim with them??

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1. Re: swimming with dolphins


Don't think there is anywhere, other than the sea, that is ok for dolphins - please look at CF's youtube video.

Gocek, Turkey
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2. Re: swimming with dolphins

Read through this thread, look at the links and think again!


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3. Re: swimming with dolphins

Hi Elise

I can assure you that just because the dolphin is in the sea at Kaş it is far from OK.

The dolphin is in an extremely tiny enclosure. It has several scars where it throws itself against the rocks - classic signs of mental distress.

The water is polluted as a stones throw away they are building a new marina so the waters are constantly being churned up.

Also should you still decide to go ahead and swim with the dolphin in its tiny swimming pool, then you had better come with lots of money as you will be charged for everything - every photo you try to take you will have to pay for even if you have already paid to swim with the dolphin.

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4. Re: swimming with dolphins

As others have said on this and other threads the dolphins at these 'attractions' are not kept in good conditions and consequently have a very short life expectancy. I would urge you and any others who are considering one of these trips not to do it.

Seeing dolphins in their natural environment, swimming in open water is far and away more rewarding. Unfortunately I doubt that you could find any body who could guarantee seeing dolphins whilst on a boat trip off the Turkish coast. I have had the pleasure of seeing them on a few occasions whilst out on a boat but really it was pure luck and good timing rather than by design.

Try a boat trip, keep your eyes open and hope for a little luck. I hope you see some.

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5. Re: swimming with dolphins

thanks for all your replies, as an animal lover seeing what people have put has put me off going, as for that dolphinarium being built in hisarano thats discusting, how this can be approved i don't know. Thanks again..

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6. Re: swimming with dolphins


I must admit that after reading these reviews I feel very bad and guilty...we went to the place in kas last year as sweaming with dolphins was my lifetime dream... the place is small indeed but i thought its ok as the dolphins are in the sea and not in a pool.

it was an amazing experience... we paid 100 YTL per person - each person swam with a dolphin for about 10 minutes and we could take as many pictures as we wished, you do not have to pay for taking pictures if you swim with the dolphins. however, if you go there to simply watch the dolphins, you need to pay some fee for taking photos.

i had never seen a dolphin live before that and i was amazed how strong these animals actually are... the do not seem so cute when you see them live and i was actually a bit scared to enter the water even tough i have always dreamed about it!

it was an amazing experience that i would never forget. but if i knew how harmful it is for doplhins i would not have gone there...

Istanbul, Turkey
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7. Re: swimming with dolphins

Thank you for your honesty Baharek.If you didn't know then you did't know and you can be forgiven for not knowing.It is painful when people are in full knowledge of the facts and still choose to go-they really have no conscience!

You have highlighted the reason to continue to try to educate people so they can make informed choices on how they spend their money and time.This is an issue I feel very strongly about and I have been criticised on the forum in the past for constantly banging this drum but I will always continue to do so.

I sincerely hope that now you too are more aware of the reality you will try to educate those who ask you about it.Yes I agree the thought of swimming with dolphins is wonderful,the primeval contact the freedom the closeness with a wild animal,yes an intoxicating dream but no one who truly loves dolphins would wish to sacrifice an animal's life just to fulfill a dream and so people need to know the truth.

Incidently for anyone who happens to be visiting Istanbul soon,the dolphins are back in the Bosphorus again.There are several pods of them and can be seen playing and jumping and stealing fish from the local fishermen!

Cirali / Antalya
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8. Re: swimming with dolphins

I have been watching the other posts with great interest and I agree about the preservation of wild animals..interesting enough last week or so there was a National Geographic program called "Hunter and Hunted" regarding swimming with Dolphins..and the dangers that can also go along with being around any wild animals.

have a read here and it might also change a few peoples mind regarding swimming with dolphins..they are magically creatures and should be treated that way. Lets admire them in their natural surrounding

People stress these wild animals, which may provoke them to attack.

Read more:




Oludeniz, Turkey
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9. Re: swimming with dolphins

Anyone wanting to swim with any dolphins in any pool is one sick person, any operators i see selling tickets to these sick events i shall spread the word why not to buy any tickets from them for any tours.

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10. Re: swimming with dolphins

I, sarikanarya and many other erople are very passionate on this subject!

If you knew you, your children , grandchildren or whoever goes in these pools could catch diseases such as:








and at least 20 other diseases

Would you pay 100 TL to do it?

Please think again!!