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Cheapest Kruger way? How to see some big cats?

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Cheapest Kruger way? How to see some big cats?

Cheapest Kruger way?

Hi I am a single guy from Prague CZ just arrived to Johannesburg to stay with a friend who works here. I’d like to see and photograph some big cats in Kruger, but since I don’t have much money I am carefully weighting my options:

1. Buy a budget tour, but the 4500R for 3 days seem like too much.

Pros: No worries, guided tours, night tours, chances of actually seeing anything much better.

Cons: very steep price, maybe too touristy-Disney and shallow

2. Rent a tiny car for 400R a day, drive there myself. Find some cheapest camp where I just rent a space and plug for 200R, sleep in the car. Go for an adventure during the day, and try not to lose myself in there.

Pros: Freedom (and that is a big deal). Maybe I manage to save 1000R or more? Adventure. Can watch anything as long as I like.

Cons: Lot of things to figure out. Long drive there, which I won’t like, since I don’t like driving, and on top of that I have never drove on the left side, so chances of eminent death are high. No guide, so maybe I won’t spot a lion even driving right next to him. No night tours. Kruger park shuts at 5, and no amateurs can stay after that, and most cool animals are night-walkers...

Please tell me, are mu assumptions correct? Any ideas for cheaper tour? I don’t need air-con room, my own shower or even a bed. I would just like to spend as much time as I can in Kruger, and have the most opportunity to see some big animals and take some cool photos... Any advice please?

Thank you e.

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21. Re: Cheapest Kruger way? How to see some big cats?

All I can tell you is I rented a little car and stayed in little bungalows, and had a GREAT time! Not only did I get some great cat photos but a lot of other photos. The trick to saving $$ is bring in your own food/snacks, while it's cheap for some, for locals who don't have a good exchange rate it can be high.

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22. Re: Cheapest Kruger way? How to see some big cats?

""I do understand it is not a zoo. For that I am going to Lion Park tomorrow. Hopefully they will let me pet a cub, and that will be my cat fix for the holiday"".

Please look at http://www.lionrescue.org.za/


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23. Re: Cheapest Kruger way? How to see some big cats?

Thank you Ivan. I have read it, but I maintain that is only a one side of the story, I had a great time in the Lion park, and will probably visit again, and other ones too. Maybe it is not right, or maybe it is... How does one judge the proper way around? I don't know. I made so many mistakes in life when I was sure I am doing the right thing, that I have stopped trying. Maybe you do have all the right answers to everything, but I for sure don't... I do apriciate your effort to try to educate me though. Thank you

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24. Re: Cheapest Kruger way? How to see some big cats?

... and btw, it's a question of who to trust in the end of the day isn't it? The Lion Park was recently chosen by Newsweek as one of the Top 100 Tourist Destinations in the World, and bit later the Ivan from the internet (and also some "tryhard") said it is not such good idea, so what do I do? Go with the Newsweek or the internet boys...? :)

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25. Re: Cheapest Kruger way? How to see some big cats?

Hi there,

I have strayed away from this topic as I do not wish to get involved; I do admire your openess to new ideas, so please check this out: …wordpress.com/real-life-experiences/…

I live on a game reserve myself, and am not simply an 'internet boy' (well, I am a girl for one), and am highly involved in conservation issues of all nature - infact, I am on the board of directors for a rhino organization. I just have to say that Ivan, and especially Tryhard (whom I know better than Ivan, sorry) are not merely internet boys either. Tryhard is very active within South Africa, and is very up to date and knowledgeable about all things wildlife conservation.

The majority of the lion parks in South Africa are a tourist trap - offering cuddles with the animals until they are too big. What happens when they are too big? 99% of them are shipped to canned hunting farms, and are hunted very easily because they are not afraid of humans (after years of being petted etc).

When I visited South Africa before moving here permanently, I also went to a lion park and had the most amazing time cuddling a cub. However, my mind started to tick, and I wondered where the big ones all went. So, research provided answers. I only wish that I had had someone educate me before I paid money to an organization like that.

We are all entitled to our own opinions - so this is mine. Please do not take it personally, as I am not attacking you at all; Simply giving you the opportunity that I wish someone had given me.



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26. Re: Cheapest Kruger way? How to see some big cats?

>>> I can see your point of view, but from what I seen and felt, there is lot of fun and love in the place, and the Lions do not have it that bad>>>

That is until they are too big to be exploited any longer and sent to their deaths [by humans not nature]

>>. On the other hand in the nature, in the wilderness, things are maybe the way you feel they should be, but I see them as pretty brutal<<

Yes it is brutal for animals in the wild, lions especially when they fight for territory, but it is natural and meant to be, that is why it is called NATURE

>>I wonder how do you recognize what should or should not happen? <<< Isn't that the exact reason you are on this forum, to increase your knowledge as to what happens then apply what will hopefully be the best judgement.

You have come here for information. Yet you do not accept the help and advice given here by the very knowledgable people who have provided their time to try and assist and educate you as to what goes on.

Edited: 10:55 pm, March 24, 2013
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27. Re: Cheapest Kruger way? How to see some big cats?

>>>Yes it is brutal for animals in the wild, lions especially when they fight for territory, but it is natural and meant to be, that is why it is called NATURE<<<

Well this nature thing is very weird thing to me... It sees like it is ever shifting, always changing thing depending of who just got the hold of it. Just like an religion. It's often just an opinion, and seldom the fact.

I give you this example which is fresh in my head. I have a friend from Mozambique, he's an artist, photographer and explorer. Few years ago he went to live with this very remote tribe in mountains of Mozambique. In fact he was the first ever to do any research on them. This tribe is very untouched by civilization, and lives in one with NATURE as hard core as it gets... Well it might seem all nice, hunky dory and the way it should be, until you find that when the girls come of age, the poor some oil on their head, and by the way it trickles down (straight or to the side) they decide if the girl is a virgin or not, and then the virgins get female circumcision, and the "slots" get cast away from the tribe, or becoming its slaves...

And that is what symbolize a nature for me... As brutal as it gets. Just like most of the cubs never reach adulthood, since they are killed. So that is ok, since it is natural. Now the question is, is it natural to eat beef, wear leather shoes, fly planes, or even use a soap? Everyone draws to line somewhere else, and many would like to also other people to draw the line exactly where they do, since they are so sure their is the exact and proper place and point for it. I came to conclusion, that I have no idea about anything really. As I said I have been wrong many times, I feel like truth is something absolutely abstract and elusive, and that the only thing to follow really is the rule of law. The ever corrupt, ever bending rule of law. The law which is way different for rich than for the poor. That silly thing. So what I do is ask my self: ... is it legal? How does it feel in my heart? Anything else is just silly, especially if I can't hear the other side of the story... I am sure the people who runs those zoo's have one, and it didn't feel like it is just about money, but I give you that it very well could be. Very few things aren't...

I have tried to read the link from you LodgeTrackers, but I could not finish it. The woman seem to me pretty hysterical about everything, and I just can't respet an opinion of anyone who looks like her, and writes things like: "The “Park Manager’ was, by all best assessment, a total joke. With her too tight shorts and trousers, ridiculously over made up face (like something from the rock band Kiss) and over revealing tops, she was a sight to behold" She seem to be one of those people "do as I say, not as I do". Sorry, not an authority on anything for me. Newsweek is still winning!

I came here on information about Kruger, not an lecture on other tourist attractions of SA, so please don't be disappointed with me, if I take it with my own head, the way it works. People (and especially the internet people) love to judge other things negatively. Especially if they don't understand them. I am the same way... Just another "rotten" human. White free guy, living in extreme luxury and comfort, while children are dying of hunger, being raped on daily basis, governments kill or enslaves it's people. Other governments do not offer any help to refugees, and let them die... and so on. I am living in an evil world, where it is very, very hard to find any love and beauty. I do appreciate, that this thing is something you love, and are passionate about, but please don't be mad at me, when on mine scale of evil it doesn't even registers, especially when your arguments are week, and I wasn't been able to hear the other side of the story... No matter what you say, you can't be an authority on anything on the internet forum. It's always just a breeze, you can or want to follow... That's it. In fact I must admit I can't even see how can anyone begin a debate on what is natural, and how we should go about to keep things natural. Nature is an scientific term, and since the science is ever changing, I believe our point of view on what nature is also. It use to be natural, that spices wen't extinct. It use to be natural that one spices killed of another..., but suddenly it is the most unnatural thing. Humans are the most dominant animals on the planet, and they do kill and rape everything in sight, just like lions would if it was them instead of us... Now is this natural, or un-natural? I am sure I would agree with many things you have a strong opinion about, and maybe you would with some of mine (not so strong). I don't know... Lions are being killed in caned hunting. Cows for burgers, and lambs for chops. Dogs are being eaten in Korea, and cats by poor people in USA! Why is one ok, and the other isn't? Is it because Lions are more cuddly-pretty? Have you ever looked into cows eyes? Saw a little lamb run around in morning grass. Maybe you are one of those people who do not own one leather handbag, and good for you if you do, but still have a good look at your self before you start to give unsolicited advice to people who didn't ask for it. I often do it my self, but then again I often feel like a total fool... :)

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28. Re: Cheapest Kruger way? How to see some big cats?

With all that said, I do have lots of respect and love for you, and thank you nevertheless for your time and thoughts... I would hate if my answer came off any other way...

29. Re: Cheapest Kruger way? How to see some big cats?

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